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Ruff Tuff vs. TigerTough Seat Covers

Ruff Tuff vs. TigerTough Seat Covers

Over at Ruff Tuff, they take pride in their work just like we do at TigerTough. They're family-owned and have been in the custom seat cover game since 1976, crafting their products right here in the USA. They stand by creating high-quality seat covers with precise patterns and durable fabrics, ensuring each cover fits snugly and lasts long.

They’ve got a variety of different seat cover lines, but we ordered a set of their Dura EZ-Care covers for 2023 Ford F-150 to compare them with TigerTough seat covers.

Let’s see how they do.

The Delivery

Ruff Tuff Packaging

These arrived in a branded big ole brown box. Inside, we found the seat covers protected with plastic, something that looked like a plastic tongue depressor, and super detailed instructions. There are lots of words on those instructions and not many photos, but we’re okay with reading. 

A really cool thing they do is put a QR code on the seat cover tag so that you can easily get to the installation instructions and videos.

Ruff Tuff QR code landing page screenshot

TigerTough Packaging

When your TigerTough seat covers arrive, they come in a branded poly mailer. We don’t get fancy with boxes when shipping is cheaper and easier with polymailers. You’ll also get a set of full-color instructions tailored to your vehicle's make and model. Say you've got a 2019 Nissan Frontier, you'll receive a set of guidelines crafted precisely for fitting TigerTough covers to your Frontier's seats for a smooth installation process.

Design and material of the seat cover

Ruff Tuff Design and Material

We contacted Ruff Tuff’s customer service, and they say their Dura EZ-Care material is made of “a 600 Denier polyester blend canvas material.” It’s a sturdy fabric and feels really durable. The site says they’re water-resistant and great for kids and pets. There’s a foam backing on the portions you’d come in contact with, like the seat back and bottom.

They have decorative stitching along the back, which looks nice, but it’s something we don’t suggest because it makes the seat cover weaker. If you’re going for looks over durability, then have at it!

TigerTough Design and Material

We craft each cover in three separate parts for a complete fit, similar to Ruff Tuff's method, yet we stay true to using 1000-Denier CORDURA throughout for unmatched durability.

The fabric of our seat covers is rigorously tested to handle the harshest conditions. We avoid any fancy stitching that might compromise durability, opting only for embroidery in low-wear zones, which won’t affect the cover's integrity.


Ruff Tuff Installation

We spent about 10 minutes installing the Ruff Tuff seat cover. And the tongue depressor stick it came with was really handy! In fact, we’ll keep it around to install future covers and save some fingers in the process. That’s a genius addition to the shipping box.

Here’s how their seat covers are attached:

    • The seat back fits snuggly and velcros to the seat itself
    • The seat bottom has straps that run under the front and back that fasten under the seat
    • There’s also a string that runs from side to side that you tie underneath the seat

Ruff Tuff buckles

TigerTough Installation

Getting TigerTough seat covers on your seats can be a pain. It takes us about 9 minutes for a complete installation, and we’ve been doing this for a while. Though we've got the process down, even those new to our covers should find it a straightforward task with just a tad more time.

We offer in-depth guides and installation videos customized for each vehicle model.  

Here's how TigerTough seat covers fit into place:

  • The cover for the seat bottom extends under the entire seat, firmly securing itself with robust hook & loop fasteners (that’s the generic term for Velcro).
  • Our unique StringLock system encircles the base of the seat bottom, pulling everything snugly together under the seat just like a drawstring, making sure the cover stays put without any slip or slide.

Check out our full installation expectations to learn more.


TigerTough and Ruff Tuff seat covers side by side

Ruff Tuff doesn’t include headrest covers as a standard feature. We didn’t realize this when ordering–whoops, so we can’t review this portion of the seat cover. But we will say that we believe headrest covers should be standard. If your vehicle’s interior needs seat covers, it’s in need of headrest covers, too.

Headrest covers are an additional $68 in the Ruff Tuff Dura EZ-Care option.


The backs of TigerTough and Ruff Tuff seat covers with optional pockets

Ruff Tuff Seatback

The seatback cover fits really well, with detailed stitching and foam backing. We typically don’t recommend foam in a seat cover because it degrades over time and can leave the cover baggy. It won't affect function, but it will affect fit.

PSA about foam: Just like the cushioning in your work boots, foam starts out supportive and snug, but over time, it compresses and loses its oomph. When that happens, those boots don't fit the same, and you don't get the same support. It's the same deal with foam in seat covers.

