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Common Problems with Seat Covers (and how we solved them)

A lot of seat covers suck.

They fall short on fit, installation, warranty, and wear. We've reviewed some of the top seat cover brands on the market, and even some of those have struggles.

So here are eight roadblocks we hear when it comes to buying seat covers. We've addressed them to eliminate the suckage.

Problem 1: Seat Covers Suck to Install

First off, any seat cover that fits well will take a little time to install. If it just slips on, it will slip right off the first time you sit on it. 

TigerTough Solution:

We’ve worked our tails off to ensure that TigerTough seat covers don’t suck to install. It won’t be a breeze, but we'll make it as easy as possible.

    • Everything is held on the seat with hook and loop fasteners (you may call this VELCRO, but that's a brand name, and we aren't allowed to call it that) except a string that runs under the seat. That’s held together with our patented Stringlock. More on that later.
    • When designing a new seat cover, we also shoot a detailed install video and write up an install guide for that seat. We don’t do generic instructions because vehicles aren’t generic. 
    • TigerTough seat covers aren’t one-piece covers. The back, bottom, and headrest of your seat are all covered with separate covers, so you can work on one section at a time and end up with something that fits properly.
    • There’s a very fine line between seat covers that fit well and feeling like you’re putting five pounds of potatoes in a four-pound sack. We tip-toe right down that line. Johnny Cash would be proud.  

Problem 2: Seat Covers Never Stay In Place

We're with you. Seat covers that shimmy and shift are as bad as a bunched-up sock in your work boot. Ain't nobody got time (or tolerance) for that.

TigerTough Solution:

    • Everything is held on with hook and loop, string, and the Stringlock. None of these have any “give.” Your cover is secure once you’ve snugged everything up, pulled it tight, and slammed it into place. We don’t secure anything with elastic or adjustable clips because elastic stretches as soon as you put pressure on it, and adjustable clips tend to self-adjust over time.
    • This is another reason for the three-piece cover. When you can completely wrap the seat back, bottom, and headrest separately, the seat cover conforms to the seat's shape and has no room to move.
    • Everything is fully wrapped. Rather than run straps under the seat where you can’t see them, we run the cover all the way under the seat and connect it together in the back. Some seat covers are like aprons. Ours is like a pair of trusty coveralls. Which would you prefer on the job?
    • Stretchy fabric is notorious for moving around. Since TigerTough seat covers are made from tough, tightly woven fabric, there is no stretch at all.  

Problem 3: Seat Covers Never Fit Right

An ill-fitting seat cover doesn't do anyone any favors. And one-size-fits-most usually means one-size-fits-none. There's no reason to settle for a bad seat cover.

TigerTough Solution:

Every TigerTough seat cover is designed specifically for one seat style or one vehicle.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. We get the seat into our factory for the most accurate measurements.
  2. Our design team spends 2-3 days designing a cover that matches the seat exactly.
  3. We install the cover, taking detailed install photos and videos so you can see precisely how it goes when installing it.

    If you’re hesitant to use seat covers based on past experiences with covers that fit like socks on a rooster, you have every right to be!  

    No seat cover we make is designed from pictures or manufacturer specs. It’s all done the hard way, by hand, using the seats they'll cover.

    Problem 4: They’re Unsafe

    Okay, some seat covers aren't safe. Or hey, maybe safety never even crossed your mind. We actually reviewed a very popular seat cover brand that isn't considered safe when it comes to airbag deployment. You might also be think it's not safe to use them with heated seats.

    TigerTough Solution:

    Any TigerTough seat cover designed for seats with airbags built into them is designed to tear open exactly as the factory seat does if the airbag deploys.

    A third-party lab independently tests our designs to ensure they work just as they should.

    As for the whole heated seat thing, most covers are safe for heated seats. There will be some that perform better than others though.

    Problem 5: They’re Ugly

    Well, this is pretty subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

    Seat covers have come a long way, though, and you can likely find a cover in a style that suits you. Whether you want something tough, floral, camo, or fluffy. Heck, even Carhartt has covers.

    TigerTough Solution:

    We design for performance first, not looks. You won’t find bright colors, elaborate patterns, or luxury quilting on any of our seat covers. 

    The fanciest we get is camo covers and custom embroidery.

    We skip the decorative stitching so the covers are as tough as possible and look a little plainer than the factory seats.

    If you want something that looks like a custom interior, you may not love our covers. If you’re looking for something that’ll keep your seats in good shape for as long as you own the truck, you’ll think they’re perfect.

    Problem 6: They Wear Out

    Remember the cheap parts store ones that we talked about? Those do wear out. We've even seen Carhartt wear out.

    If you’re going to spend good money on seat covers to keep your seats looking good, you’re kinda getting the short straw if they’re made from cheap, stretchy fabric that wears out in a few months. Leave that material for yoga pants, not your truck.

    TigerTough Solution:

    You can be confident that your TigerTough covers aren’t going to give up on you. Since they’re designed for work, they’re made from military-grade fabric. The solid colors are made from the strongest fabric, a 1000-denier CORDURA, and the camos are made from almost-as-tough 900-denier polyester.

