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Best Seat Covers for Heavy Equipment

Inside of the cab of heavy equipment with a TigerTough seat cover on it. Text overlay reading: the only heavy equipment seat covers

It turns out the competition for the best seat covers for heavy equipment is pretty slim compared to work trucks. There aren’t a lot of manufacturers creating seat covers designed for big iron. In fact, only one makes customized covers for OEM seats.

The top brands (and pretty much only brands) we found are:

Ultra Seat
Jay’s Equipment
Construction Seats

We’ll give an overview of each one. And for price comparisons, we’ll use a Cat 312 excavator high-back seat.

Ultra Seat

Ultra Seat High Back Seat Cover
Ultra Seat High Back Seat Cover. Source: Ultra Seat

Ultra Seat is, first and foremost, an aftermarket seat company. They make air suspension seats, harness seats, mechanical suspension seats, pedestal seats, pod seats, static seats, and semi-truck seats. 

They also make replacement parts for seats like foam, dampers, and lumbar parts. And not only do they take care of seats in the field, but they also specialize in seats for the office with their 24-hour office chairs.

Clearly, they live up to their name, and seats are their bread and butter.

But how are their seat covers? 

Ultra Seat provides covers for heavy equipment and semi-trucks. When it comes to heavy equipment, they have three types of covers: high back, medium back, and low back. 

You might think that three options for hundreds of different types of machines isn’t very robust. You’re right.

Here’s the deal, if you have one of their replacement seats or a Grammer seat (because Ultra Seats are very similar to Grammer), their covers should fit like a glove. But if you have an OEM seat, putting an Ultra Seat cover on will result in a sloppy fit. 

Highback seat price: $168


We love that the covers are made out of Cordura (not sure what kind of Cordura, though) and that they will fit really well on their own aftermarket seats. It's great that these come in multiple pieces (back, seat, and headrest when applicable). We also applaud their customer service for getting back to us within a few hours when we asked for clarification about the warranty. 


The reality is these covers won’t fit OEM seats well. There’s not much else negative about the company or its product.


We like these covers, but only for Ultra Seat’s aftermarket seats. If you’re going to spend the money to protect your heavy equipment seats, go for a custom fit.

Jay’s Equipment

Jay's Equipment High-Back Seat Cover. Source: Jay's Equipment

Jay’s Equipment also goes by Equipment Seat Covers. They specialize in one-size-fits-most seat covers for heavy equipment and semi-trucks. 

These covers aren’t designed to fit any particular seat. Jay’s offers nine different sizes that would fit most yellow iron and smaller machines. You’re encouraged to measure your seat and find the best cover. 

Covers are available in vinyl (we wouldn’t suggest that material for a seat cover…ever) or canvas.

Highback seat price: $89


It's affordable. This could be a great option if you don’t mind a seat cover to fit like that bad suit you only pull out for weddings and funerals. We like that they have nine options versus Ultra Seat’s three options. We also like that they only focus on seat covers. 


The fit is far from custom. Unlike Ultra Seats, these won’t fit like a glove on any seat. And they’re not meant to. We also don’t love the materials of the seat covers. The vinyl seems like it’s going to get hot and sticky. And canvas is strong, but it won’t withstand the abuse of a job site. On top of that, you only have 30 days to decide if you’d like to keep the seat covers. There’s no warranty after that.


This one is a no from us. We like how simple the site is and appreciate how quick their customer service was in getting back to us, but these covers aren’t made of the tough stuff you need inside heavy equipment. We also wish they kept their social media current so that we could see more customer feedback. Ultimately, if you’re going to spend the money on cover, you may as well save your pennies and go for a more durable option. 

Construction Seats

KM High-Back Seat Cover Kit. Source: Construction Seats

Here’s another seat manufacturer and distributor that makes covers. Construction Seats also goes by the name K & M Manufacturing, and they’re a Minnesota-based company (we love that about them). 

Like Ultra Seat, these covers fit well on their own aftermarket seats but aren’t designed to hug OEM seats. The adjustable side laces make it a little easier to customize the fit, but you'll probably have some of the seat exposed.

Highback seat price: $132


The fabric these covers are made from will last. And if you’re getting a KM aftermarket seat, you’ll get a good fit. The covers will be durable and last you for years. Plus, they offer a one-year warranty on the covers, which is better than some other options.


If you don’t have a KM or Grammer seat, you might get a fit similar to a bunched-up sock in a work boot. Is it ideal? No. Will it work? Yes. 


This is a more affordable option than Ultra Seats version, and we like that they’re made of durable 900-denier fabric. If you need an affordable option, we’d go with this one. 


TigerTough seat cover on a CAT mini excavator seat
TigerTough seat cover on a Cat mini excavator.

TigerTough heavy equipment seat covers are meant to withstand the abuse of a construction site. On top of that, they’re customized to fit specific makes and models of heavy equipment. They cover most machines on a job site: backhoes, dozers, excavators, landfill compactors, motor graders, skid loaders (skid steers), telehandlers, and wheel loaders. 

We put our seat covers through torture tests to make sure they’ll hold up to whatever you throw, spill, squash, or scrape on them.

 We have a lifetime unconditional warranty on our heavy equipment covers. So if it doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll take care of it. 

Cat 312 excavator seat price: $247


We stand behind our products like we stand behind blue collar industries, so you’ll get one heck of a seat cover. It’s a custom fit, so it’s 100% tailored to the seat you’ll put it on. No sloppy fits here.


These are the most expensive option on the list. We also custom-make all of our covers, so they’ll take a little longer to ship.


Being the only manufacturer on the market making custom seat covers for heavy equipment, we can’t deny that we’d be the best fit (physically) for your machines. But if budget is an issue, there might be a better option for you. However, protecting a seat is much cheaper than replacing a seat.


It’s difficult to review heavy equipment seat covers fairly when only one company (TigerTough) makes custom seat covers. We don’t expect to be alone in the market forever, but for now, we’re the frontrunner in protecting heavy equipment seats.

We also wanted to point out that the other companies don’t have reviews on their sites, so getting a feel for what people think is tough. 

When you’re shopping for seat covers, no matter the brand you’re looking at, make sure they are:

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Airbag-compatible
  • Have a great warranty and return policy
  • Made in America

You need seat covers that will work hard in the elements you’re in. Don’t settle for one that won’t get the job done.

Ultra Seat Jay's Equipment Construction Seats TigerTough
Cost $168 $89 $132 $247
Stars None None None 4.9
Warranty 1 year N/A 1 year Lifetime
Material CORDURA Canvas 900 Denier 1000 Denier CORDURA
Fit Universal Universal Universal Perfect Fit
Made in the USA Canada Yes Yes Yes
Seatback Pockets Yes No Yes Yes

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