Ruff Tuff has seatback pocket options available, which we love.

TigerTough Seatback

Our seat covers hug the back of your seats tightly for a glove-like fit. For customization, you can add a seatback pocket and embroidery. 

Seat crease and bottom

TigerTough and Ruff Tuff seat cover bottoms

Since both seat covers are made from multiple pieces, they both have clean-looking creases that fit the seats well.

They also tuck into the seat bottom's plastic trim, allowing access to the seat controls. You might think this is a standard in seat covers, but we’ve met some that cover up your controls.

Airbag safety

Since 2014, vehicles have required side airbags, thanks to federal regulations. These lifesavers are often tucked right into your seat. And they've been pulling their weight for a long while, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tallying up over 2,000 lives saved by side airbags from '96 to '12. Back then, less than half the vehicles on the road had 'em, but now? They're pretty much everywhere.

Any seat cover company worth its salt knows how crucial safety is, whether it's just your own work truck or a whole fleet you're running.

Airbag safety with Ruff Tuff and TigerTough seat covers

Ruff Tuff Airbag Compatibility

Ruff Tuff’s approach to airbag safety is interesting. The version we received has the entire side seam come apart with velcro. So, in the event of a collision, the airbag will deploy and break through the velcro-secured side. They have another version with simply a cutout for the airbag to deploy. The version you get is based on your vehicle.

TigerTough Airbag Compatibility 

Every TigerTough cover's got a tearaway seam right down the side—so if your airbags need to bust out, they can do their job with no problem. Independent labs have tested our covers to ensure they’ll do what they need to do in a collision. Here's to hoping you'll never need it, but you're good to go if you do.

Warranty and Returns

Ruff Tuff Warranty and Returns

Ruff Tuff offers a limited one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects under normal use. Pretty standard, but not impressive.

Unfortunately, their covers aren’t returnable (except for their Flex OPS line). So make sure you really want these covers before you confirm the order. Because once you get them, they’re yours for life. 

TigerTough Warranty and Returns

Our vehicle seat covers have a two-year, unconditional warranty. And we mean that. If they somehow get damaged in whatever it is that you do in your vehicle, we’ll replace or repair them. We stand by our covers. 

If you don’t like your TigerTough seat covers, we’ll accept returns within 30 days of you receiving them. You just need to be sure they’re in like-new condition.


This is why you’re ultimately reading this, right? Seat covers can have a crazy range in prices. So, for comparison, we used a 2023 Ford F-150 for spec. 

How much does Ruff Tuff cost?

We ordered a set of their Dura EZ-Care seat covers for $367. But don’t forget–we didn’t get headrest covers with our order, so we’d have to spend another $68 on those. 

For full-coverage with Ruff Tuff, you’re looking at about $435. We also had to pay $25 for shipping. We won’t add that to the total price of these seat covers, but that’s something to consider.

How much does TigerTough cost?

To fully cover your two front seats with TigerTough, it will cost around $297. And we give you free shipping on any $100+ order within the 48 contiguous states.


It all comes down to what you want and what your budget allows. For what it’s worth, we think you’ll get everything you need from TigerTough at a pretty good savings compared to Ruff Tuff. We’d say that even if ToughTough wasn’t signing our paychecks.

Ruff Tuff is a great option that will work hard for you. We wish they came with headrest covers, and maybe had a better way to fasten the string underneath the seats. But they’ll absolutely get the job done.

If you want something rugged and meant to withstand hard use, like construction environments or excited farm dogs, we’d encourage you to try TigerTough. Because hey, if you order them and hate ‘em, they’re returnable. And bonus: You can’t destroy them (and even if you manage to, we’ll replace them in the first two years).

Maybe after reading this comparison, neither of these brands really work for you. That’s cool, but you should definitely check out the best seat covers for work trucks and find something that meets your needs.


Ruff Tuff TigerTough
Cost $435* $297
Stars 4.3 4.9
Turnaround Time ~ 2 weeks ~ 2 weeks
Warranty Limited 1 year Unconditional 2 years
Material 600 Denier Poly-Canvas Blend 1000 Denier CORDURA®️
Waterproof Water-resistant ☑️
Airbag Safe ☑️ ☑️
Colors/Patterns 7 8
Airbag Safe ☑️ ☑️
Made in the USA ☑️ ☑️
Seatback Pockets Optional Optional

*Price based on purchasing with headrest covers. 

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