    They’ve got a two-year unconditional warranty and we really mean unconditional.  If anything wears out or breaks for any reason, we’ll fix or replace it. (But we want to hear how it happened because we know there's a good story behind it.)

    Here’s how a set looks after eight years and 235,000+ miles in a heavy equipment service truck:    

    Used TigerTough seat covers in a truck.
    TigerTough seat covers in a truck after eight years of heavy-duty use.

    Problem 7: They’re Sweaty

    You had pleather seat covers once, didn’t you? Or did you buy some cheap vinyl ones once that gave you flashbacks of your days on a school bus?

    Gross. We don't blame you for wanting to steer clear.

    TigerTough Solution:

    Both of our fabrics are breathable so you won’t have to deal with swamp@** or peeling any bare skin off your seats. These won’t feel any different than your factory seat as far as being breathable or making you sweaty.

    When spending hard-earned cash on your truck, ensure you get breathable seat covers.

    Problem 8: You're Not Sure What to Get

    This is tough. First, we recommended finding the best brand for what you need. 

    TigerTough Solution:

    We’ve designed the lookup on our website to make it easy to find the covers for your vehicle. All you need to know are the following details.

      • The year (2020)
      • The Make (Ford)
      • The Model (F150)
      • The Trim Package (XLT)
      • The Cab Type (SuperCrew)

    Once you punch in all that info, we’ll show you only the seat covers that will fit your truck!  If there could be a couple of different seat configurations in your vehicle, we’ll show you the different options and explain the differences between the two.

    Find the best seat covers for your truck

    If you're still not sold on seat covers, that's okay. But here's our list of things you should consider when shopping around:

      • Multiple-piece covers
      • Waterproof
      • Custom-fit
      • Made in the U.S.A.
      • Airbag-compatible
      • A strong warranty

    Seat covers are an investment, and you want to be sure you're making the smartest choice for your needs.

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    WeatherTech vs. TigerTough Seat Covers

    WeatherTech is famous in the world of vehicle interior protection. (We admit, that world is pretty tiny, but their presence in it is robust.) They've been in business for decades, are made in America, and offer a decent warranty. What's not to love?

    We want to compare WeatherTech with TigerTough seat covers and share our in-the-trenches experience so that you can make an informed decision. We’ll be looking at this as objectively as possible by pointing out the facts, but we’ll be comparing the features and performance with TigerTough.

    If you don’t want to read this all, the bottom line is, WeatherTech Seat Protectors are disappointing. Yep, we went there. We know they’re a great company, but their seat covers have many common problems seat covers can face. You can read our WeatherTech Seat Protector review if you'd like more in-depth information.

    We ordered charcoal Seat Protectors to cover a 2023 Ford F150. We’ll start with the construction, then go into the individual parts, performance, and pricing.

    Watch the video comparison


    Installation was a breeze on the WeatherTech Seat Protectors. It took us under three minutes to get one cover installed. If you’ve ever put a bib on a kid, you’ll be a pro at these. Two straps connect behind the seat, one under the seat, and a stretchy strap around the headrest posts.

    TigerTough takes longer. You’ll have to install all three pieces; getting a secure fit takes time.

    Design and fit

    WeatherTech’s Seat Protectors have a one-piece design and only lay on the front of the seat, and the back is wide open. Think hospital gown.

    They offer six variations of their seat cover to fit thousands of makes and models of vehicles. 

    TigerTough seat covers come in three pieces and wrap the entire seat, more like coveralls. We customize seat covers to snugly fit thousands of trucks, vans, and SUVs.


    Side-by-side comparison of TigerTough and WeatherTech seat covers on the headrest portion.
    WeatherTech Seat Protectors don't cover the headrest.

    Well, this section is weird since WeatherTech doesn’t cover headrests. 

    They have a strap that goes around the bars of the headrest, but they don’t cover the portion where your head will be. So, all the oils, dirt, grease, etc., will transfer from your head onto your headrest. 

    But ironically, you can’t install WeatherTech Seat Protectors unless you have a headrest, or the cover won’t be secure on your seat.

    TigerTough’s seat covers have a separate headrest portion that secures with hook and loop so that your headrest remains unscathed.



    Side-by-side comparison of TigerTough custom embroidery of an American flag and a WeatherTech standard logo tag with a dog.
    TigerTough offers custom embroidery, and WeatherTech comes with a standard logo patch.

    The front of the seat back (we know that sounds weird), the part where you rest your back, is where WeatherTech has a standard dog logo patch. Some reviewers didn’t love this logo (we suspect they’re cat people), but it’s harmless.

    At TigerTough, you can have a blank seat cover or custom embroidery starting at $19 per seat. This is all about looks, so let’s move on to function.


    TigerTough covers the entire back of the seat with an option to add a pocket, and WeatherTech's Seat Cover is backless.

    WeatherTech’s Seat Protectors cover the front of the upright portion of your seat, but they are bare on the backside. See what we mean about the hospital gown?

