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Wet Okole vs. TigerTough Seat Covers

People love their Wet Okole seat covers. There’s a loyal fanbase raving about these American-made, waterproof seat covers.

What's their claim? Seat covers that don't swelter in the summer or freeze in winter, waterproofed, and a fit that's tighter than a new pair of gloves.

They're a competitor we recognize. They're dedicated to enhancing vehicle interiors and protecting them from daily wear and tear. Wet Okole has a rabid following, and at TigerTough, we appreciate good competition.

But we need to take a quick pause to tell you that when we googled what Wet Okole means, we found out that in Hawaiian, it means wet butt. Nope, we didn’t make that up. 

Anyway, we ordered a set for a 2023 Ford F-150 to compare them with TigerTough seat covers.

Let’s do this.

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Now, we know this isn’t a factor people consider when ordering seat covers. But it’s still important to note since packaging can give you a glimpse of how a company treats their customers.

Wet Okole Packaging

Wet Okole covers arrived in the largest box we’ve ever received for a single set of seat covers. These covers are bulky on their own, so the box is understandable. It was branded well and came with information about the company and color instructions. 

TigerTough Packaging

TigerTough seat covers ship in a branded poly mailer with full-color instructions specific to your exact vehicle. So, if you ordered covers for a 2018 Toyota Tacoma, you’ll get instructions on installing TigerTough seat covers on a 2018 Toyota Tacoma.

Design and fit of the seat cover

Wet Okole Design and Fit

Wet Okole’s seat covers have nylon-covered neoprene laminated on a half-inch of foam. It’s a thick cover and looks great installed.

The covers come in multiple pieces (we love that!) for the best fit. And thankfully, Wet Okole labels which seat cover goes on the driver’s seat. (They don’t label the passenger seat cover.) Does this matter? Absolutely. You need to make sure you have the correct covers on so that the airbag can deploy in the event of a collision.

And bonus: the set we received also included a center console cover.

We like the way the Wet Okole looks. It’s very attractive. However, it’s stiff with that ½” foam backing. If you press on the seat back, you’ll notice gapping between the cover and the seat. This is because the foam isn’t pliable. And after a while, that foam breaks down, and the cover won't fit as nicely.

wet okole backing
Foam backing on a Wet Okole seat cover.

Wet Okole also does a lot of decorative stitching in the seat back. This looks nice, but it makes the fabric weaker.  

TigerTough Design and Fit

TigerTough seat covers come in three pieces and wrap the entire seat, much like Wet Okole, but they are installed differently, which we’ll get into later. 

Our covers are made from 1000-Denier CORDURA® and are proven to withstand intense abuse. There’s no foam backing on our covers, so it hugs the seat. We also don’t have any decorative stitching, except for embroidery, but because that’s in an area with minimal wear, it doesn’t weaken the seat cover like decorative stitching.

"We design for strength first and looks second."

Sheldon Zitzmann, TigerTough Marketing Director



Wet Okole Installation

It took us approximately 17 minutes to install a Wet Okole cover. We rated these as medium difficulty. The instructions were pretty poor, but because we know seat covers, we knew what to do.

However, we had issues getting one of the straps through. The instructions said that you’d need to possibly remove the plastic molding on your seat to get the strap through. We didn’t want to do that on our boss’ truck, so it took a little longer for us to install.

Wet Okole Instructions

Here’s how their seat covers are attached:

  • One strap running from side to side
  • Two straps running underneath from front to back
  • One loop around the seatbelt plug

TigerTough Installation

TigerTough took us 9 minutes to install on a seat. Yeah, we know our seat covers, so this probably took us a little faster than most people.

We try to be as specific with our instructions as possible and offer installation videos for every vehicle. 

Here’s how TigerTough seat covers are attached:

  • The seat bottom runs all the way along the underside of the seat, attaching to itself with heavy-duty hook & loop.
  • We have our Stringlock that runs around the perimeter of the seat bottom and cinches it like a drawstring around and underneath the seat to ensure it doesn’t shift.

Check out our full installation expectations to learn more.


Both seat covers have headrest covers, so that’s a win! They also both tuck into the headrest mounts nicely. There’s not much more to say about that other than if you’re covering your seat, you need to cover the headrest. 

Seat back

Both brands have a custom look for the seat back. They also both have options for custom embroidery and seat back pockets.

Wet Okole Seat Back

We’ve touched on this earlier, but the back of the Wet Okole seat covers have decorative stitching, which looks very attractive but isn’t great for durability. You'll also see the gapping here when you press on the seat cover.

TigerTough Seat Back

Our seat covers fit snuggly to the back without any gapping or unnecessary seems.

Seat Crease and Bottom

Since both seat covers are made from multiple pieces, they have clean-looking creases that fit the seats well.

They also both tuck into the plastic trim of the seat allowing access to the seat controls. We like the way TigerTough’s fit more snuggly on the bottom half, but if we removed the plastic trim to install the Wet Okole covers as they suggested, we might like that fit more than we do as is.

wet okole and TigerTough seat bottoms

Airbag safety

Quick history lesson: most cars made after 2014 will have side airbags due to federal regulation, many deploying from the seat. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that between 1996 and 2012, 2,252 lives were saved by side and curtain airbags–before regulations were even put into place. At that time, only 42{0003c3775feec1d84303756be60cb47704f69b9b1c526aea6af42ab8bf2bc3ab} of vehicles on the road were equipped with side airbags. That percentage is much higher now.

We know you take safety seriously, whether it’s in your personal vehicle or if you’re managing a fleet

Wet Okole Airbag Compatibility

We don’t love the way Wet Okole does airbag compatibility with their covers. They have a slit on the side of their seats for the airbag to deploy. But, the slit isn’t as long as the tearaway seam on the factory seat, so we have concerns that an airbag could get stuck during deployment. However, Wet Okole says their seat covers are tested, so we’ll take their word for it.

TigerTough Airbag Compatibility 

Our seat covers have a visible tearaway seam that goes the entire seat length. Our covers have been independently tested to ensure that an airbag will deploy in the event of a collision. We hope you never have to find out, but rest assured that our seat covers are deemed safe with airbags.

Wet Okole and TigerTough are both airbag safe.


Not all waterproofness (that’s a real word) works the same. This one is best shown in the video, but we’ll break it down here too.

Are Wet Okole seat covers waterproof?

Yes, they are, but they also soak up the water like a little sponge. The seat underneath stays dry. However, if you spill something, your cover will remain wet for a while. You’ll want to blot the seat cover and keep the windows open if you can so that they’ll dry out.

Otherwise, Wet Okole will live up to their name and leave you with a wet butt.

Are TigerTough seats waterproof?

They are, and they’re also hydrophobic. Does that mean they’re scared of water? Pretty much. They can’t even absorb liquid. 

In the video, you’ll see that the water poured on the TigerTough seat cover beads up and rolls off. So yeah, your floor may get wet if you spill on your seats, but you can wipe up your seat cover and sit about it without worrying about wet pants. Do you want the portion of the video where we do that? Maybe as a gif?

Warranty and Returns

Wet Okole Warranty and Returns

This is one of our biggest disappointments with this brand. They have a 90-day limited warranty, and it only covers manufacturer defects. In terms of returns, they don’t accept returns if you aren’t happy with your purchase. So you get what you get. 

TigerTough Warranty and Returns

Our vehicle seat covers have a two-year, unconditional warranty. If something happens to your TigerTough seat covers, we’ll replace or repair them. It doesn’t matter how they got damaged; we’ll happily make it right.

If, for some reason, you don’t like your TigerTough seat covers, we’ll accept returns within 30 days of you receiving them. You just need to be sure they’re in like-new condition still.


Seat covers can range from $50 to hundreds of dollars. For comparison, we used a 2023 Ford F-150 covers. 

How much does Wet Okole cost?

We ordered a set of their standard bucket seats for $314. This is a fair price for seat covers since they can get pretty expensive if you pay for something custom.

How much does TigerTough cost?

To cover your two front seats with TigerTough, it will cost around $277.


We like Wet Okole. Not enough to quit our jobs and go work for them, but they have a decent seat cover. But if we were sitting down with you over a beer, we’d probably say that we expected more from Wet Okole based on their cult following, but we don’t doubt that the covers will protect your seats for years.

It all comes down to preference in the end. Both covers are made in America and have great reviews.

