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Top TigerTough Questions

Top TigerTough Questions

Some of us need to read a million reviews and exhaust all the options before pulling the trigger to buy a product. If you're that kind of person, we totally get it. You want all the info before you make the decision. 

Here are some top questions we get from customers before they order:

What color should I get?

When picking your color, consider the color of the dirt and dust that you usually deal with. Is it light? Is it dark? Black will hide more of the darker oil and grease. Gray is best for light-colored dust like drywall dust. Hunt much? Then maybe you'll go the camo route.

If you're not concerned about dirt, then first of all, we're jealous, but secondly, choose whatever color you'd like! We don't have anything flashy, but we'll have a color in our nearly indestructible CORDURA that goes well with your interior. We have: black, gray, tan, western viper, urban viper, snow conceal, and drt.

Here are the patterns we have available:

Camouflage patterns available for TigerTough seat covers

Keep in mind that some seat covers (heavy trucks, transit vans, law enforcement vehicles, etc.) don't come in the camouflage options right now.

Are they safe with heated/cooled seats?

Yes, they are! They are perfectly safe to use with heated/cooled seats. You won’t notice much of a difference with the heated seats. With the cooled seats, the cover will restrict most of the airflow.

Are they safe with my airbags?

Yes! If your airbag deploys (and we hope it doesn’t ), the cover will not restrict it. A lab-tested tearaway will cover any airbags. 

We are proud to say our seat covers are safe with airbags.

How waterproof is waterproof?

Pretty waterproof. Water can’t get through the fabric, but a seam is perforated. All seams are perforated since sewing needles need to poke through the fabric to stitch the thread.

Look, you’re not gonna want to use them as a bucket if you can help it, but spills and liquid won’t penetrate the cover (remember it can get around the edges, though). We still recommend cleaning up liquid as quickly as possible.

There's a reason your mom always kept napkins in the car. It was to prepare you for this moment in life.

How long until I get them?

Our lead time varies. Check the product description or the top bar on the website to see when orders are shipping. Want to see if your item is in stock? Contact us to find out.

How long do they take to install?

If you’ve never installed a set of our covers before, we guesstimate about 30-45 minutes to put on a front bucket set. Make sure and watch the install video and read our installation expectations, and it will go as smoothly as possible for you!

But if you've ever stepped foot onto a job site, we have full confidence you can install a seat cover in your vehicle.

What’s the warranty?

All of our covers have at least a two-year unconditional warranty (HEAVY has lifetime warranty). Unconditional means… unconditional. The warranty only applies to the original owner, covering all physical damage to the cover, no matter how it happened. (If your covers are stained, that just means that they’re doing their job! Although stains can be minimized by cleaning up spills right away.)

How's TigerTough compare to WeatherTech or Carhartt?

Oh, we love this question! We have all sorts of respect for WeatherTech and Carhartt. And we want all of our customers to be informed, so we reviewed how WeatherTech compares to TigerTough and how Carhartt compares. It all comes down to what you want out of your seat covers.

We also reviewed the best seat covers for work trucks so that you can find the seat covers that work for you—even if they're not TigerTough.

Do they hold up to dogs?

Yes! Our seat covers are scratch-proof and mess-proof. They'll withstand whatever your dog dreams of doing to them. Although we don't make our covers with dogs in mind, our customers love how our durable our covers are when it comes to their dogs.

Are they actually made in the U.S.A.?

Heck yeah, they are! Once upon a time, we tried making covers in Mexico. Although they were fine in quality and comparable to the ones made on U.S. soil, we decided to make all of our seat covers under the stars and stripes of Old Glory.

Do you make seat covers for my minivan?

Sorry, but we don't. It's not that we don't love minivan drivers, but we specialize in making seat covers that support blue-collar industries. And we want to be good at what we do, so we focus on trucks and heavy equipment to make the best seat covers for our customers.

If you need more info...

If you have more questions, just contact us. We're regular people who love what we do, so we're happy to talk about seat covers all day long.


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