    Two hook and loop straps connect on the back, but they dangle and feel awkward. It would be nice if there were a way to secure the extra length of unnecessary straps. 

    You can purchase an additional seat back protector from WeatherTech for $55 each if protecting the back of the seat is important to you. (We’re looking at you, parents.)

    TigerTough seat covers wrap around the seat for complete protection and to keep the covers secure. We use the same material on the front as we do on the back. If you'd like to add seat back pockets, that's an option too.

    Seat crease 

    TigerTough seat covers come in multiple pieces. WeatherTech Seat Protectors are one piece.

    Since WeatherTech Seat Protectors are one piece, there’s no great way to make a clean crease in the seat. On the plus side, it will catch your crumbs and debris. On a back seat with kids, we could see the benefit of having a crumb-catcher.

    The TigerTough seat cover comes in three pieces, so the seat bottom and back are separate, giving you a clean crease.

    This is as functional as it is aesthetic. A good fit will keep the seat cover in place, but if you want it to look one way or the other, that’s your preference. 

    Seat bottom

    weathertech vs tigertough side seat panel
    TigerTough seat covers tuck into the plastic trim. The WeatherTech option hangs over the edge, covering the seat controls on our Ford F150.

    WeatherTech has a skirt that goes around the base of the seat. This covered the seat controls on the 2023 F-150 we tried it on. No attachments run under the seat to secure this, so the cover tends to shift as you get in and out of your vehicle.

    In comparison, TigerTough seat covers are meant to tuck into the plastic trim of the seat and secure under the seat with straps for a snug fit.

    Airbag safety

    TigerTough seat covers are independently tested to be airbag-compatible. WeatherTech Seat Protectors are not.

    This isn’t an area to gloss over, and it’s the reason we wouldn’t put WeatherTech Seat Protectors in our own vehicles. Having airbag-compatible seat covers is necessary for your and your passengers' safety.

    WeatherTech says not to install their Seat Protectors if the securing straps cover the side seat airbags.

    💡 Quick history lesson: most cars made after 2014 will have side airbags due to federal regulation, many deploying from the seat.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that between 1996 and 2012, 2,252 lives were saved by side and curtain airbags–before regulations were even put into place. At that time, only 42% of vehicles on the road were equipped with side airbags. That percentage is much higher now.

    We know you take safety seriously, whether it’s in your personal vehicle or if you’re managing a fleet. So if you’re considering WeatherTech Seat Protectors, look to see if the securing straps will cover any side airbags. If they do, find a better option.


    This area is perplexing. Each WeatherTech Seat Protector for a captain or bucket seat is $150 each. So protecting your front seats would be $300. Adding back protection to fully cover your front seats with WeatherTech would cost over $400. And you still don’t have your headrests protected.

    To fully cover your two front seats with TigerTough, it will be $297 (we used a 2023 Ford F150 for spec). Plus, your headrests are covered.

    WeatherTech: $410 (no headrest protection)
    TigerTough: $297


    Even if we didn’t work for TigerTough, the facts all point to WeatherTech being inferior. They don’t cover as much, aren’t a custom fit, cost more money, and there’s a good chance they’ll prevent your airbag from deploying.

    Even their customers have a hard time justifying the cost of these seat covers when you look at recent reviews:

    "WeatherTech should stick to floor liners. Their advertising for this product is very misleading. Be advised the seat cover does not cover the back of the seat and head rest. They are simply velcro strapped in the back to hold it on. And they don't fit, just flapping around. They really look cheap, but cost a lot. They requested my vehicle make and model so the cover would be custom fit. Wrong! They don't fit and are downright ugly! You will be sorry if you buy it. Needless to say, I returned it."

    George S., Arizona
    May 24, 2023

    WeatherTech Seat Protector reviewer


    There are many seat covers on the market, so if TigerTough isn’t right for you, there’s probably an option that’s safer and more affordable than WeatherTech.

    WeatherTech Seat Protector
    and Seat Back Protector
    WeatherTech Seat Protector (without backs) TigerTough Seat Cover
    Price $410 $300 $297
    Stars 3.2 3.2 4.9
    Warranty Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Unconditional two years
    Material Polycotton twill fabric Polycotton twill fabric 1000 Denier CORDURA®️
    Fit Universal Universal Perfect Fit
    Waterproof Water-resistant Water-resistant Waterproof
    Colors/Patterns 4 4 8
    Airbag Safe ☑️
    Made in the USA ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
    Installation Time per Seat 5 minutes 3 minutes 9 minutes
    Specs based on a 2023 Ford F150 regular cab. No add-ons are included in price comparisons.
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    TigerTough vs. Tar: How to get tar out of a seat cover

    In construction, tar smears on vehicle seat covers isn't abnormal. A paving company we work with told us about a little secret formula they've been using: brake cleaner and a putty knife to tackle tar on their seat covers.

    This method wasn't something we found in any standard cleaning guide, but it was intriguing enough to put to the test.