If you want fun colors and that beach vibe, Wet Okole would be a great option. We still don’t love their warranty or return policy, though.

If you want something rugged and meant to withstand hard use, like construction equipment or excited farm dogs, we’d encourage you to try TigerTough. After all, if you don’t like our seat covers, you can return them.

Maybe after reading this comparison, neither of these brands appeal to you. Then you should definitely check out the best seat covers for work trucks and find something that meets your needs.

Wet Okole TigerTough
Cost $314 $277
Stars N/A 4.9
Warranty 90 days Unconditional 2 years
Material Neoprene 1000 Denier CORDURA®️
Fit Custom Perfect Fit
Waterproof Waterproof Waterproof
Airbag Safe Yes Yes
Colors/Patterns 40+ 8
Made in the USA ☑️ ☑️
Seatback Pockets Optional Optional
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Covercraft Carhartt vs. WeatherTech Seat Covers

Both brands have earned their stripes, commanding respect in the market for their quality and durability. But brand reputation is just one piece of the puzzle when hunting for the right seat cover.

Your vehicle’s interior faces daily challenges, from accidental spills to the wear and tear of regular use. And while both Carhartt and WeatherTech promise top-tier protection, the real question is: which one truly delivers on that promise? 

We've ordered both covers and tried them on a 2023 Ford F-150, and we’ll give you a head-to-head comparison to help you make an informed decision for your ride.


Installation might seem straightforward with seat covers, but it's more than just fitting a piece of fabric onto a seat. It's about ensuring the cover stays in place, doesn't interfere with the vehicle's functions, and looks aesthetically pleasing. Carhartt and WeatherTech have different installation methods, and we’ll take a detailed look into both processes.

Covercraft Carhartt Installation

You know Carhartt. Their seat covers promise the same rugged quality as their workwear. 

The aesthetic is instantly recognizable, appealing to fans of the Carhartt brand. However, a slight hiccup emerges in differentiating the driver's seat cover from the passenger's, especially since these covers are airbag-safe, making correct installation crucial.

Installation is straightforward, with simple instructions typical of most seat cover brands (but not typical of TigerTough…just sayin’). The covers are one piece, excluding the headrest, which means less hassle in assembling multiple parts. However, this singular design can be tricky in ensuring a snug fit, especially over prolonged use.

WeatherTech Installation

WeatherTech is no newbie in the vehicle protection arena. Installation of their Seat Protectors promises speed, with our trial run clocking it at under three minutes for a single cover. Their one-piece design is reminiscent of a bib, using two straps behind the seat, one beneath, and a stretchy band around the headrest posts for a relatively secure fit. Simplicity is WeatherTech's motto here.

However, this simplistic approach has its drawbacks. The one-piece design exposes the back of the seat (cue a hospital gown analogy). The lack of snug fit will also lead to the cover shifting with regular movement in and out of the vehicle.

Design and Fit

Design and fit aren't just about making your truck’s interior look good. It's about protection and durability. Covercraft Carhartt and WeatherTech each have strengths and potential areas of improvement.

Covercraft Carhartt

Carhartt's design leans heavily into its brand identity—rugged, durable, and ready for work. The SeatSaver Custom Seat Covers, made of their signature "heavy-duty, firm-hand Carhartt® Duck Weave fabric," are an extension of this brand. This 100{0003c3775feec1d84303756be60cb47704f69b9b1c526aea6af42ab8bf2bc3ab} cotton fabric feels familiar to anyone who's donned a Carhartt jacket or hat.

However, this commitment to tradition can be a double-edged sword. The material does wear out (we’ve seen it). A seat cover sees far more friction than a jacket, so it won’t last as long.

Each Carhartt cover is customized to your vehicle's specific make and model, making it a custom fit.

The seat covers are constructed as a single piece (aside from the headrest) unlike TigerTough seat covers. While this can simplify the design, it can compromise the fit. Over time, as users slide in and out of their vehicles, the SeatSavers might shimmy and shift, detracting from the snug fit you’d hope for.

“Will not stay in place. Have to fix the cover every time I get out, very frustrating for the price.”

- Timothy C.



WeatherTech's design philosophy seems centered around simplicity. Their Seat Protectors adopt a minimalist, one-piece design approach. 

However, the emphasis on simplicity also leads to compromises. The seat protectors only cover the front, exposing the back—a curious choice that might not appeal to those looking for full protection like a TigerTough seat cover. And the lack of a custom fit for specific vehicles means the covers won’t offer a snug, glove-like fit. This might lead to the seat covers shifting more than users like, especially with frequent use.

“Heavy duty, but not enough places to secure them so they don't slide up. Don't really fit right. Pretty expensive for the fit! As long I keep pulling them down the should protect from dirt etc.”

- Jericho


Headrest Protection

The headrest cover, while sometimes overlooked, plays a vital role. Protecting the headrest ensures not only the longevity of the material but also the cleanliness and appearance of your vehicle's interior. 

Covercraft Carhartt and WeatherTech take different approaches to headrest protection, and understanding these can greatly influence one's buying decision.

Covercraft Carhartt: Integrating the Iconic Fabric

Covercraft Carhartt headrest
Covercraft Carhartt SeatSavers headrest cover

Carhartt continues its commitment to its signature Duck Weave fabric, even regarding the headrest. The headrest portion is a separate piece (like TigerTough) and offers a consistent look throughout the seat. This ensures that the iconic rugged appearance is uniform, making the interior look cohesive.

Functionally, the headrest cover protects against dirt, wear, and the elements. However, as it's designed as a separate piece, there might be concerns regarding its fit and potential to shift over time, especially if not secured properly.

WeatherTech: The Minimalist Approach

Weathertech seat protector not covering the headrest
WeatherTech Seat Protectors don't cover the headrest.

WeatherTech's approach to the headrest is noticeably different. Their Seat Protectors do not cover the headrest, opting for a strap around the headrest bars. While this minimalist design ensures quick installation and removal, it leaves the headrest vulnerable to dirt, sweat, and other potential stains.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the lack of coverage can be seen as a design inconsistency, especially when the rest of the seat is protected. Functionally, for drivers in blue-collar jobs, the unprotected headrest might wear out or discolor faster than the rest of the seat.

Seat Back

Often, the back of the seat is a neglected aspect of protection. It’s not as visible as the seat front, but it's just as important when it comes to shielding against wear, tear, and potential damage. Let’s just say Carhartt and WeatherTech have different approaches to covering the seat back.

Covercraft Carhartt: Full Coverage with Character

Carhartt seat cover with Carhartt logo
Carhartt SeatSavers seat cover


The Carhartt Duck Weave fabric extends to the back, ensuring a seamless look throughout the seat. Its rugged texture and signature style adds a touch of workmanship to the vehicle's interior, even in areas not immediately visible.


The Carhartt design snugly wraps around the seat back, with the material's firmness ensuring it stays in place. This tight fit minimizes the material's chances of sagging or becoming baggy.

Extra Features

  • Logo: Carhartt’s iconic patch sits between the shoulder blades, a subtle brand reminder.
  • Storage Pocket: A standard feature on their covers, the seat back pocket offers added functionality and storage, a win for those who like to keep things organized.
Seatback pocket on a Carhartt seat cover
Seatback pocket on a Carhartt seat cover

WeatherTech: Simplified Protection

WeatherTech Seat Protector
WeatherTech Seat Protector


The Seat Protectors by WeatherTech sport a more minimalistic design. If you’re into bibs, you’ll be into these.


The design leaves the back exposed, resembling a shield rather than a full cover. This design choice might raise eyebrows among those who prefer complete coverage, but it allows quicker installation. But it also makes for a sloppy fit.

WeatherTech Seat Protectors leave the back of the seat exposed.

“When the dog is on the seat, the cover moves around every time she changes position. It should not be my job to re-engineer a WeatherTech product to make it work. I have always been pleased with WT products until now.”

- Doug S.


Extra Features:

  • Open Back: The lack of a full back cover is a drawback, but this can benefit those who need quick access to pockets or features on the original seat.
  • Optional Back Protector: For an additional $60, WeatherTech offers an additional seat back protector, acknowledging that a segment of their audience might prefer the extra layer of defense.

Seat Crease and Bottom

Let’s look closer at how Covercraft Carhartt and WeatherTech tackle the seat crease – that intersection where the seat bottom meets the back.

