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What is StringLock and How Does It Work?

What is StringLock and How Does It Work?

At TigerTough, we're all about getting stuff done, no fluff, no buzzwords. We take pride in down-to-earth solutions that hit the mark. That’s why we invented StringLock, a nifty little fix to a big headache.

StringLock is our answer to: how can we make securing seat covers less of a pain? We fully admit that getting our seat covers on is difficult. But StringLock makes it simpler. 

Ok, but where the heck is this seat cover string? It's hidden. It's part of the seat cover bottom and cinches around the seat bottom between the cushion and the plastic trim. The string ends feed through and dangle under the seat for fastening.

string in seat cover

The magic happens when you slide the seat cover string ends into this little gadget and clamp it down. Boom, locked into place. Just like that, your cover’s not budging, no matter how much you jump in and out of your seat.

Why did we come up with this? Simple. Tying those seat cover strings in knots was turning into a chore.

"We've always had strings on our seat covers... But to make them work correctly, you had to tie these two ends together in a series of knots that would give a Boy Scout anxiety." 

Sheldon Zitzmann, Marketing Director

And so, StringLock was born. It's a simple way to lock the strings together and not need to tie any crazy knots. Making your life easier, one seat cover at a time, is what we’re here for. 

How StringLock Works

The Invention of StringLock

We faced an issue during those early days: tying seat covers was a hassle. Feedback was clear – knots were a pain. And it felt a little amature.

We needed a better solution. That's where StringLock stepped in. It's our simple fix. No more crazy knots. Slide the strings in, clip it shut, and you're done. "We invented StringLock to cut the knot-tying headache," because who's got time for that?

It all started with this sketchy drawing. (See what we did there?) 


Then we handed it over to the professionals, and they created the official, which were patented.


StringLock's birth was just us doing what we try do best—listening and then delivering a hands-down simpler solution.

Benefits of Using StringLock

Switching to StringLock from the old-school knot-tying routine is like upgrading from chalk reel to a laser level. But it’s also better than elastic options some other companies use. Here’s why it’s a game changer:

  • Ease of Use: Forget about needing a manual or a YouTube tutorial just to figure out how to tie a secure knot (but no judgement if you need that YouTube video). StringLock is as straightforward as it gets. Slide in, clip, done. It’s that easy, which means no more frustration or needing special skills just to keep your seat cover in place.
  • Reliability: With StringLock, it’s a one-and-done deal. Once you lock it in, it stays put. This means your seat cover isn’t going anywhere, no matter how much you move around. And when you need to take off your covers for a cleaning, just unclip and unthread the string.
  • Time-Saving: Cut down the install time significantly since you don’t have to deal with knots. More time working, less time fiddling with your seat covers to get them just right.
  • Durability: Unlike elastic, the string won’t stretch out. Meaning your seat cover stays put.

Simple Yet Effective

So there you have it, the lowdown on StringLock, our simple yet mighty solution. It's all about making sure your seat covers stay put, hassle-free, without needing to become a knot-tying wizard or relying on unreliable elastic. Ease of use, reliability, and saving you a heap of time – that's what StringLock brings to the table. And you won't find another brand of seat cover with it.

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