    The Experiment Takes Shape

    With a healthy dose of skepticism and a can-do attitude, we launched this experiment. (Can you believe they pay us to do this?)

    Our first step was, admittedly, a bit overzealous. We applied the tar liberally, more than was probably necessary. After letting it sit and dry for a couple of days, we came back to assess the situation.

    Getting Down to Business

    Equipped with brake cleaner and a putty knife, just as recommended, we got down to the nitty-gritty. It was a straightforward process: apply the cleaner, let it soak in briefly, then gently scrape away at the tar. This wasn't a quick wax-on-wax-off kind of job. It required about 15 minutes of diligent work, but to our surprise, the tar came off completely without leaving any damage to the seat or its cover.

    A Word of Caution

    Even with this success, it's important to note that this isn't your average cleaning hack. Brake cleaner is strong stuff, designed for mechanical parts, not fabric. And while a putty knife can be a handy tool, there's always a risk of nicking or cutting the material if you're not careful.

    So, while we can vouch for the effectiveness of this method in our experience, it's not something we'd recommend without reservations. It's critical to use this approach with caution, understanding the potential risks to both safety and the materials you're working with.

    And just like grease on seat covers, we'd recommend tossing the cover in the wash after removing tar. 

    This unconventional cleaning method goes to show that sometimes, the most effective solutions come from the field, born out of necessity and practical know-how. However, it's always crucial to balance innovation with caution, particularly when dealing with powerful chemicals and manual tools. For those in the blue-collar sectors, where ingenuity meets hard work, such experiments can be part of the job. 

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    How to Install TigerTough Seat Covers and What to Expect

    Each TigerTough custom seat cover is shipped with step-by-step color instructions on installing them on the exact vehicle they were specifically designed for. 

    So if you ordered seat covers for your 2017 Toyota Tacoma, you’ll get instructions on how to install those covers in a 2017 Toyota Tacoma. Pretty nice, right?

    There are covers in the seat cover world that look awful because the installation process is confusing or inadequate. It’s a common problem with seat covers. We addressed this head-on by making installation as straightforward as possible.

    And in case you toss your instructions in a moment of confidence and need a few pointers along the way, you’re in luck because we record installation videos for every vehicle

    Since each vehicle is different, each seat cover install will be different. 

    We’ll walk you through what a typical installation looks like.

    Watch the video version

    Before you start 

    1. Lift and remove the headrest.
    2. Lean the seat back.
    3. Remove any straps on the underside that hold the carpet up.
    4. If you have a Ford, unclip the plastic connectors under the seat–they might feel like they’re going to break, but they will come off.

    Installing the seat bottom cover

    1. Make sure you start with the correct seat cover–passenger and driver’s seats are different, so just look for the tag.
    2. Line the seams up.
    3. Push the top flap of the seat cover between the seat back and the seat bottom.
    4. Take the strings and put one between the seat and the center console and cover and one between the seat cushion and plastic on the door side. These need to go down and under the seat, not straight back and behind the seat.
    5. Tuck the cover between the cushion and the plastic trim around the seat.
    6. Go behind the seat and find the strings you ran through the sides of the seat.
    7. Run them under the seat. Look at your specific instructions to see if you need to run them behind or in front of the seat mounts. 
    8. Pull them as tight as you can.
    9. Find the StringLock.
    10. Run the strings through each side of the StringLock as tight as possible and clamp it (the tighter, the better!).
    11. Run the front seat flaps over any seat-adjusting bar and under the seat.
    12. Pull tight on the front and back flaps and fasten them underneath the seat.

    Installing the seatback cover

    1. Make sure the airbag tag is on the door side of the seat.
    2. Slide the cover over the seat.
    3. Press the cover down around the plastic headrest mounts.
    4. Go to the back and tuck the carpet flap up into the seat cover.
    5. Push the front flaps through the seat crease and fasten them on the backside.

    Lastly, installing the headrest cover

    1. Put the headrest back in, but don’t put it all the way down.
    2. Take the cover and make sure the long flap is in front.
    3. Tuck the flap to the back and secure it.
    4. You can put the headrest down now if you’d like.

    How easy was it?

    We’ve installed other seat covers (check out this Carhartt install we did) and must admit that ours take longer. Since our covers come in multiple pieces, you’ll get a better fit, but it will take a little while to get those pieces where you want.

    We say to expect to spend up to 45 minutes per seat on installation. 

    According to Hunt Tested:

    “If you’re looking for a seat cover that you can throw on for the weekends and then take off during the week, this cover is likely not the best choice. While you certainly can remove and reinstall these covers, the process is involved enough that I wouldn’t want to do it frequently. To get a precision fit, you give up being able to quickly and easily take the covers on and off.”

    Wrapping it up

    These aren’t the easiest to install, but they’re also not rocket science. If you’ve ever stepped foot on a job site, you can install these. And we can assure you that every installation step helps give you the best-looking fit on your new seat covers. 

    Every vehicle installation is going to vary a bit. But we won’t leave you in the dark. You’ll get detailed instructions, an install video, and you’re always welcome to contact us if you’re stumped. And if you want to skip the installation altogether, check out one of our 850+ dealers.