Covercraft Carhartt: Not the Neatest Crease

Seat Crease

Carhatt SeatSaver seat crease
Seat crease on the Carhartt SeatSaver
  • Carhartt’s one-piece design offers continuity at the crease. This translates to a smooth transition from the seat back to the bottom.
  • However, the single-piece construction means the crease may shift over time, especially as occupants slide in and out of the seat.

Seat Bottom

Carhartt SeatSaver seat bottom
The Carhartt SeatSavers allow access to all seat controls.
  • Crafted with their signature Duck Weave fabric, the Carhartt seat bottom boasts both durability and a rustic aesthetic.
  • The design ensures that access to seat controls remains unobstructed, with the cover contouring neatly around the edge of the seat.
  • Multiple contact points ensure the seat bottom remains anchored, resisting movement and providing a firm seating experience.

WeatherTech: One-Piece Flaws

Seat Crease

Seat crease on a WeatherTech Seat Protector
Seat crease on a WeatherTech Seat Protector
  • With WeatherTech’s single-piece Seat Protectors, the seat crease design emphasizes functionality. Its design can act as a catcher for crumbs and debris – a practical touch for those with kids or frequent eaters on the go.
  • But, much like Carhartt, this single-piece approach may lead to the cover shifting over time, compromising the initial neat appearance.

Seat Bottom

WeatherTech Seat Protector covering the seat controls on a Ford F-150
The WeatherTech Seat Protectors cover the seat controls
  • WeatherTech’s focus on functional design shines through with its skirt-like approach to the seat bottom, wrapping around its base.
  • This skirt design may drape over some seat controls, potentially causing slight accessibility issues for some vehicle models.
  • The absence of anchoring points under the seat means the seat cover might shift slightly during use, which may be a point of consideration for some users.

Airbag Compatibility

⚠️ Spoiler alert: Not all seat covers are airbag-compatible.

Covercraft Carhartt: Safety at Forefront

  • Carhartt's seat covers have been meticulously designed to work seamlessly with side seat airbags, ensuring unhindered deployment when needed.
  • Proper installation is paramount. Even with the best designs, incorrect fitting can pose risks. Adhering to the provided guidelines is crucial.

WeatherTech: A Questionable Oversight

WeatherTech Seat Protector with straps covering the side airbag
WeatherTech Seat Protectors cover the side airbag.
  • WeatherTech, despite its reputation in vehicle protection, has a glaring oversight in their Seat Protector design concerning side airbag safety.
  • Their installation instructions say not to put the covers on vehicles with side airbags. Since most new vehicles have these airbags, the WeatherTech Seat Protectors shouldn’t be installed.
  • Their securing straps can potentially cover side seat airbags, making them a hazardous choice for most modern vehicles, especially those post-2014 where side airbags are prevalent.
  • This design flaw isn't a tiny hiccup; it's a major safety concern. There’s no room for nonchalance when it comes to life-saving features.
Instructions from WeatherTech Seat Protectors
WeatherTech Seat Protector instructions

The Non-Negotiable Nature of Airbag Safety

The data doesn’t lie. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's findings underline the significance of side airbags in saving lives. So any seat cover that doesn't prioritize this essential safety feature should considered cautiously.

When choosing between brands, remember that safety isn't negotiable. Whether you lean toward Covercraft’s Carhartt or any other brand, ensuring the seat covers comply with the vehicle's safety features and are installed as directed is vital.


Let's check out both brands' price points and analyze their value.

Covercraft Carhartt: A Premium Offering

Price Point

  • Priced at $428 (as of our last check for a 2023 Ford F150 model), Carhartt SeatSavers position themselves in the market's premium segment.

Value Proposition

  • The fabric's resilience, iconic Carhartt branding, and tailored fit justify the steeper price for many. As an integral safety feature, airbag compatibility adds to its value.
  • Their periodic sales and coupon codes offer some relief, making them more accessible during promotional periods.

WeatherTech: Surprisingly Steep for the Offering

Price Point

  • To cover the front and back of bucket seats (not the sides, as those are still exposed), WeatherTech Seat Protectors carry a price of $420. ($150 per seat protector and $60 for each seat back protector.) And your headrests are still naked in this scenario.

Value Proposition

  • At face value, WeatherTech demands a premium price. Given the safety concerns around airbag compatibility and the less-than-perfect fit, the value for the price could be better.
  • Their "universal" design philosophy might cut costs in production, but it might not always align with consumers' expectations for a tailored fit.

Price Overview

With Carhartt at $428 for a custom fit and WeatherTech at $410 for a universal fit, there's not enough cost savings for us to justify buying WeatherTech.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Covercraft Carhartt seat covers earned a notable 4.5-star rating with over 2,000 reviews, showcasing their appeal and reliability. Many drivers admire the robustness and look of their signature Carhartt fabric.

On the other hand, WeatherTech's Seat Protectors aren’t as loved, averaging a 3.2-star rating. Customers often mention fit issues, coverage gaps, and concerns regarding airbag safety. While WeatherTech has mastered other vehicle protection, their seat protectors differ from their top-tier product.


Wrapping up our in-depth comparison of Covercraft Carhartt and WeatherTech seat protectors, here's a snapshot of what each brand brings to the table:

Covercraft Carhartt

  • Brand Legacy: Carhartt leverages its iconic Duck Weave fabric and its established reputation in durable workwear.
  • Design Philosophies: The seat covers offer a familiar feel, though there are areas, such as seat fit, where improvement is needed,
  • Price Point: Retailing at around $428 for their SeatSavers, Carhartt combines brand trust with a slightly premium price.


  • Brand Strength: A well-established name in vehicle protection, WeatherTech is known for precision and craftsmanship.
  • Safety Concerns: The potential risk to airbag deployment is a major concern that users need to be wary of.
  • Design and Fit: Despite a more streamlined design, there are compromises, especially around seat crease and headrest protection.
  • Price Consideration: Priced at approximately $420 for complete front seat protection (including additional seat back protectors), WeatherTech's offering seems less compelling, especially when factoring in the safety reservations and lack of headrest cover.

No pressure, but when it comes to seat covers, your choices play an important role in determining your car's interior's safety, aesthetics, resale value, and durability. If you were to ask us, we’d choose Covercraft’s Carhartt over WeatherTech’s Seat Protector. When selecting seat covers, it's crucial to weigh aesthetics, comfort, safety, and functionality.

CoverCraft Carhartt SeatSavers WeatherTech Seat Protectors + Seat Back Protectors
Cost $428.00 $410.00
Star Rating 4.5 3.2
Warranty 3 year limited Limited Lifetime
Material Duck weave fabric Polycotton twill fabric
Fit Custom Semi-custom
Waterproof Water resistant Water resistant
Airbag Safe ☑️
Colors/Patterns 2 4
Made in the U.S. U.S. and Mexico ☑️
Seatback Pockets Yes
All specs based on a 2023 Ford F-150.
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Best Seat Covers for Semi-Trucks

Truck drivers know it better than anyone: the cab of a semi isn't just a place to sit. It's a workplace, a dining room, and sometimes even a makeshift bedroom. Whether you're hauling across state lines or doing the daily grind on local routes, the inside of that cab sees its fair share of abuse. Coffee spills, dirt, and wear from countless hours on the road take a toll. That's why a seat cover isn't just an accessory; it's a shield, standing between your seat and the rigors of trucking life.

The right seat cover is about more than just looking good. It's about durability, standing up to every trucker's challenges, day in and day out. This isn't about finding the fanciest design. It's about unearthing the toughest, most resilient seat covers for semi-trucks—because every driver deserves gear that works as hard as they do.

V-Truck Corp

V-Truck Black Seat Cover
Image source: V-Truck website

In 2015, V-Truck Corp sprouted from one family's burning passion for those iconic American semi-trucks. It all started with a simple yet brilliant idea: dash shelves tailored for a semi-truck's dashboard to overhaul the driver's workspace. But they didn't stop there. Recognizing a hole in the market for robust seat covers and floor mats, they charged ahead, filling that gap and clinching their spot as a leading supplier across the states.

Word has it they're not hitting the brakes anytime soon. With the buzz from their dedicated customers, they're geared up to roll out more top-notch products crafted from the finest materials. Why? Because V-Truck Corp believes truck drivers deserve nothing short of the best and are hell-bent on delivering just that.

