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Seat Covers vs. Coffee

tigertough seat cover with a faux coffee spill and text reading: seat covers vs coffee

If you love coffee like we do, spills are bound to happen in your cab. But how do TigerTough seat covers hold up when faced with the inevitable coffee spill? We decided to find out with a torture test that's more than your average accident—because, let’s face it, where’s the fun in normal?

So, we staged a dramatic coffee spill—because a simple dribble just wouldn’t cut it for a proper torture test. The spill was significant, mimicking what could happen in real life but with a bit more flair. 

We spilled and then wiped up the excess with a shop rag. And yes, looking super concentrated while wiping it up seemed to help—or at least it made us feel like we were doing a thorough job.

After the cleanup, it was the moment of truth. We removed the seat cover to inspect the damage underneath. The truck’s seat had some pre-existing stains from its previous life, signs of neglect from past owners. But here’s the real kicker: under the seat cover, it was completely dry. The coffee hadn’t soaked through at all.

This test wasn’t just for show. It was proof that our seat covers aren’t just for looks; they’re a shield against spills, keeping moisture from seeping through and protecting the fabric underneath. The seat underneath stayed bone dry even when faced with a "disaster-level" coffee spill.

So, if you're prone to coffee–or other liquid–mishaps on the road, our seat covers are ready for the challenge. Success? Absolutely.

💡 Have a Torture Test idea you'd like us to try? Let us know here.

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