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What sets TigerTough apart?

What sets TigerTough apart?

There are hundreds of different seat cover brands on the market. We wouldn't say that we're better than all of them, but we have features that give our seat covers a leg up, especially for our blue-collar friends.

Here are ways that we try to make the best seat covers on the planet:

1. Elastic is never used

Why not? It wears out over time.

Elastic isn't meant to be stretched for long durations. It's fine for sweatpants, but you're not stretching your waistband to its max the entire time you wear them—we hope.

When extreme heat and cold are added to the mix (think about how hot your truck gets in July), the elastic degrades faster.

And dead elastic will leave a seat cover fitting like a sloppy suit. 

Instead, we use fabric and hook-and-loop (e.g., Velcro) to lock our seat covers in place. TigerTough seat covers remain secure until you want to remove them.

Only fabric and hook and loop secure the seat cover.

2. CORDURA® is what we trust

This isn't just any fabric, it's a fabric that's designed to surpass military specifications for toughness. You know those JanSport and Eastpak backpacks your mom bought you in the 90s because "they've got a lifetime warranty!"? Those brands use CORDURA® for their backpacks because they can withstand the hell that kids throw at them.

Our CORDURA® is treated to be hydrophobic, meaning that it will repel liquids. It's freaking tougher than tough and outlives our torture tests. But it's also washable, making it a unicorn of versatility.

3. Stringlock secures seat covers

One of our great pride and joys at TigerTough is our patented Stringlock feature

A hidden string runs around the edge of the seat bottom cover to secure it.

We use a string to cinch the bottom of our seat covers to fit snuggly on a seat bottom. To secure that string, we use Stringlock. You won't find this on any other seat cover brand because we (with the help of engineers who are smarter than us) invented it.

Stringlock securing a seat cover in place.

4. Each cover is made up of multiple pieces

Most TigerTough seat covers come in three pieces: a seat back, a seat bottom, and a headrest cover. 

If you try to cover a seat with a one-piece cover, it ends up not fitting well. There's no good way to secure the seat cover in the seat creases. This is how Carhartt does some of their seat covers, and it results in a seat cover that shifts every time you scoot into the vehicle.

5. ShieldTech is antimicrobial

No, not all of our seat covers are antimicrobial, but ShieldTech is! It also reduces odor, making it a great option for fleets where multiple people share a vehicle. Some of the biggest ShieldTech users are first responders.

It's still CORDURA®, but it uses silver and copper ions in a zeolite carrier to starve, sterilize, and suffocate microbes. That's a lot of nerdy science talk, but it just means that the fabric will kill bacteria so that your cab stays fresh-ish.

6. We measure by hand

Part of us wishes we would use manufacturer specs to create seat covers because that'd be a heck of a lot easier than our process, but leaning on specs just doesn't work.

We bring every OEM seat into our facility and measure it by hand. Our amazing research and development team measures and cuts fabric and hand-sews a seat cover prototype every time we cover a new seat.

Measuring for a prototype seat cover.

So whenever a manufacturer introduces a new body style, we borrow a seat from a dealer and bring it in for a couple of weeks to create a cover. Once we have the prototype created, we upload it to our system so we can replicate it.

Seat cover getting measured to be put in our system.

It's an involved process, but we find that it makes for the absolute best fit. That's true American craftsmanship right there.

7. Our seat covers fully wrap a seat

Some seat cover brands use straps that run behind and under the seat to secure it. And some brands use a different (read: cheaper) fabric on the back of the seat cover.

We don't. 

We wrap the entire seat with the same fabric. This is for durability and fit, and it looks best, too.

Gray Ironweave Toyota Tundra TigerTough Seat Covers
The entire seat is wrapped with a seat cover.

8. They're airbag-safe

This one we don't take lightly. When we were reviewing the top seat covers for trucks, we found that a very popular seat cover brand wasn't considered airbag-safe. In their installation instructions, they say not to install their seat covers in vehicles with side airbags. Which is like...all vehicles. 

Our seat covers are independently tested by the third-party lab to make sure that your airbags will deploy in the event of a collision.

TigerTough seat covers are tested to be airbag-compatible.

We hope you never need this feature, but it's there if you do. We wouldn't put our label on something that wasn't considered safe.

9. We don't use foam

Foam-backed seat covers sound nice. Getting into a nice, cushy seat at the end of the day after busting your butt is a treat. 

But foam, like elastic, breaks down over time, and that process accelerates in extreme temperatures. When the foam on the back of a seat cover deteriorates, it leaves the seat cover floppy on your seat. It's like your favorite pair of Levis after you've lost a few pounds—it just doesn't fit the same.

10. The warranty is unconditional

We trust our seat covers. We spend our free time torturing them with coffee and grease and by setting them on fire. They're tougher than nails, so we give them a warranty to back up our claims.

If your seat covers wear out for any reason, we'll repair or replace them for free. But we don't think that will be an issue because we've seen them used for eight years on a work truck without fail.

11. Made in the U.S.

We'll always be proud to say that our seat covers are made in America, by Americans, for Americans.

Inside our Minnesota manufacturing facility.

Heck, even our fabric is made in America. Not all seat cover brands can say that, but we'll scream it from the top of Mount Rushmore. And if you ever find yourself in Vesta, Minnesota, we invite you to tour our factory and see how our seat covers are made.

So, are we the best?

We can't say that we're the best seat cover company for you—only you can determine that. But we will say we're proud of our work and the industries we serve. There's no other seat cover company we'd work for or brand we'd put in our vehicles. 

Every day we come to work excited about what we're doing. And we'll never give up on making the best seat cover we can. We don't settle for mediocrity and don't think you should either.

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