They’ve got four styles of seat covers in faux leather and cloth and outfit Kenworth, International ProStar, Peterbilt, and Volvo. 

Takeaways from V-Truck:

  • Two-piece cover
  • Looks durable
  • Armrest covers are an additional $99

Price: $199

Note: We contacted V-Truck about their materials, warranty, where they're made, etc., but we never heard back. If we do hear back, we'll update this accordingly.

Ultra Seat Premium Seat Covers

Ultra Seat semi truck seat cover being put on a seat.
Image source: Ultra Seat website

We’re no strangers to Ultra Seat. We looked at them while reviewing the best seat covers for heavy equipment.
Regarding industrial seating, Ultra Seat Corporation has carved out its niche. With over 20 years in the game, they've consistently focused on developing and producing specialized seating options for the industrial sector.

Always exploring new products and technologies, Ultra aims to up its game in serving customers, emphasizing seat quality and reliability.

It's worth noting that they've got a footprint in North America with their distribution centers and have been making moves to expand their distributor network worldwide.

They only have one style of seat cover for semi-trucks, which won’t be a perfect fit. But we do love that they offer a CORDURA® cover. However, we don’t know their denier (the stronger, the better). Since CORDURA® doesn’t have much give, it won’t stretch around a seat it’s not made for.

Takeaways from Ultra Seat:

  • Two-piece cover
  • Made from CORDURA®
  • Washable
  • Made in Canada
  • One-year warranty

Price: $124


Redline seat cover on a seat
Image source: Raney's website

During our research, we saw Redline featured on sites like Raney’s, but couldn’t find a manufacturer’s website, so our information is limited. We reached out to Raney’s, and they said they didn’t have access to a manufacturer’s website for Redline either.

We can tell you that they make covers for Mack, Peterbilt, International ProStar, Kenworth, Volvo, and Freightliner. 

The seat covers get decent reviews. 

“Really impressed with this seat cover for my KW T680. It comes in two pieces, that fit really well. Has Velcro around the armrest holes, so you don’t have to remove them to install.”

Nicholas H.


Takeaways from Redline:

  • Two-piece cover
  • Made from polyester
  • Armrest covers are an additional $20
  • 6-month warranty

Price: $110

Steering Creations Inc.

Steering creations black seat covers on a seat
Image source: Steering Creations website

Steering Creations, Inc. (SCI) has staked their claim in the trucking industry with a simple yet essential focus: steering wheels that both feel right and look sharp. Their core mission? Making the daily grind a touch smoother for truck drivers everywhere.

But, they’ve also dabbled into the world of seat covers, trying to ensure a comfy ride. But covers aren’t their bread and butter.

They have a universal seat cover with faux leather and microfiber in five colors. We couldn’t find whether these were waterproof (the faux leather likely is, but we’re unsure about the microfiber center panel). These likely are not machine washable.

Takeaways from Steering Creations:

  • Two-piece cover
  • Made from faux leather and microfiber
  • Limited one-year warranty

Price: $121

East Coast Covers

East Coast Cover on a seat
Image source: Raney's website

Here’s another one we found on Raney’s, but couldn’t locate a manufacturer's site, so our info is limited.

They offer Freightliner, International ProStar, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Volvo seat covers. Each style comes in four color options and two finishes: corduroy and faux leather with corduroy. Like all the other pens reviewed, armrest covers aren’t included. 

Thankfully, there were a few reviews. The general consensus in the reviews is that the cover is good, but the seat portion on a Peterbilt doesn’t stay on.

“Bottom seat cover does not stay attached there was no securement straps like instructions said. Other than that it’s ok.”

Mark L.


However, Igor loves them for the International ProStar.

“Great quality, my drivers loved the product!”



Takeaways from East Coast Covers:

  • Two-piece cover
  • Made from faux leather and corduroy
  • Armrests sold separately

Price: $119

TigerTough Seat Covers

TigerTough seat covers installed in a truck
TigerTough seat covers with customer embroidery installed in a truck

We make seat covers for the blue-collar world. We know the abuse the cab of a semi-truck can take–whether you’re a long-hauler or you sleep in the same bed every night. 

We design and build our seat covers in America, for America. Each cover is made right here on U.S. soil, and we offer an unlimited two-year warranty on our covers. 

Each one is made of 1000-Denier CORDURA® and will withstand whatever you throw at it–that’s why we do our super professional torture tests. To show you that these are the toughest covers on the market.


“The Kenworth high back seat cover was very easy to put on looks great and heavy duty. I’m very happy with them. I have other trucks I hope I can get covers for.”



Betsy loves them for her Peterbilt:

"They have only been on the seat a couple of months. The quality appears to be excellent. This is a truck that the driver is in and out of several times a day. I am hoping this cover is our answer to all the covers we have thrown out on other vehicles."



Takeaways from TigerTough:

  • Two-piece cover
  • Made from 1000-Denier CORDURA®
  • Armrests included
  • Made in America
  • Unlimited two-year warranty

Price: $217

The Best Seat Cover

When it comes down to it, the best seat cover is the one that meets your budget and needs. If you’re looking for something around $100, go with Redline. That will give you a semi-custom fit and a limited six-month warranty. As much as we love CORDURA®, that universal fit from Ultra Seat won’t treat you well.

If your budget is around $200, opt for TigerTough. Our covers are made in the U.S. and offer an unlimited two-year warranty. Each cover is custom-made for your seat, so you’ll get a great fit that won’t shift every time you climb in and out of the cab. Since we include the armrest covers, this ends up being a cheaper option than V-Truck, which charges an extra $99 for armrest covers.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. We hope this helps you decide on a semi-truck seat cover that will help you keep your seats in top-notch condition.

V-Truck Ultra Seat Redline Steering Creations East Coast Covers TigerTough
Cost $199 $124 $109 $121 $119 $217
Stars - - 4 - 4 4.9
Warranty Limited one year Limited six months Limited one year - Unconditional two years
Material CORDURA® 100% Polyester Faux leather and microfiber Corduroy and faux leather 1000 Denier CORDURA®
Fit Semi-custom Universal Semi-Custom Universal Semi-custom Perfect Fit
Colors/Patterns 11 1 4 5 4 2
Armrest covers included ☑️
Made in the USA ☑️
Waterproof? ☑️
Machine Washable ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
Specs based on a Kenworth seat cover.
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Best Back Bench Seat Covers for Dogs in Trucks

We've seen people reviewing our seat covers (which are made for humans) and talking about how they love them for their dogs. 

That got us thinking about what makes a seat cover great when you've got dogs. Whether you've got hunting dogs, service dogs, household pets, or work with a K9 unit, you will need a cover that protects from wetness, stains, scratching, and chewing.

Since we make our covers for humans, it's only fair that we look at seat covers that humans can use, so we won't review pet hammocks. And because we only make seat covers for trucks, SUVs, and vans, we'll look at those covers.

We're going to divide these into two types:

  1. Seat protectors: Not a custom fit, have a boxier shape and will be obvious in your truck
  2. Seat covers: Custom fit and will blend in with your truck's interior

Here are some of the top-searched brands for backseat and how they hold up to dogs:

Best Seat Protectors for Dogs

Seat protectors all have a very similar shape: a boxy apron that fits hundreds of different bench seats with a skirt that runs around the edge, so it will feel (and look) like a universal cover. But these top contenders all have strengths in different areas.

WeatherTech Seat Protector

dog on a tan WeatherTech seat protector on a bench seat
Image source: WeatherTech website

We've reviewed WeatherTech before, and here's the bottom line: We love WeatherTech, but would stick to their floor liners and not their seat protectors.

But when it comes to dogs in the backseat, the WeatherTech Seat Protectors will do just fine. 

We like that these are made in America, easy to install, and machine washable. We don't love that you won't be able to access the center seatbelt or use the features of a split seat.

Takeaways from the WeatherTech Seat Protector:

  • No center seatbelt access
  • Can't use the split seat
  • Water resistant, not waterproof
  • Made in America
  • Quick to install
  • Washable

Some people love this seat protector; some people don't. Overall, half of their customers wouldn't recommend it. 

“The straps around the headrest did not provide a very tight fit, and my two labs consistently moved the seat cover off the seat while jumping in and out of the truck during our trip. It is well made but moves around too much.”

