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Work Trucks

9 to 5? Ha…we aren’t talking about bankers here. Running a work truck isn’t as simple as punching in and waiting until 5:00 rolls around. It’s about rolling up to the job site and busting your tail until the job is done. It’s about working in the sun when it’s too hot out and in the shade when it’s too dark. It’s about figuring stuff out, fixing it, and moving on. It’s knowing that you’re the difference between a job getting done or not.

When the tough get going…they do it in a work truck.

Work trucks are the backbone of pretty much every industry out there. What would a construction company be if they didn’t have service trucks, fuel trucks, and dump trucks? What would an e-commerce giant be without delivery vans?

You take the trucks, vans, and the people that operate them out of your company’s equation and you realize you’d be stuck without them.

It’s worth taking care of them. They’re taking care of you.

That’s why we make the toughest seat covers you can get for pickups, trucks, and vans. If you’re going to trust us to keep your vehicles’ seats in good shape, letting you down is the last thing on our agenda. Scrap that idea, it’s not on the agenda. Ain’t gonna happen.

Ready to roll?

Here’s a bunch of common work trucks that we cover for companies all over the US & Canada.

The Ironweave Difference

We use American Made 1000 denier Cordura for every work truck seat cover. They’re precision cut so they fit right, they’re sewn by hand & double stitched to make sure they still look good in 10 years and, finally, every single cover is inspected to make sure it’s perfect before it leaves the factory.

The best part? That’s all done in Minnesota. American Manufacturing, baby!

Preventative Maintenance

Would you wait until the tires are bald on one side to rotate them? Hopefully not.
Or would you wait until your dipstick looks like it has mud on it before you changed the oil? Again, hopefully not.

Then why would you wait until your seats look like they hosted a rat family reunion before you consider fixing them?

Put seat covers on the truck before it goes into service and that’ll be one problem that you can forget about. You won’t wear ‘em out, just yank them off when you trade the truck in and, Presto! Brand new seats under there!

Return on Investment

So, yeah, we all hate haggling with the dealer over what used vehicles are worth. You know they hate it too when they’ve got to slide their khakis across 5 years’ worth of dirt, french fry grease, and torn foam just to see if the truck drives right.

What would happen if you surprised them by whipping open the door and showing them “brand new” seats? Heck, the look on their face would be worth the cost of the seat covers. The extra trade-in value would be a bonus.


It’s Monday morning. You’ve had a couple of days to recharge, the coffee turned out right this morning, and you’ve got a broken down-excavator (stuck truck, downed tree, overgrown lawn, 400 boxes, whatever your specialty is) that needs your attention. It’s gonna be a good day.

Holding your coffee cup, lunch box, and laptop in one hand, you wrangle your truck’s door open and jump in. Your lunch box hits the steering wheel, ricochets into your coffee cup, and in half a second you’ve got 10oz of Folgers seeping into your seat.


If you had TigerTough seat covers, all it would take is a few quick swipes with a paper towel and you’d be on your way. No sitting on a garbage bag, no wet butt, and no weird stains to explain.

Don’t take our word for it.

Watch Michael Webster of the Forest Preserve District (DuPage County) and see why a multiple award-winning fleet manager puts TigerTough seat covers on every one of his new trucks.

Sometimes the little things make a big difference.

Seat covers are our specialty but there are some things that make eight (who are we kidding, 12) hours in a work truck a lot easier. We take the ones that are available now, eliminate the things that suck, design an awesome one, and overbuild it. If they don’t exist, we make them from scratch. You’re welcome.

Seat Features

Seat Features

  • 1 Independent Headrest
  • 2 Optional Embroidery
  • 3 Airbag Compatible
  • 4 Double Stitched Seams
  • 5 Almost Indestructible Material
  • 6 Keep Your Factory Features
  • 7 Factory Finish

Made in the USA

Every single seat cover that we put our name on is made in Minnesota. We’re pretty dang proud to slap the “Made in the USA” label on everything. (cue the distant scream of a proud eagle)

You want custom? We’ll do custom.

How cool would it be if every time you opened your truck’s door, your logo was right there, front & center? Or, if you prefer, a safety message. A lot of companies we work with like to embroider their logo on the seat back and make the inside of their trucks look as cool as the outside.

See Logos We’ve Done

Make sure it’s love at first sight

Not sure if these are exactly what you’re looking for? How about we send you some samples?

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