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Can you put seat covers on heated seats?

Can you put seat covers on heated seats?

Heated seats in your truck are nearly a must-have in chilly weather (just ask us, we’re from Minnesota). Some of our customers ask us: is it safe to put seat covers on heated seats? 

Let’s clear the air and get down to the facts about protecting your heated seats without losing their warming benefits.

Yes, you can put seat covers on heated seats, but with caution. The key is choosing the right type of seat cover that allows heat to pass through without causing damage to both the seat and the cover.

Material Matters

Not all seat cover materials are suitable for heated seats. Thin, breathable materials like polyester, CORDURA®, or certain blends are typically safe as they allow efficient heat transfer. Avoid materials that are too thick, foam-backed, or insulated, as they can block the heat and potentially cause damage to the heating elements. We’d also suggest avoiding faux leather or anything furry…for more reason than one.

Are seat covers safe with aftermarket seat heaters?

Thinking about boosting your ride's comfort with aftermarket seat heaters? It's worth considering how they might play along with seat covers. 

Generally, seat covers are compatible with both factory-installed and aftermarket heating systems. However, aftermarket heaters can add extra bulk to your seats. Properly install heaters so that they're smooth under the covers. You can enjoy the added warmth and protect your seats with the right approach, but if your seat heaters are too bulky under the covers, you may want to consider a thinner option.

Safety and Efficiency

When using seat covers on heated seats, consider the following:

  • Ensure the seat cover is properly fitted and doesn’t bunch up, as uneven distribution can lead to overheating in certain spots.
  • Be aware that seat covers may slightly reduce the heat intensity you feel.
  • Regularly check the seat covers and seats for any signs of heat damage.

How do TigerTough seat covers work with heated and cooled seats?

They work great if we do say so ourselves.

“The covers work great with heated seats. They'll warm up just like the factory seats, and you won't notice a difference. If you use them with cooled seats, they'll work, but you'll notice less of a breeze. That's because the factory-cooled seats are perforated, but the covers are not. The covers will still cool and let some air through because the fabric is breathable, but it'll just be less than you're used to with the factory seats.” 

-Sheldon Zitzmann, Marketing Director 


Planning to outfit your heated seats with covers? No problem, but let's do it right. Choose materials that play nice with the heat and you're all set. It's about striking that perfect balance – enjoying the cozy warmth while keeping your seats rugged and ready. Go the right route, and your heated seats stay snug and secure, season after season.

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