-Ken, WeatherTech customer


Wet mess protection: 3/5
Chew and scratch resistance: 3/5

Price: $190

Orvis Grip-Tight® Quilted Microfiber Backseat Protector

Dog in the back seat of a vehicle on a black Orvis seat cover
Image source: Orvis website

Orvis is known for quality gear that can brave the elements, so the Orvis Backseat Protector should be no exception.

This has a very similar fit to WeatherTech's version, but the reviews indicate that people like it more. Like WeatherTech, your center seatbelt won't be accessible, and you won't be able to use the split seat functionality. 

Orvis stands behind their products with the Great Catch Guarantee. If you aren't happy with your item, you can return it for a small restocking fee online or for free at a local store.

Takeaways from the Orvis Backseat Protector:

  • No center seatbelt access
  • Can't use the split seat
  • Water resistant, not waterproof
  • Made in China
  • Microfiber
  • Quick to install
  • Washable

“We purchased the Orvis-Large back seat cover for our Jeep Grand Cherokee. With two labs in Colorado, we need to protect our leather seats from mud, snow, and paws. These seat covers fit perfectly and do the trick. Out of the box, our pups don’t slide around while loading, unloading, and crawling over rocks.”

- Big Lee, Orvis customer


Wet mess protection: 3/5
Chew and scratch resistance: 3/5

Price: $180

Canvasback Bench Seat Cover

Black lab on a Canvasback bench seat cover
Image source: Canvasback website

We've also reviewed Canvasback before. They're known for their cargo liners but make seat protectors too. They were founded in the 1990s by a dog owner wanting to make interior vehicle protection durable enough for dogs.

Their rear bench covers are like the ones we mentioned above, with a few notable differences: they're waterproof, have more color options, and can fit smaller SUVs.

Takeaways from the Canvasback Bench Seat Cover:

  • No center seatbelt access
  • Can't use the split seat
  • Waterproof
  • Made in America
  • Woman-owned company
  • Quick to install
  • Machine washable

“I was delighted to find a car seat cover made in the USA and happy to support a woman-owned business! … The price is on par with what I've paid for other seat covers (namely Orvis). The quality appears to be good; I appreciate that the pieces velcro together for easy cleaning. Like most seat covers, it doesn't fit perfectly, but with so many car makes and models out there, I imagine it's hard to find a perfect fit.”

- Sophie, Canvasback customer


Wet mess protection: 4/5
Chew and scratch resistance: 4/5

Price: $160

Kurgo Wander Bench Seat Cover Extended Width

White dog on a gray Kurgo bench seat cover
Image source: Kurgo website

We hadn't heard of Kurgo before we started researching, but their site was really nice to use. We actually liked their No Slip Grip Bench Seat Cover better than this one, but the No Slip option was only 55" wide, not wide enough to work in most large SUVs and pickup trucks. So, we'll be reviewing the Kurgo Wander Bench Seat Cover Extended With.

The cool thing about this cover is that it has additional pockets to store a leash, poop bags, etc. Kurgo also has a piped edge ( a slight raised edge around the seat) to help prevent liquidy messes from spilling into the floor. According to their customer service, their products are made in Vietnam, China, and Taiwan. 

Takeaways from the Kurgo Wander Bench Seat Cover:

  • No center seatbelt access
  • Can't use the split seat
  • Waterproof
  • Made in Vietnam, China, or Taiwan
  • Quick to install
  • Not machine washable

“After having this seat cover in my SUV for several years, we bought the extended size for our 2020 F-150 back bench seat - it fits perfect. These products are awesome and wear like iron.”

-Linda, Kurgo customer


Wet mess protection: 5/5
Chew and scratch resistance: 4/5

Price: $59

Meadowlark Dog Seat Cover Bench

Image source: Meadowlark website

Meadowlark really isn't any different than the other seat protectors here. But it is the most affordable. It has the same basic shape and won't let you use the 40/60 or 60/40 split seat features.

Takeaways from the Meadowlark 

  • No center seatbelt access
  • Can't use the split seat
  • Waterproof
  • Made in China
  • Inexpensive
  • Quick to install
  • Washable

“Been looking around for a decent cover for my dog. He tends to drool after a fun day at the park. This did the trick, and it fit the rear bench perfectly.”

- dcf111, Meadowlark customer


Wet mess protection: 5/5
Chew and scratch resistance: 4/5

Price: $50

4Knines Multi-Function Crew Cab Truck Seat Cover with Hammock

doberman on a 4knines black bench seat cover
Image source: 4Knines website

We added the 4Knines cover to this lineup because it had some unique options not available in the other brands mentioned. 

Now, we said we weren't going to review hammocks, and we stand by that, but this protector has a foldaway hammock that you can tuck away, making this one an option for people to use. It also has a split design, so you can flip seats up or down as needed without removing the cover. We love that. 

4Knines does warn that their cover isn't chew-proof. So keep that in mind if you've got a chewer.

Takeaways from the 4Knines Multi-Function Crew Cab Truck Seat Covers

  • Access to all seat belts
  • Split-seat design
  • Waterproof
  • Made in China
  • Optional hammock
  • Quick to install
  • Machine washable
  • Not chew-proof

“This is our second 4knines cover (the other goes to our smaller vehicle), and just as I suspected, this cover is the best one I've seen for a truck! Easy to install and fits just right! I love that it's easy to split if I have something big I need to put inside the cab or if I've got the kiddos with me. No need to worry about dog hair or drool all over everything, which is a big plus in my book (it's a legit worry when you've got a giant breed!). If it does get dirty, it's easy to take off and throw in the wash.”

- Caitlin, 4Knines Customer


Wet mess protection: 4/5
Chew and scratch resistance: 3/5

Price: $150

Our favorite seat protector for dogs:

It's tough to say. Your preferences will be different than ours. But if you want an American-made seat cover, go with Canvasback. They're a little cheaper than WeatherTech, a small business, and have more color and pattern options. 

If you don't care where your seat protector is made, we like 4Knines. It's more attractive than the extended fit of the Kurgo, and you can use your split bench features. It's not the cheapest, but it's also not the most expensive.

Seat Covers for Dogs:

These seat covers will be tailored to fit your truck's bench seat like a glove. It's a custom fit that will complement your vehicle's interior. These don't just have one or two sizes. They have dozens (if not hundreds) of sizes because they're made for your specific truck.

Covercraft Carhartt SeatSavers

We're no strangers to Covercraft's Carhartt seat covers. These are a fan favorite in the seat cover world. We love that these give you a custom fit and remind you of your favorite Carhartt jacket. 

These covers, like TigerTough, are meant to withstand the conditions of hardworking men and women. Grease, dust, snow, mud…it can handle it all. Think about what a pair of Carhartt coveralls goes through–the seat covers can put up with the same.

They have two kinds of Carhartt covers. Both covers offer a custom fit, a three-year limited warranty, and two Carhart colors. Let's go over the differences.

Carhartt Seat Savers

Carhartt tan seat covers on a bench seat
Image source: Covercraft website

This is the more affordable of the two Carhartt options offered by Covercraft. The only thing that would make them better is if they were all made in America, had multiple pieces, and were waterproof (they're water resistant).

Being one piece, you need to tuck the cover into the crease where the seat back meets the seat bottom. If your dogs are rambunctious in the truck, you might find that these don't always stay in place.

Takeaways for the Covercraft Carhartt SeatSavers:

  • Access to all seatbelts
  • Split-seat design
  • One-piece cover
  • Water resistant (not waterproof)
  • Made in Mexico and the United States
  • Three-year warranty
  • Machine washable

“They look good, they fit great, and the dogs and wife love them. We do a lot of hunting and fishing, and they clean up great, and dog hair does not stick to them.”

- Keith, Covercraft customer


Wet mess protection: 4/5
Chew and scratch resistance: 5/5

Price: $399

Covercraft Carhartt PrecisionFit Seat Covers

Tan Carhartt PrecisionFit seat covers on the bench seat of a Ford F150.
Image source: Covercraft website

These are the premium Carhartt seat covers from Covercraft. They're most similar to what we have at TigerTough because they are multiple pieces, so you'll get the best, most secure fit on your seats.

These offer a better fit than the SeatSavers, and they're made exclusively in the United States.

Takeaways from the CoverCraft Carhartt Precision Fit Seat Covers:

  • Access to all seatbelts
  • Split-seat design
  • Multi-piece cover
  • Water resistant (not waterproof)
  • Made in the United States
  • Limited three-year warranty
  • Machine washable
  • Most expensive option

“Outstanding product and protection of seats. I have [them] only on [the] rear seat for my dogs. Great product, but installation was a real challenge. Directions and tips on installation can be improved.”