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    Best Truck Seat Covers for Winter Weather

    Snow, slush, below-freezing temps…there’s a lot your truck's interior will see this winter. 

    Seat covers will absolutely protect your seat from the elements. We feel two characteristics make a cover specifically good for winter: waterproof and safe with heated seats. We suggest avoiding foam-back covers since those don’t always play nicely with heated seats.

    So here are some of our favorite seat covers that meet this criteria.

    Pricing is based on 2023 Ford F-150 seats.

    Most Color Options: ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA® Seat Covers

    ShearComfort Waterproof Seat Covers

    If you’re looking for something that will blend with your interior best, ShearComfort may have it. They have ten options for colors on their custom seat covers.

    We’ve reviewed their 1000-Denier seat covers before, but we added these to the list since they’re more affordable. However, these are only made of 500-Denier CORDURA®, so they won’t be as tough as the other options listed here. We love CORDURA®, and these are waterproof and will work with your heated seats.

    Price: $405

    Fastest Production: Northwest CORDURA® Pro-Gard

    Northwest seat covers in a vehicle

    Northwest offers 1000-Denier CORDURA® (just like us) which is obviously something we can get down with. Their Pro-Gard covers are waterproof and can take a beating. These seat covers will absolutely protect your seats from snow and sleet, and the material plays nicely with heated seats.

    We’re super impressed with Northwest’s 2-4 day turnaround and fast shipping. It’s a little intimidating for us to write about since our non-stock items ship in a little under three weeks, but we’re committed to being honest with you. So there you have it. 

    Price: $407

    Best Warranty: TigerTough CORDURA® Seat Covers

    Black TigerTough seat covers in a vehicle

    We may take a little longer to ship out custom products (our in-stock items ship out immediately). But we’re a brand built for blue-collar men and women, so we have a warranty to back that up. We offer an unconditional two-year warranty on our seat covers. No matter how you mess it up, we’ll repair or replace it for you.

    Our seat covers are waterproof, will fit your seats like a freaking glove, and are basically indestructible. They work with heated seats and will prevent winter crap from harming your seats. Heck, they’ll even keep your seats safe from a dog covered in slush. 

    Price: $297

    Best Budget-Friendly Option: Canvasback

    Plaid Canvasback seat cover in a vehicle

    Canvasback isn’t a custom fit but a universal one. So it’s not one that’s going to fit your seat like a glove, but it will protect it from winter abuse. They also have quite a few color options to choose from.

    Your heated seats should work fine with these, but we couldn’t find any definitive info. 

    Either way, these are the lowest price point and a great option if you want to winterize your interior on a budget.

    Price: $150 

    What to Look For in Seat Covers

    When you’re shopping for seat covers to winter-proof your truck’s interior, look for covers that are waterproof, work with heated seats, and have a great warranty that will protect your investment. We also love a cover that’s made in America, but that choice is up to you. 


    ShearComfort Northwest TigerTough Canvasback
    Cost $405 $407 $297 $150
    Stars 4.6 5 4.9 4.5
    Warranty Limited 2 years Limited 2 years Unconditional 2 years Limited 6 months
    Material 500-denier CORDURA® 1000-denier CORDURA®️ 1000-denier CORDURA®️ Polyester with PVC undercoating
    Fit Perfect Fit Perfect Fit Perfect Fit Universal Fit
    Colors/Patterns 10 6 8 10
    Airbag Safe
    Made in the USA
    Seatback Pockets Optional
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    Best Work Truck Seat Covers of 2024

    When we researched top seat covers for work trucks, we didn’t just pick the ones at the top of Google. We asked blue collar men and women what kinds of covers they’ve tried in their trucks, and this is the list they came up with:

    Covercraft Endura PrecisionFit
    Covercraft Carhartt SeatSavers
    Wet Okole
    ShearComfort CORDURA®

    Since we’re comparing covers for work trucks, we used a 2023 Ford F150 regular cab for pricing and research. Let’s get right into highlighting these seat-savers.

    Covercraft Endura PrecisionFit

    Covercraft Endura PrecisionFit seat covers in black
    Covercraft Endura PrecisionFit seat covers. Source: Covercraft

    It’s nearly impossible to Google truck seat covers without Covercraft popping up. We give them credit. They’ve been in the business for over 50 years and have a great product with a stellar reputation. 

    They make seat covers and covers for cars, boats, RVs, airplanes, and patio furniture. First, let's take a look at the Endura PrecisionFit

    The fabric for the Endura PrecisionFit is vague. According to the description, it’s a canvas-nylon-polyester blend. But what does that mean? We contacted customer service to learn more, and they didn’t elaborate beyond the product description. It’s tough to know how durable their covers are without knowing more about the fabric. 

