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Installation Expectations

Image of a man about to install TigerTough seat covers in a vehicle

Michael says, “Looks like it came with the truck. Super easy to put on.”
Logan says, “they’re a pain in the @$$ to install, but once they’re on they’re fantastic.

Neither of them are wrong. Some part numbers are more complex, and some people’s expectations are different. We just want to let you know what you’re getting into before you tackle your covers. It’ll make it go smoothly later.

 🎥 Watch the install video. Debra says, “to save your sanity, watch the video to install this cover.” You got it, Debra. Most of our part numbers have an install video – if there is one, watch it. It will give you helpful techniques so your cover will fit the best.

💪 Our velcro is super, super strong. Julie says, “One thing to consider is DO NOT let the velcro on the cover touch the under the fabric of the seat EVER. The two bond as if you welded them together and it is quite tedious to detach them.
Our super-strong hook & loop gives you the best possible fit once everything is put together, but can be a bit of a pain during the installation. Pro tip – fold the velcro back on itself so that doesn’t catch on anything going between the seat back and bottom.

📎 Seat Flap: The flap on the back of the front seat will need to be released for installation. It’s held on by one or two elastic straps. Speaking of…

🔩 Stubborn Plastic Connector. If you’ve got a Ford front seat, listen up – There are one or two plastic connectors under the seat. They clip tightly into the plastic of the seat bottom and one of the elastic loops holding the carpet flap is around it. You’re going to need to pull it down kind of like you’re prying off a bottle cap. It might feel like you’re going to break something, but it does come down. 

💯Getting it perfect on the top of the seat. Turning the seat back cover 2/3rds of the way inside-out is important. It allows you to get the cover snug against the top of the seat before working it down the seat back. Remember to take care of those headrest holes by tucking them under the plastic trim. It looks so good when they’re properly tucked in. 

🧶Strings: The strings go between the seat frame and the seat cushion. Not around the outside, not between the back and bottom…  Between the frame and cushion. 

🧩Under-seat flap: Front seats with electric motors and wiring can be intimidating. Run the under-seat flap as close to the seat bottom as possible, going above all of the wiring. 

⚓Carseat Anchors: Any car seat anchors will not be restricted with the covers. Some designs have a cut-out to allow carseat anchor access. Some designs have no cutout and are instead designed to go beneath the anchor to allow the anchor to sit on top.

⌛ Take your time. Roger S. Craig II says “They fit great. Took 2.5 hours to get the driver’s side installed.” Whoa, Roger – I think we could have helped speed that up. But if you’ve never put on a set of our covers before, estimate 45+ minutes for a front bucket set.