- Harold, Covercraft customer


Wet mess protection: 4/5
Chew and scratch resistance: 5/5

Price: $572

TigerTough Seat Covers

Image source: TigerTough customer

Like Carhartt, our covers are made for hardworking men and women. Unlike Carhartt, all our seat covers are made in the United States from nearly indestructible CORDURA, are waterproof, and come in multiple pieces for a super custom fit.

With our unconditional warranty, your dog can do its worst to our seat covers, and we'll repair or replace them for free. 

We don't make our seat covers with dogs in mind, but our customers love how the covers hold up to dogs.

Takeaways from TigerTough Seat Covers:

  • Access to all seatbelts
  • Split-seat design
  • Multi-piece cover
  • Waterproof
  • Made in the United States
  • Unconditional two-year warranty
  • Machine washable

"They're great. No movement, no wear, and my 85lb Labrador crawls all over them daily. Great fit and price."

- Jeff, TigerTough customer


Wet mess protection: 5/5
Chew and scratch resistance: 5/5

Price: $317

Our favorite seat cover for dogs:

Based on the specs alone, we like the TigerTough covers best. They're the cheapest option, have an unconditional warranty (important when you have dogs), and are made on American soil. We like Carhartt too and suggest thethere'sere's ever a vehicldon'tdon't make a seat cover for.

But there are many great seat covers for you and your pup. We like to say to look for these things you'reou're considering seat covers:

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Come in multiple pieces for a great fit
  • Have a great warranty and return policy
  • Made in America


Depending on your activity level, size (and number) of dogs, and your budget, there's a seat cover out there that will meet your needs.

Seat cover overview

WeatherTech Orvis Canvasback Kurgo Meadowlark 4Knines Carhartt SeatSaver Carhartt PrecisionFit TigerTough
Price $190 $180 $160 $59 $50 $150 $399 $572 $317
Stars 3.2 4.7 4.9 4.5 4.8 4.9 4.6 4.5 4.9
Warranty Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime 6 months limited Limited Lifetime 1 year Limited Lifetime 3 year limited 3 year limited Unconditional 2 years
Material Polycotton twill fabric Microfiber 600 X 300 poly denier with a waterproof PVC backing 600 Denier polyester with a PVC backing 600 Denier PVC waterproof polyester 600 Denier Polyester Duck weave fabric Duck weave fabric 1000 Denier CORDURA®️
Fit Universal Universal Universal Fit Universal Universarl Universal Custom Perfect Fit Perfect Fit
Number of sizes 6 2 3 1 2 1 Dozens Dozens Dozens
Colors/Patterns 4 3 11 2 2 4 2 2 8
Mess protection ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★★
Chew and scratch proof ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Made in the USA ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
Waterproof ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
Machine washable ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
Split design ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
All specs based on a Ford F150
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Dogs + TigerTough: How Do The Seat Covers Hold Up?

We’re dog people. I mean, we’re Americans, after all. At TigerTough, we have dogs who ride along in our trucks just like our customers do, so wondering if our seat covers are durable enough to withstand dogs is a valid concern.

If you’re bringing your pets along for the ride, first, you want to protect your seats. You paid good money for your vehicle and want to keep that resale value. We get that. So you need seat covers. Second, you want those covers to withstand what your pet dishes out.

Our covers aren’t made for dogs. And we don’t have any pet hammocks you see slung in the back seat of a Subaru near you. We make our covers for hardworking men and women, so let’s see how TigerTough holds up to pets.

Made for Messes

Dogs are gross. They run through mud, jump in swamps, and roll in...stuff. You need seat covers durable enough to handle the messiest scenario your dog finds itself in.

Rottweiler looking dog in the driver's seat of a truck with camo TigerTough seat covers.
Customer's dog in a truck with TigerTough car seat covers.

Waterproof material

Our covers are made from 1000-Denier CORDURA®. We’ve literally dumped tar on our seat covers and poured five gallons of coffee on them, and the seats underneath came out unscathed. So if your pooch soils your seat and you’ve got a TigerTough seat cover on it, don’t sweat. The seat under it will be fine.

“Tough as f###ing nails, my dog puked on them and didn’t even faze them. If they ever wear out, I’ll buy [them] again.”



How well does dog hair clean up?

Sadly, our seat covers don’t repel dog hair. We’re actually not sure of any covers on the market that do. 

But we’re happy to report that dog hair easily vacuums up off the seat covers. We tested three tools to remove dog hair from the seat covers a standard vacuum cleaner, a Lily Brush, and a Furz-Off Stone. Out of all of them, the vacuum performed the best, and the fur came right off. You won’t need special tools.

Worst case scenario, you can easily remove the seat covers and toss them in the washing machine for ultimate cleanup.

“The best thing about these for me is their resistance to dog hair and ease of cleaning when they get dirty. I've got two large labs that wreck everything they touch. [A] damp cloth and good to go. Dog hair doesn't porcupine quill into the fabric. It vacuums right up. One dog has coarse hair, and the other soft. So well worth the money. So much better than the Carhartt I've used for the last 20 years.”

- Mark



We have yet to find a dog who can dig or chew its way through one of our seat covers. We can’t say it won’t happen, but until (if) it does, we’re considering them scratch-proof. No matter how much your dog digs, it won’t be able to dig through the cover. Heck, if a screwdriver can’t stab through a cover, we don’t think your dog has a chance of destroying these.

“We bought these well over a year ago mainly for our three dogs, and they look just like the day we put them on, so easy to clean too. We love them."

- Dennis
black lab sitting in the driver's seat in a truck that has tigertough seat covers
Customer's dog in a truck that has TigerTough seat covers.


If your dog uses a dog seatbelt or harness, you can still clip it in. All connection points and seatbelts are still accessible with TigerTough. 

Disclaimer: We’ve only tested our seat covers for human safety, not dog safety, so be sure to read any instructions that come with your dog's car seatbelt before using it with TigerTough seat covers.

Dog-Friendly Seat Covers

We don’t make our seat covers with dogs in mind. Our covers fit like a glove on your captain/bucket seats and bench seats. We don't make pet hammocks or cargo liners (but if you are looking for cargo liners, we recommend Canvasback.) We make our seat covers for people first, but our covers are great for pets too

If our covers can withstand concrete, coffee, gypsum, chainsaws, and weed-eaters, they can withstand the wear and tear of dogs and whatever other animals you happen to have riding shotgun.

But suppose your dog manages to dig with the ferocity of a first-time excavator operator and actually causes some damage. In that case, we have a two-year unconditional warranty and will happily replace those covers. And yes, we mean unconditional.

“Absolutely fantastic product! Holds up great to a German Shepard Service Dog getting into and out of the truck multiple times a day now for months with no signs of wear. Cleans easily, including the famous “German Shedder” glitter! My wife loves it. She can access the storage compartments in the back seats with no problems and loves the fact that this seat cover even allows her to raise the one section of the back seat allowing the dog to get in and out easier. No other seat cover does that, well none that we found! It is just the best!”

- David

We've seen our seat covers in action with a range of dogs—hunting dogs, pets, police K9s, and service dogs. Not a single negative review about TigerTough seat covers for dogs has come our way. Even though our seat covers aren’t designed for dogs, they've proven to be as dog-friendly as the best of them.

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Best Work Truck Seat Covers of 2023

When we researched top seat covers for work trucks, we didn’t just pick the ones at the top of Google. We asked blue collar men and women what kinds of covers they’ve tried in their trucks, and this is the list they came up with:

Covercraft Endura PrecisionFit
Covercraft Carhartt SeatSavers
Wet Okole
ShearComfort CORDURA®

Since we’re comparing covers for work trucks, we used a 2023 Ford F150 regular cab for pricing and research. Let’s get right into highlighting these seat-savers.

Covercraft Endura PrecisionFit

Covercraft Endura PrecisionFit seat covers in black
Covercraft Endura PrecisionFit seat covers. Source: Covercraft

It’s nearly impossible to Google truck seat covers without Covercraft popping up. We give them credit. They’ve been in the business for over 50 years and have a great product with a stellar reputation. 