    Price: $514


    ✅ Waterproof

    ✅ Airbag-safe

    ✅ Works with heated and cooled seats

    ✅ Fits factory seats perfectly 


    ❌ Fabric is uncertain

    ❌ Only a limited warranty available


    This is a great seat cover, and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. But it’s at the top of the price range for a set of bucket seat covers for a 2023 Ford F150 Regular Cab. If you can get them on sale, they might be a worthwhile investment, but we can’t say for how long without knowing more about their material.

    Covercraft Carhartt SeatSavers

    Covercraft Carhartt car seat covers
    Covercraft Carhartt Seat Savers. Source: Covercraft

    Everyone loves Carhartt. We get it. Their reputation is undeniable. They've got that classic look of your grandpa's favorite jacket; overall, we feel nostalgic about them. The brand has been around since 1889 even though Covercraft Carhartt SeatSavers are newer to the market, so let's look at how these cover stand up to some others.

    Price: $422


    ✅ Great reputation

    ✅ You know exactly what you're going to get

    ✅ Air-bag safe


    ❌ Limited colors

    ❌ Not waterproof

    ❌ They don't stay in place

    Not as durable as other seat covers


    While we have a lot of respect for Carhartt, when it comes to choosing seat covers, we’d actually lean towards Covercraft’s Endura PrecisionFit over the Carhartt SeatSavers. It's not just about the price; the PrecisionFit covers just seem to fit better and provide more value. If you’re into a variety of colors, you might find the two-color options of these covers a bit limiting. And the two-piece design? It tends to slide around on the seat because of how it's fastened. Since these are an expensive choice, we really hoped for a bit more from them.

    Read Covercraft Carhartt vs. TigerTough Seat Covers

    Wet Okole

    Wet Okole seat covers in gray and black
    Wet Okole seat covers. Source: Wet Okole

    Okay, we know what you’re thinking…this is about work truck seat covers, and most of us aren’t driving around Baywatch trucks. Yep, this is a wet suit in seat cover form. We didn’t think it would be a fair comparison either, but after hearing from multiple people in the construction industry who love their Wet Okole seat covers, we decided to give these a fair shake.

    Since they’re made from wetsuit neoprene and bonded with nylon, they’re waterproof and totally safe on vehicle seats. 

    Ashley DeCurtis, VP of Sales for BuildWitt, bought a used Nissan Xterra and considered the leather seats' condition, “I didn’t want to make it worse,” she says. What attracted her to Wet Okole was that the covers were pliable and waterproof, “they’re great for anything in wet environments.” 

    What ultimately sold her was the complete customization from colors to piping to embroidered headrests. Wet Okole has dozens of add-ons, like seatback pockets, front lower pockets, lumbar support, carbon fiber seat heaters, and sunglass pouches.

    DeCurtis is no stranger to the blue collar world, being a former police officer and now speaking to contractors daily in her role at BuildWitt, so she knows what kind of abuse work trucks see. Although she’s had the seat covers in her Xterra for four years; she questions whether they’d withstand the use they’d see in a work truck.

    However, Brent Fox, a contractor in the Nashville area, can speak to the durability. "I had Wet Okole in the truck I just retired. Rode on them for 12 years and, at some point, sent them back for a refurb. They were a great product and easy company to work with."

    Price: $374


    ✅ Easily washable

    ✅ Self-extinguishing 

    ✅ Airbag safe


    ❌ Only a 90-day warranty

    ❌ No returns accepted


    These seat covers really do a solid job of protecting the seats in your work truck, almost like a wetsuit, and you can even clean them with wetsuit shampoo. They’re self-extinguishing, which is a big plus if you ever find yourself dealing with flames inside your truck. Plus, they're designed to be airbag safe as they don’t cover the side of the seat where the airbag is located. Airbag safety is a must for us.

    At first, we were a bit skeptical, but these covers have received great reviews. We really appreciate the custom fit and how easy they are to clean. However, at $374 a pair, they’re not exactly budget-friendly, and the very limited warranty makes us a bit hesitant to give them our full endorsement.

    Read Wet Okole vs. TigerTough Seat Covers


    Marathon Seat Cover

    We'll just come out and say it: Marathon makes a darn good seat cover. They're another U.S. company helping protect American seats. 

    We don't personally know anyone who uses them and the most recent review we saw was from 2022. But this is what John has to say:

    Absolutely love the seat covers. They are super tight and can be difficult to get on, but once they are on they are on. I've been rough on my seat covers and they are holding up great. I'll add these to my other trucks for sure.

    Their covers are made from 1000-denier CORDURA®. The cool thing is, you can add all sorts of extras like map pockets, gear pockets, gun loops, bow holders, etc. The downside of that is that they don't include headrest covers as standard, you'll need to pay for those.

    Price: $315 (with headrest covers)


    ✅ Lots of colors

    ✅ Made from CORDURA®

    ✅ Waterproof

    ✅ Airbag safe

    ✅ Many customizable options


    ❌ Headrest covers aren't included

    ❌ 5-6 week turnaround time

    ❌ No returns


    As we say, if we didn't work for TigerTough, we'd probably buy these. Just know that you can't return them, so if you hate them when you get them, they're still yours. We like that they're on the affordable end of the seat cover price spectrum, and they're made from CORDURA®. If there's a vehicle we don't have a cover for, we'd suggest going for Marathon.


