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Two-Year Unconditional Warranty

This is the section that is usually tucked away where nobody can find it. We don’t do that, we’re pretty proud of our warranty. Why? Because we’ve got your back and you need to know that.

TigerTough seat covers are covered by a two-year, unconditional, no B.S. warranty. That means that if your covers get wrecked so they can’t perform like they’re supposed to within two years of when you bought them, we’ll make it right. Depending on what is more practical, we’ll either repair or replace the damaged cover.

TigerTough's Two-Year Unconditional Warranty

The Warranty Process Works Like This:

  1. Send a picture and description of the damaged area to [email protected] and let us know when you bought the covers.
  2. We’ll determine if it is better to repair or replace the damaged piece.
  3. We’ll either send you a shipping label or a new piece.
  4. It’s that easy. There isn’t really any need for more than three steps.

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