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Prevent costly damage to your seats. Seat covers proven to protect.

Stop tearing up your seats.

You know how the seats in your vehicles eventually become worn and torn as they get some time on the job? You can prevent that.

We’ll help you prevent the wear-and-tear as well as the expense, uncomfortable ride, and lost value that goes along with it.

TigerTough was founded on the principles of high quality and service to back it up; if we’re going to put our name on something, we’re going to make dang sure we’ve done a good job at it. Because letting you down isn’t something that we’re cool with.

When you put your trust in TigerTough, you’re getting more than a seat cover. You’re getting the support of our whole team to help you make sure your seats don’t suck.

Construction Equipment

A new piece of big iron is a major investment.  When a single machine can be worth more than a new house, it makes sense to do everything you can to keep it in the best condition possible.

Eliminating torn-up seats is a major cost saver.  Not only just the price of the seat (which easily runs upwards of $1,000) but also in preventative maintenance.  It’s been proven many times that when a machine starts to look run down, it gets treated like it is.  And that gets expensive. Quickly.

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Work Trucks

You talk about nose-to-the-grindstone, that’s the life of a work truck. Pounding the road every day, grease, grime, dirt, dust, you name it, they take a beating.

We’re one of the only places that design seat covers specifically for work trucks. If your seat covers look pretty but conk out when the pressure gets turned up, they’re a waste of your money.

When the going gets tough (and it does every day in a work truck), we’re in our comfort zone.

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Law Enforcement

Cops. They’re hard on equipment. They’ll usually tell you that themselves.

The seats in a cop car don’t have to deal with the same abuse as in a work truck but it’s definitely not any less. Everything an officer wears on their duty belt combined with getting in and out all day is a recipe for torn up seats.

Our Tactical seat covers are designed specifically for law enforcement vehicles. They fit tight, they don’t move around, and they’re reinforced in the high-wear areas.

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Weekend Warrior

If you’re the kind of person that plays harder than a lot of people work, you probably drive a truck.

We’re truck people too, we get that.

If your weekend fun involves getting wet, dirty, or off-road, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re looking for something tougher than your factory seats or a sweet camo to customize your interior a bit, you’re in the right place.

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Seat Features

Seat Features

  • 1 Independent Headrest
  • 2 Optional Embroidery
  • 3 Airbag Compatible
  • 4 Double Stitched Seams
  • 5 Almost Indestructible Material
  • 6 Keep Your Factory Features
  • 7 Factory Finish

Made in the USA

Every single seat cover that we put our name on is made on home turf. We’re pretty dang proud to slap the “Made in the USA” label on everything. (cue the distant scream of a proud eagle)

Need a Hand? We’re Happy to Help!

Give us a call and talk to a real person right away or shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you within 30 minutes. Usually less. (As long as it’s normal working hours and stuff, you know?)