    Canvasback Universal Fit seat covers. Source: Canvasback

    We won’t lie; we hadn’t heard of this brand until Ambre Schaffer, Marketing Director at Aggtrans, pointed them out. These seat covers are a one-size-fits-most style, so consider that when ordering. You won’t be getting a custom fit for your seats.

    Canvasback seems to be best known for their cargo liners. Liners are custom fit for your vehicle’s cargo space and attach with hook and loop.

    Ambre confirms the durability and easy installation, “[the cargo liner] is custom fit to your specific vehicle and velcros right in place. They've been installed for three years without budging or showing any signs of wear. If I needed to remove them, they'd pull right up.

    "In addition to carrying around all of my photography/videography gear and field gear for construction, I'm a search and rescue handler with a k9. We're usually covered in mud and debris.” 

    With a review like that, we had to include this option.

    Price: $150


    Durable cargo liners customized to fit most vehicles. Despite not having custom-fit seat covers, the covers are at the bottom of our price range at $140 for a pair of bucket seat covers. On top of all this, Canvasback is woman-owned, and we think that’s pretty cool.

    ✅ Inexpensive

    ✅ Fits most vehicles

    ✅ Woman-owned company


    ❌ Not custom fit

    ❌ Limited six-month warranty


    We probably wouldn’t put these in a work truck to protect the seats, but we like the cargo liner options. If you’ve got a dog or use your cargo space a good deal, we’d suggest looking into Canvasback. Plus, we can’t help but love that they’re made in Minnesota.

    ShearComfort CORDURA® 

    ShearComfort CORDURA® seat covers in black and gra
    ShearComfort CORDURA® seat covers. Source: ShearComfort

    Like TigerTough, these covers are made from CORDURA®. It’s a slightly different kind though. ShearComfort uses a heavy duty 500 denier CORDURA® fabric, which isn’t as durable as the 1000 Denier CORDURA® we use. But this is still going to be a durable seat cover.

    Price: $405


    These airbag-safe seat covers are waterproof, durable, and guaranteed to fit perfectly. There’s a lot to love about them, and they’d perform well in a work truck.

    ✅ Waterproof

    ✅ Guaranteed perfect fit

    ✅ Airbag safe


    ❌ They don't use CORDURA® on their entire seat cover

    ❌ Price is a little high

    ❌ Limited Warranty


    They’re tough and built for hard work, but we don't love that ShearComfort doesn't use CORDURA® on the entire seat cover. They only use it on the portions you'd touch when sitting in the seat. The rest is made of a thin, stretchy material which will give out over time. They have great reviews from their customers. ShearComfort is a good option for your work truck, but not the best.

    Read ShearComfort CORDURA® 1000 Denier Xtra-Duty vs. TigerTough Seat Covers


    VERTEX OFF-ROAD is a newer company, started in 2021, and they specialize in truck seat covers. They consider themselves "American craftsman and enthusiasts committed to building top-quality products that help you upgrade and protect your truck for everywhere the road ahead takes you."

    Well, what's not to love about that? Let's look at their 1000-Denier CORDURA® Canvas seat covers.

    Price: $400


    ✅ Use CORDURA® nylon on their colvers

    ✅ Automatically include a center console cover

    ✅ Lifetime warranty, albeit limited

    ✅ Airbag safe



    ❌ Foam-backed seat covers (foam breaks down over time)

    ❌ Limited vehicle line


    We love that they're using CORDURA® nylon canvas for this particular cover. They also automatically include a center console cover and pockets for the seatbacks. They also have a lifetime warranty and seem pretty flexible, but it does exclude everyday wear and tear. 

    This is the first time we've run across another brand that uses a string to cinch around the seat for a secure fit. It's just too bad they don't use StringLock.

    This seems like a great cover. These are going to be a durable option for your truck. And given that they come with a center console cover and seatback pockets, the price is fair for what you get.


    TigerTough seat covers in gray
    TigerTough seat covers

    TigerTough seat covers are designed for hardworking men and women. They’re extremely tough (hence the name), so tough, in fact, we’ve extended our seat cover line to heavy equipment because we’re that confident they can withstand what you throw at them.

    We put our seat covers through torture tests. Do we do these tests for fun? Yes. Do we love proving how resilient these covers are with each test? Also yes. 

    Need more proof that we believe in our products? We have an unconditional warranty for at least two years on our products. They’ll get gross, they’ll get stained, but they won’t fail you, and neither will we.

    Price: $297


    ✅ Unconditional warranty

    ✅ Custom fit

    ✅ Two-week turnaround

    ✅ Waterproof

    ✅ Airbag safe


    ❌ Limited colors


    These are some of the lowest-priced seat covers in this lineup, with an average 4.9 star rating from users. Everyone from parents to first responders uses TigerTough seat covers, and they’ve always risen to the occasion. 