They make seat covers and covers for cars, boats, RVs, airplanes, and patio furniture. First, let's take a look at the Endura PrecisionFit

Price: $406


The Endura PrecisionFit is a great seat cover that’s waterproof, airbag-safe, and accommodates heated and cooled seats. We love that these covers hug factory seats perfectly. You can order them knowing they’ll fit your vehicle’s seats. 


The fabric for the Endura PrecisionFit is vague. According to the description, it’s a canvas-nylon-polyester blend. But what does that mean? We contacted customer service to learn more, and they didn’t elaborate beyond the product description. It’s tough to know how durable their covers are without knowing more about the fabric. 

Another thing we don’t love is that although they have a three-year warranty, it’s a limited warranty. It’s uncertain what they will and won’t cover.


This is a great seat cover, and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. But it’s near the top of the price range at $406 for a set of bucket seat covers for a 2023 Ford F150 Regular Cab. If you can get them on sale, they might be a worthwhile investment, but we can’t say for how long without knowing more about their material.

Covercraft Carhartt SeatSavers

Covercraft Carhartt car seat covers
Covercraft Carhartt Seat Savers. Source: Covercraft

Everyone loves Carhartt. We get it. The brand has been around since 1889 even though Covercraft Carhartt SeatSavers are newer to the market, so let's look at how these cover stand up to some others.

Price: $461


They're Carhartt; their reputation is undeniable. They've got that classic look of your grandpa's favorite jacket; overall, we feel nostalgic about them.


If colors are your thing, these aren't the ones for you. With two color options, your choices are slim. Another con of these covers is that they're not waterproof. They're water resistant but won't hold up the same as others in this list. Also, the two-piece design and the way the covers are fastened on the seat make it really easy for them to slide around. Since these are the most expensive option, we expect more from them.


As much as we like Carhartt, we'd opt for Covercraft's Endura PrecisionFit before the Carhartt SeatSavers. We don't doubt the durability of Carhartt, but we feel you could get more bang for your buck with other options.

Read Covercraft Carhartt vs. TigerTough Seat Covers

Wet Okole

Wet Okole seat covers in gray and black
Wet Okole seat covers. Source: Wet Okole

Okay, we know what you’re thinking…this is about work truck seat covers, and most of us aren’t driving around Baywatch trucks. Yep, this is a wet suit in seat cover form. We didn’t think it would be a fair comparison either, but after hearing from multiple people in the construction industry who love their Wet Okole seat covers, we decided to give these a fair shake.

Since they’re made from wetsuit neoprene and bonded with nylon, they’re waterproof and totally safe on vehicle seats. 

Ashley DeCurtis, VP of Sales for BuildWitt, bought a used Nissan Xterra and considered the leather seats' condition, “I didn’t want to make it worse,” she says. What attracted her to Wet Okole was that the covers were pliable and waterproof, “they’re great for anything in wet environments.” 

What ultimately sold her was the complete customization from colors to piping to embroidered headrests. Wet Okole has dozens of add-ons, like seatback pockets, front lower pockets, lumbar support, carbon fiber seat heaters, and sunglass pouches.

DeCurtis is no stranger to the blue collar world, being a former police officer and now speaking to contractors daily in her role at BuildWitt, so she knows what kind of abuse work trucks see. Although she’s had the seat covers in her Xterra for four years; she questions whether they’d withstand the use they’d see in a work truck.

However, Brent Fox, a contractor in the Nashville area, can speak to the durability. "I had Wet Okole in the truck I just retired. Rode on them for 12 years and, at some point, sent them back for a refurb. They were a great product and easy company to work with."

Price: $314


These seat covers will protect the seats in your work truck. And like a wetsuit, you can clean them with wetsuit shampoo. They’re also self-extinguishing when it comes to flammability, should you find yourself dealing with flames inside your truck. The covers are considered airbag safe because they won’t go over the side of the seat with the airbag. You’ll have to weigh whether or not that’ll work for you.


We don’t love that only a 90-day warranty is available. They also don’t accept returns if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase.


Despite our initial head tilt, these seat covers got great reviews. We love the custom fit and how easily they clean up. But at $314 a pair, they’re not the cheapest seat cover we've seen. The very limited warranty makes us a little reluctant to endorse them fully.


Canvasback Universal Fit seat covers. Source: Canvasback

We won’t lie; we hadn’t heard of this brand until Ambre Schaffer, Marketing Director at Aggtrans, pointed them out. These seat covers are a one-size-fits-most style, so consider that when ordering. You won’t be getting a custom fit for your seats.

Canvasback seems to be best known for their cargo liners. Liners are custom fit for your vehicle’s cargo space and attach with hook and loop.

Ambre confirms the durability and easy installation, “[the cargo liner] is custom fit to your specific vehicle and velcros right in place. They've been installed for three years without budging or showing any signs of wear. If I needed to remove them, they'd pull right up.

"In addition to carrying around all of my photography/videography gear and field gear for construction, I'm a search and rescue handler with a k9. We're usually covered in mud and debris.” 

With a review like that, we had to include this option.

Price: $140


Durable cargo liners customized to fit most vehicles. Despite not having custom-fit seat covers, the covers are at the bottom of our price range at $140 for a pair of bucket seat covers. On top of all this, Canvasback is woman-owned, and we think that’s pretty cool.


We’d love to see customized seat covers from Canvasback and a warranty longer than six months.


We probably wouldn’t put these in a work truck to protect the seats, but we like the cargo liner options. If you’ve got a dog or use your cargo space a good deal, we’d suggest looking into Canvasback. Plus, we can’t help but love that they’re made in Minnesota.

ShearComfort CORDURA® 

ShearComfort CORDURA® seat covers in black and gra
ShearComfort CORDURA® seat covers. Source: ShearComfort

TLDR: The ShearComfort CORDURA® seat covers are a top contender.

Like TigerTough, these covers are made from CORDURA®. It’s a slightly different kind though. ShearComfort uses a heavy duty 500 Denier CORDURA® fabric, which isn’t as durable as the 1000 Denier CORDURA® we use. But this is still going to be a durable seat cover.

Price: $405


These airbag-safe seat covers are waterproof, durable, and guaranteed to fit perfectly. There’s a lot to love about them, and they’d perform well in a work truck.


The only thing we don’t love is that they use a thinner fiber in their seat covers. On top of that, their retail price is a little steep. 


It’s hard not to love these seat covers. They’re tough and built for hard work. Plus, they have great reviews from their customers. ShearComfort is an excellent option for your work truck.

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TigerTough seat covers in gray
TigerTough seat covers

TigerTough seat covers are designed for hardworking men and women. They’re extremely tough (hence the name), so tough, in fact, we’ve extended our seat cover line to heavy equipment because we’re that confident they can withstand what you throw at them.

We put our seat covers through torture tests. Do we do these tests for fun? Yes. Do we love proving how resilient these covers are with each test? Also yes. 

Need more proof that we believe in our products? We have an unconditional warranty for at least two years on our products. They’ll get gross, they’ll get stained, but they won’t fail you, and neither will we.

Price: $277


These are some of the lowest-priced seat covers in this lineup, with an average 4.9 star rating from users. Everyone from parents to first responders uses TigerTough seat covers, and they’ve always risen to the occasion. 


Since our covers are customized for each vehicle, they’ll take a little longer to ship (we're working on this). They’re worth the wait though. We also don’t have as many colors and patterns as some brands in this list. No neon colors here, folks. Sorry.


Of course we love our own seat covers (or we wouldn’t work here). But that doesn’t mean they’re best for you and your work truck. Look at all the options and choose the covers that fit you best. 


Not all seat covers are created equally. Some will be better for you than others. We think you should have ones that:

  • Are waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Have a great warranty and return policy
  • Made in America

You don’t want to be stuck with seat covers that aren’t getting the job done. You want something that will last for years and ultimately save you money in the long run.

Look at the features of all these work truck seat covers and decide which one is best for you based on your needs and budget.

