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4 Ways Seat Covers Save You Money

4 Ways Seat Covers Save You Money


Seat covers cost money upfront. But are they worth the investment? We think so, but instead of telling you our opinion, we'll shoot it straight to you with the facts.

We'll use $287 for a set of bucket seat covers since that's what the average TigerTough bucket seat covers cost.

1. Repairs and replacements

If you keep your trucks for a while, you'll need to repair ripped-up and damaged seats to improve conditions for the driver/operator (we're looking at you, blue collar folks). It also helps with your brand image. If your crew rolls up in a truck with foam spewing out of the seat, how does that speak to your work?

We asked some customers how much they've paid to repair or replace seats. The average cost to repair or replace seats was $632.50 per seat.

Date Cost Seat type Notes
11/8/2022 $600.00 F-250 bucket seat Lease trucks and the cost can be up to $1,200 if the leasing company replaces the OEM cover with OEM parts.
12/2/2022 $345.00 Single bucket seat That isn't figuring any labor or downtime; it takes them an hour to fix.
11/4/2022 $600.00 Ford E van driver's seat No downtime or tech time is included in the price.
3/14/2023 $1,000.00 Vehicle seat The price is per seat.
3/20/2023 $250.00 Transit driver's seat $250 for a Transit seat back. They buy from the dealer and have to replace it themselves.
4/13/2023 $1,000.00 Pickup seat Replaced the entire seat.
Cost to repair or replace seats.

Not only do you have to pay for the seat to be repaired, but there's also truck downtime you need to factor into the cost. 

If a pair of TigerTough seat covers cost you around $287 ($143.50 per cover) and an average of $632.50 to repair or replace a seat, you've saved $489 per seat.

Money saved: $489/seat

2. Increased resale value

There comes a time in every truck's life when it's ready for the next journey. And when it comes time to sell, we want you to walk away with the most money you can.

If your seats look like they lost a bar fight, and someone opens the door of that vehicle (whether it's the dealership or the next potential owner), they're greeted with an interior that looks like trash. That gives them the instant impression that the truck's had a rough life, and that's how you've taken care of the rest of the vehicle maintenance for the whole time you've owned it.

According to Kelley Blue Book, a vehicle can be in perfect condition mechanically and physically on the exterior, but if the seats are torn and busted, it drops to good.

Condition Trade-in value Private party value
Good $3,487 $5,494
Very Good $4,433 $6,580
Excellent $5,015 $7,248
Numbers based on a 2012 Ford F150 Regular Cab with standard features

At a minimum, having seats in excellent condition can save you hundreds of dollars when it comes time to sell.

Money saved: $295-$1467

3. Lease chargebacks

Maybe you lease your vehicles. Check into the charges you get after turning it in; it's normal for leasing companies to work in charges for seat damages.

On average, we see leasing companies charge $1,000-$1,200 for damaged seats. They'll allow some light wear, but if they deem a seat damaged, they'll charge you for the whole dang thing.

Money saved: $713

4. Detailing

We realize work trucks might not get detailed very often, but if you drive around a personal vehicle and spill a coffee inside, you'll probably want to get those seats cleaned.

So how much will a nice detail cost you?

An interior detail with deep cleaning can cost around $279. That's not terrible, but do it once and you've paid for a set of seat covers.

Check it out; we've taken a cup of coffee to a TigerTough seat cover to show you what happens:

Spoiler alert: The seat under the cover was totally unscathed. Your lap, on the other hand, might be a different story.

Money saved: $280 after two details

How much money will seat covers save you?

Depending on your situation, seat covers can save you anywhere from $280 to $1467 or more, depending on your vehicle (we based that $1467 number off 2012 Ford F150.)

But if you put them on when you first get your vehicle, they'll help you get more money for it whenever you decide to sell it.

Are seat covers worth it?

Do seat covers cost money? Yes.
Is there a range of prices? Yes.
Are they worth it? Yes. Especially if your vehicle's interior sees equipment, debris, dogs, or kids (like 90% of you reading this).

Do the research and find the best seat cover for your truck, and you'll walk away, saving money in the long run.


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