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What are the best seat covers for Ford F-150 trucks?

A white ford f-150 with a tigertough logo on the door and text reading: best ford f-150 seat covers

We’ve already reviewed the best work truck seat covers, so our answers won’t vary a ton from that, but we really want to zero-in on Ford F150s.

The F-150 first came out in 1975; since then, it’s been one of the most popular trucks on the market. F-150s are like the Bruce Springsteens of the truck world–reliable, palatable, and a crowd favorite. 

Used for everything from company vehicles to camping shelters, America loves their Ford trucks. So let’s go over some of our favorite American-made seat covers that protect that investment your hard-earned money paid for.

Best for Wet Environments: Wet Okole

wet okole seat cover in camo

Despite the name literally translating to wet butt in Hawaiian, Wet Okole are a great option. They’re made from the same material as a wetsuit–neoprene bonded with nylon. They’ll absolutely protect your seats from liquids, but keep in mind that the cover itself holds the liquid, so you’ll indeed get a wet butt if you spill a coffee and then sit back in your truck before the cover dries.

Another interesting fact about Wet Okole is that they’re self-extinguishing. This probably isn’t a feature that’s needed in an everyday vehicle, but if you find yourself around sparks and fire on a regular basis, it’s good to know that you don’t need to worry about your seats catching fire.

We came across Wet Okole thanks to their loyal fanbase, and we’re happy to hear that they usually outlive the trucks they’re in–so we give them a thumbs up.

Price: $347


✅ Easily washable
✅ Self-extinguishing
✅ Airbag safe


❌ Only a 90-day warranty
❌ No returns accepted

Best Middle Ground: Marathon

marathon seat covers

Marathon's seat covers recently got bought out by Covercraft. We don't know the business details, but we do know that the Marathon website no longer exists and you can only find the seat covers on the Covercraft site now. This came with a price increase on Marathon as well, bringing them from $315 to $500 per set.

While we haven't had the chance to try them ourselves (yet), a review from 2022 by a customer named John gives a great insight into their performance:

"I absolutely love the seat covers. They fit very tightly and can be a bit challenging to put on, but once they're on, they stay put. I've been pretty tough on my seat covers, and they’re holding up great. I’ll definitely be adding these to my other trucks."

These seat covers are constructed from tough 1000-denier CORDURA®. They used to be a stand-out seat cover due to their customization options with features like map pockets, gear pockets, gun loops, and bow holders. But it doesn't seem like these options are available under the Covercraft name.

Price: $500 


✅ Lots of colors
✅ Made from CORDURA®
✅ Waterproof
✅ Airbag safe


❌ Long turnaround time
❌ Price is higher

Best for Your Budget: Canvasback

canvasback seat cover

These seat covers are designed to fit most seats, so keep in mind that they won’t provide a custom fit for your specific vehicle.

Canvasback is particularly renowned for their cargo liners. These liners are tailored to fit the cargo space of your vehicle perfectly and attach securely with hook and loop fasteners.

Ambre attests to their durability:

"In addition to carrying around all of my photography/videography gear and field gear for construction, I'm a search and rescue handler with a k9. We're usually covered in mud and debris.”

With such a glowing review, and one that includes dogs, we knew we had to highlight this option.

Price: $150


✅ Inexpensive
✅ Fits most vehicles
✅ Woman-owned company


❌ Not custom fit
❌ Limited six-month warranty

Pricier Option: ShearComfort

shearcomfort cordura

If you’re in the mood to spend a little more green, then we’ll go ahead and suggest ShearComfort’s CORDURA® 1000 Denier Xtra-Duty seat covers.

Similar to TigerTough, these covers are crafted from CORDURA® fabric, so we had to include them.

They check all the boxes on paper, but we weren’t as impressed with them in person. The one thing we really didn’t love is that ShearComfort doesn’t fully wrap the seat with CORDURA®. They use it on the part of the seat your body touches, but they use a cheap nylon on the back and sides of the seat cover. 

Price: $470


✅ Waterproof
✅ Guaranteed perfect fit
✅ Airbag safe


❌ They don't use CORDURA® on their entire seat cover
❌ Price is a little high
❌ Limited warranty


Vertex Off Road Seat Covers

VERTEX OFF-ROAD, established in 2021, is a newcomer specializing in truck seat covers. They refer to themselves as American craftsmen and enthusiasts dedicated to creating top-quality products that enhance and protect your truck for any journey.

With a mission like that, what's not to love? Let's rate their 1000-denier CORDURA® Canvas seat covers.

Price: $400


✅ Use CORDURA® nylon on their covers
✅ Automatically include a center console cover
✅ Lifetime warranty, albeit limited
✅ Airbag safe


❌ Foam-backed seat covers (foam breaks down over time)
❌ Limited vehicle line

TigerTough: Best Warranty

Toughest heavy duty Toyota Tundra Seat Covers.

TigerTough seat covers are built for hardworking individuals. They are exceptionally durable, which is why we've extended our line to include heavy equipment covers, confident they can handle any challenge.

We subject our seat covers to rigorous torture tests, both for the fun of it and to demonstrate their resilience.

Still need convincing? We back our products with an unconditional warranty for at least two years. While they might get dirty and stained, they won’t let you down, and neither will we.

Price: $297


✅ Unconditional warranty
✅ Custom fit
✅ Two-week turnaround
✅ Waterproof
✅ Airbag safe


❌ Limited colors

Final Thoughts

You might be asking why we didn’t include Carhartt in this grouping. We love Carhartt and their branding oozes red, white, and blue. However, not all their seat covers are made in the U.S., and since this list focuses on American-made products, we chose to leave them out. If you’d like to read more about their seat covers, we suggest you hop over to this blog.

Overall, there are many options for seat covers for your Ford F-150. You’ll need to weigh your options and choose one that works for you. 

Wet Okole Marathon Canvasback ShearComfort
Cost $314 $499 $140 $405 $400 $297
Star Rating N/A 4.5 4.9 4.6 4.7 4.9


90 days 4 year limited 6 months limited 2 year limited Lifetime limited Unconditional 2 years
Material Neoprene 1000 Denier
600 X 300 poly denier with a waterproof PVC backing 500 Denier
1000 Denier
1000 Denier
Waterproof Water-resistant
Airbag Safe
Made in the USA North America
Seatback Pockets Optional Optional

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