Covercraft Endura PrecisionFit Covercraft Carhartt SeatSavers Wet Okole Canvasback ShearComfort CORDURA® TigerTough
Cost $406 $461 $314 $140 $405 $277
Star Rating 4.4 4.6 N/A 4.9 4.6 4.9
Warranty 3 year limited 3 year limited 90 days 6 months limited 2 years Unconditional 2 years
Material Canvas-nylon-polyester blend Duck Weave Fabric Neoprene 600 X 300 poly denier 500 Denier CORDURA® 1000 Denier CORDURA®️
Fit Custom Custom Custom Universal Fit Perfect Fit Perfect Fit
Waterproof ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
Airbag Safe ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
Made in the USA USA and Mexico USA and Mexico ☑️ ☑️ North America ☑️
Colors and Patterns 32 2 40+ 11 10 8
Seatback Pockets Yes Yes Optional No Yes Optional
All specs based on 2023 Ford F150 Regular Cab Bucket Seats

Update on 07/06/2023: We Initially had WeatherTech Seat Protectors as part of this list but removed them when we found out they weren't considered airbag-compatible in all vehicles. Take a look at WeatherTech Seat Protector Review for more information.

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WeatherTech Seat Protector Review

It might seem weird that we're reviewing seat covers that aren't ours.

We already compared WeatherTech Seat Protectors with TigerTough seat covers. But we wanted to give these a separate review. After all, if we want to make the best seat covers in America, we better know what other seat cover companies are doing well.

We know WeatherTech makes incredible floormats. They’ve been in the business since 1989 and are well-known in the industry for their floor protection. A few of us at TigerTough even rock their mats in our trucks.

But when we were researching our Best Work Truck Seat Covers article, WeatherTech Seat Protectors were mentioned as an option for work trucks. Since we love their floormats, we had high expectations for their seat covers. So we ordered a single cover to fit a 2023 F150 XLT passenger seat to try our best to give an unbiased review.

Let’s see how it holds up.

Watch the video review

Ordering and shipping

WeatherTech wastes no time in shipping. We received our order in just two days!

WeatherTech and TigerTough shipping packages
WeatherTech shipping package vs. a TigerTough shipping package

The seat cover arrived in a plain brown box. This doesn’t affect our review, but we know their floormats come in a branded box, and it’d be cool to see that same thought put into shipping their covers.

Inside the box was the cover, wrapped in protective plastic, an invoice, and the installation instructions. No swag or fanfare. It was just a straightforward package. 

Design and appearance

The weird thing is, WeatherTech does an excellent job of showcasing their Seat Protectors on the rear bench seats of vehicles in their stock photos, but you need to dig a little to find the covers shown on a bucket or captain seat.

WeatherTech Seat Protector on a Ford F150 bucket seat
WeatherTech Seat Protector installed

But once we installed the set we ordered on our Ford F150, we had that a-ha moment about why WeatherTech didn’t put their bucket seat covers in the spotlight.

It turns out they only offer six different fits for their seat covers–this fit is far from custom, despite searching for a specific vehicle when ordering. It reminds us of those weighted vests the dentist makes you wear before taking x-rays. 

This is a one-piece seat cover, so you won’t get an attractive fit.

The lack of a headrest cover doesn’t help the appearance of an apron, so when you open the door, you can immediately tell this is a seat cover. Also, any grime from your head will still transfer to the headrest. That won’t help with resale value.


It’s crucial to point out that WeatherTech advises you not to install their seat covers on seats with side airbags. A standard consumer probably doesn’t realize that these airbags were being placed in vehicles starting in the 1990s. As of 1997, a mandate was put in place that all passenger-side seats contain airbags.  

WeatherTech airbag warning on instructions
WeatherTech warns not to install their Seat Protectors if the side impact airbag is compromised

That means you shouldn’t put WeatherTech Seat Protectors on any passenger seat of a vehicle made after 1998. They could work on airbagless rear captain seats if your vehicle has those, but they wouldn't work on the seats of the Ford F150 we tried them on.

WeatherTech Seat Protectors have a strap that covers the side impact airbag
A side strap covers the side impact airbag tearaway seam

Let’s just skip right past that red flag and move on to the control panels. 

WeatherTech seat cover skirt covering the control panel on the passenger's seat on a Ford F150
The skirt of the Seat Protector covers the control panel on a Ford F150

The front skirt of the Seat Protectors went over the side control panels of our Ford F150 passenger seat. So if we needed to adjust the seat, we’d have to pick up that fabric curtain to access the controls. That’s not a deal-breaker, but it's inconvenient.

But the back of the seat is a different story.

Back of the WeatherTech Seat Protector
Back of the Seat Protector

The back of the seat isn't covered by anything beyond the hook and loop straps that secure the Seat Protector. This might not be a big deal if you don't have passengers in the second row. But either way, it's not going to give you a secure fit.

Despite claiming their seat covers are semi-custom, having six varieties for thousands of different vehicles won’t give you a custom fit.

Manfred from Connecticut was disappointed with how they fit his 2018 Ford F150:

“I found the quality of the material good. The elastic to hold the fabric up against the seat was not very strong and unable to tighten, allowing the back to sag. The ‘grippy’ material on the bottom does not work well with leather seats allowing the bottom to slide forward. It is almost impossible to access the seat belts. There is no way to secure the bottom to the seat allowing the cover to ride up.

“All in all, for a cover that you advertise as a ‘custom’ fit, it is very poorly designed. I have been using the cover for two weeks. For the price and ‘custom’ fit, I expected much better.”


According to their site, the seat covers are “made from a polycotton twill fabric featuring a water-repellent finish, and an extra layer of nylon lining.” 

We’re always fans of anything that will protect your seats from spills. Waterproof would be better, but we won’t be upset over water-repellent. Just get to those messes quickly before any liquid seeps into your seats. 

But the non-slip backing is questionable. Reviews say that it doesn’t work on leather. Dave tried them on his 2014 Ford F150 with leather interior:

“Purchased cover for backseat. So disappointed. Does not stay in place on the leather seats. Keeps folding up. The whole thing is cheap what we got. I'm sorry....but not good. Seats were full of mud on our trip. A blanket would have served better.”

That grippy material on the back is similar to a foam shelf liner. No, we’re not being snarky; that’s what it’s like.

Backing on a WeatherTech Seat Protector
Backing on a WeatherTech Seat Protector resembles non-slip shelf liner


Installation was quick. We were able to install it in under three minutes. There’s a strap that goes behind the seat and one that goes under. There’s an additional clip that goes around the headrest. Note that if you don’t have headrests, you won’t be able to install this seat cover. 

We’re happy to report that a novice could install these. 


We didn’t do any of our torture tests with these seats, so we suggest checking out the reviews on the WeatherTech site from people who’ve used these covers in action. They’ll be able to tell you how these have held up in the long run. 

Spoiler alert: Only 50{ae0574aa737e27cdcdf098405fadeaa71ea873d1f4860543ab45463e81129474} of customers would recommend the covers. 


Here’s where we can give WeatherTech some points. They offer a limited lifetime warranty on their Seat Protectors.

If anything goes wrong with the cover that you couldn’t prevent, WeatherTech will help you out.


The WeatherTech Seat Protectors cost around $300 for a pair of bucket seats. That’s not cheap. And when you consider that the covers don’t protect the back of the seats or the headrest, and you’d have to pay an extra $55 per seat for a seat back protector, you’re looking at over $400 to fully cover your front bucket seats. 

If you have $400 to spend on a pair of seat covers, there are other brands we think you’ll be happier with.


We wanted to like these but just couldn’t.

On rear bench seats, these could work well for pets or equipment. (Especially if you don’t need the middle seat because center seatbelts won’t be accessible.) If you’re not hauling around humans, this could be a good option, and the humanless options seem to be what positive reviewers are using these for.

But even then, WeatherTech reviewers give the Seat Protectors 3.2 stars out of 5. That’s a 64{ae0574aa737e27cdcdf098405fadeaa71ea873d1f4860543ab45463e81129474}, and if we were still in high school, they’d be getting a D. Not something we’d brag about. 

Let’s face it; seat covers aren’t WeatherTech’s bread and butter. They’re known for floormats and other vehicle accessories. So although we love WeatherTech, we wouldn’t recommend their seat covers, and we’re not just saying that as a seat cover company; we’re saying this based on research, testing, and verified customer reviews.

Mike from Pennsylvania gets how we feel:

“I gotten many items from Weathertech over the years. All top grade. But the front seat protector I just purchased is awful. Looks bad, doesn’t fit well, uses Velcro attachments. Just awful. I have it two weeks. Constantly had to refit and re-adjust Velcro. I gave up and took it off. $150 bucks for an absolute failure. Stick to floor liners. Those work great.”

If you’re ready to invest in seat covers that last, take a look at these favorite brands

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