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Seat Covers vs. A Power Sander

seat covers vs sandpaper

Durability is often a top concern for anyone shopping for a seat cover, especially in environments where wear and tear are part of the daily grind. That's why we decided to put TigerTough seat covers to the test in an unconventional but incredibly telling way: by using a power sander to simulate years of abuse in mere seconds.

Testing the Toughness

To start, we wanted to make sure our equipment was up to the task, so we gave our sander a quick test on some rust to ensure it was working at full capacity. Once confirmed, we focused on the real challenge—seeing how well TigerTough seat covers could handle the friction and force. Were we nervous? A little.

Going to Town

With the sander fired up and ready, we treated the seat cover like a surface prepped for painting—intense and thorough. The aim was not just to test the toughness of the CORUDRA fabric, but to see if the cover could still look good after being put in the ring with the sander.

The Results

Using 80-grit sandpaper, which is pretty coarse and unforgiving, we went to town on the seat cover. The result? Only minor scuffs. The cover remained perfectly intact, showing off its robustness and ability to withstand harsh conditions. And the seat underneath was unscathed.

This wasn’t just a minor scratch test; it was a full-on assault, and the TigerTough seat cover came through with flying colors.

Were we surprised? Not really. We know that our covers are tougher than Carhartt in friction tests, but torturing our own product is always a little intimidating.


This test clearly demonstrated why investing in high-quality, durable seat covers like TigerTough can be worth every penny. Our sander test shows that these covers are built to last for anyone in industries where vehicles take a beating or for those who just want the peace of mind that their seat covers won’t give out. And hey, if you’re not into TigerTough, there are plenty of other great seat covers for work trucks out there.

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