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Dogs + TigerTough: How Do The Seat Covers Hold Up?

Dogs + TigerTough: How Do The Seat Covers Hold Up?

We’re dog people. I mean, we’re Americans, after all. At TigerTough, we have dogs who ride along in our trucks just like our customers do, so wondering if our seat covers are durable enough to withstand dogs is a valid concern.

If you’re bringing your pets along for the ride, first, you want to protect your seats. You paid good money for your vehicle and want to keep that resale value. We get that. So you need seat covers. Second, you want those covers to withstand what your pet dishes out.

Our covers aren’t made for dogs. And we don’t have any pet hammocks you see slung in the back seat of a Subaru near you. We make our covers for hardworking men and women, so let’s see how TigerTough holds up to pets.

Made for Messes

Dogs are gross. They run through mud, jump in swamps, and roll in...stuff. You need seat covers durable enough to handle the messiest scenario your dog finds itself in.

Rottweiler looking dog in the driver's seat of a truck with camo TigerTough seat covers.
Customer's dog in a truck with TigerTough car seat covers.

Waterproof material

Our covers are made from 1000-Denier CORDURA®. We’ve literally dumped tar on our seat covers and poured five gallons of coffee on them, and the seats underneath came out unscathed. So if your pooch soils your seat and you’ve got a TigerTough seat cover on it, don’t sweat. The seat under it will be fine.

“Tough as f###ing nails, my dog puked on them and didn’t even faze them. If they ever wear out, I’ll buy [them] again.”



How well does dog hair clean up?

Sadly, our seat covers don’t repel dog hair. We’re actually not sure of any covers on the market that do. 

But we’re happy to report that dog hair easily vacuums up off the seat covers. We tested three tools to remove dog hair from the seat covers a standard vacuum cleaner, a Lily Brush, and a Furz-Off Stone. Out of all of them, the vacuum performed the best, and the fur came right off. You won’t need special tools.

Worst case scenario, you can easily remove the seat covers and toss them in the washing machine for ultimate cleanup.

“The best thing about these for me is their resistance to dog hair and ease of cleaning when they get dirty. I've got two large labs that wreck everything they touch. [A] damp cloth and good to go. Dog hair doesn't porcupine quill into the fabric. It vacuums right up. One dog has coarse hair, and the other soft. So well worth the money. So much better than the Carhartt I've used for the last 20 years.”

- Mark



We have yet to find a dog who can dig or chew its way through one of our seat covers. We can’t say it won’t happen, but until (if) it does, we’re considering them scratch-proof. No matter how much your dog digs, it won’t be able to dig through the cover. Heck, if a screwdriver can’t stab through a cover, we don’t think your dog has a chance of destroying these.

“We bought these well over a year ago mainly for our three dogs, and they look just like the day we put them on, so easy to clean too. We love them."

- Dennis
black lab sitting in the driver's seat in a truck that has tigertough seat covers
Customer's dog in a truck that has TigerTough seat covers.


If your dog uses a dog seatbelt or harness, you can still clip it in. All connection points and seatbelts are still accessible with TigerTough. 

Disclaimer: We’ve only tested our seat covers for human safety, not dog safety, so be sure to read any instructions that come with your dog's car seatbelt before using it with TigerTough seat covers.

Dog-Friendly Seat Covers

We don’t make our seat covers with dogs in mind. Our covers fit like a glove on your captain/bucket seats and bench seats. We don't make pet hammocks or cargo liners (but if you are looking for cargo liners, we recommend Canvasback.) We make our seat covers for people first, but our covers are great for pets too

If our covers can withstand concrete, coffee, gypsum, chainsaws, and weed-eaters, they can withstand the wear and tear of dogs and whatever other animals you happen to have riding shotgun.

But suppose your dog manages to dig with the ferocity of a first-time excavator operator and actually causes some damage. In that case, we have a two-year unconditional warranty and will happily replace those covers. And yes, we mean unconditional.

“Absolutely fantastic product! Holds up great to a German Shepard Service Dog getting into and out of the truck multiple times a day now for months with no signs of wear. Cleans easily, including the famous “German Shedder” glitter! My wife loves it. She can access the storage compartments in the back seats with no problems and loves the fact that this seat cover even allows her to raise the one section of the back seat allowing the dog to get in and out easier. No other seat cover does that, well none that we found! It is just the best!”

- David

We've seen our seat covers in action with a range of dogs—hunting dogs, pets, police K9s, and service dogs. Not a single negative review about TigerTough seat covers for dogs has come our way. Even though our seat covers aren’t designed for dogs, they've proven to be as dog-friendly as the best of them.

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