    Of course we love our own seat covers (or we wouldn’t work here). But that doesn’t mean they’re best for you and your work truck. Look at all the options and choose the covers that fit you best. 


    Not all seat covers are created equally. Some will be better for you than others. We think you should have ones that:

    • Are waterproof
    • Easy to clean
    • Have a great warranty and return policy
    • Made in America

    You don’t want to be stuck with seat covers that aren’t getting the job done. You want something that will last for years and ultimately save you money in the long run.

    Look at the features of all these work truck seat covers and decide which one is best for you based on your needs and budget.

    Covercraft Endura PrecisionFit Covercraft Carhartt SeatSavers Wet Okole Marathon Canvasback ShearComfort CORDURA® VERTEX OFF-ROAD TigerTough
    Cost $514 $422 $374 $315 $150 $405 $400 $297
    Star Rating 4.4 4.6 N/A N/A 4.9 4.6 4.6 4.9
    Warranty 3 year limited 3 year limited 90 days 4 year limited 6 months limited 2 years Lifetime Limited Unconditional 2 years
    Material Canvas-nylon-polyester blend Duck Weave Fabric Neoprene CORDURA (unknown denier) 600 X 300 poly denier 500 Denier CORDURA® 1000 Denier CORDURA® nylon canvas  1000 Denier CORDURA®️
    Fit Custom Custom Custom Custom Universal Fit Perfect Fit Perfect Fit Perfect Fit
    Waterproof ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
    Airbag Safe ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
    Made in the USA USA and Mexico USA and Mexico ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ North America ☑️ ☑️
    Colors and Patterns 32 2 40+ 14 11 10 3 8
    Seatback Pockets Yes Yes Optional Optional No Yes Yes Optional
    All specs based on 2023 Ford F150 Regular Cab Bucket Seats

    Update on 07/06/2023: We Initially had WeatherTech Seat Protectors as part of this list but removed them when we found out they weren't considered airbag-compatible in all vehicles. Take a look at WeatherTech Seat Protector Review for more information.

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    Will seat covers ruin leather seats?

    Considering seat covers for your vehicle's leather seats? It's a decision many drivers think about. Leather is a premium material that demands thoughtful care. The pressing question is whether seat covers help or harm leather seats.

    For the most part, no, seat covers won’t ruin your leather seats. 

    They're generally seen as a protective layer, guarding against daily wear and tear, spills, and sun damage. However, not every seat cover is suitable for leather. Some may negatively impact the material over time.

    Choosing the right type of seat cover is crucial to ensure that you’re enhancing, not hindering, the longevity and appearance of your leather seats. In this article, we'll get into the details, helping you make an informed choice about seat covers for your leather seats.

    Understanding Leather Seats and Seat Covers

    While those leather seats are pretty sturdy on their own, they can benefit from the extra protection that seat covers bring. It's all about keeping them in prime condition for as long as possible, and that’s a job seat covers do pretty darn well.

    Leather Seats – Tough But Tender

    Leather’s tough, but let's be real – leather seats aren’t tough as nails. Constant sun exposure, the daily in-and-out, and the odd coffee spill can leave them rough around the edges. Leather's like a sponge for spills and smells, so it needs some TLC to stay sharp.

    Seat Covers – Your Leather's Best Bud

    Seat covers come in like a reliable sidekick for your leather seats. Think of them as a shield, keeping the bad stuff – UV rays, spills, dirt, grease, dog slobber – off your seats. 

    The right seat cover keeps your leather safe from everyday messes and wear while letting it breathe and live its best life. By blocking out the stuff that can age your leather and decrease your resale value, seat covers help keep your seats fresh, clean, and ready for the long haul.

    Potential Issues with Foam-Backed Seat Covers

    Got leather seats fresh off a conditioning session? Hold off on those foam-backed seat covers like Wet Okole's. Foam and conditioner can clash, potentially harming the seat cover…and your leather. They're at odds; that mix-up can spoil your leather's look and feel. Our advice? If your leather's just been treated, skip the foam-backed options or hold off on installing them for a few days.

    Best Practices for Using Seat Covers on Leather

    Before you cover those leather seats, make sure they're clean. Dirt or moisture trapped under the cover? That's a recipe for damage. Give your leather a good clean and ensure it's bone dry

    Choose seat covers that are known to play well with leather. Compatibility isn’t just about size and fit; it’s about ensuring the cover doesn’t chemically react with your leather or cause it to wear prematurely. We suggest using a tough, breathable fabric

    Seat Covers on Heated Leather Seats

    While we’re talking about leather seats and covers, let’s shift gears and talk about heated seats. Does the heat get along with the cover, or is it a no-go?

    Typically, it’s safe to use seat covers with heated seats.

    Curious about how to use seat covers safely with heated leather seats? Check out our detailed blog post on using seat covers on heated leather seats for all the ins and outs you need to know.

    Wrapping it Up

    When it comes to decking out your leather seats with covers, the green light is generally on. But it's not just about picking any cover off the shelf. It's about choosing covers that respect the leather’s quality and respond well to its nature. 

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