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Meet the Mind Behind the Design: An Interview with Sheng Thao

At TigerTough, every stitch tells a story. Every curve of the seat cover traces the dedication and hard work of the hands that brought it to life. Sheng Thao is a talented individual who plays a crucial role in our design process. As our R&D Team Lead, she's been working her way through different roles, learning all about TigerTough's seat covers for the past five years. In a candid interview, Sheng offers a glimpse into her journey with us and her passion for design.

Growing with TigerTough

Sheng joined the TigerTough family in August of 2018. Beginning her journey as a sewing machine operator, she steadily climbed the ranks, immersing herself in roles from embroidery to fabric cutting. Each step of the way, she embraced new challenges, learning, growing, and eventually stepping into her role in Research and Development.

Her First Design

We make seat covers for work trucks and heavy equipment at TigerTough. Sheng drives a Subaru Forester–not exactly your typical work truck. Instead of buying a competitor’s seat covers, Sheng did what Sheng does best and designed seat covers for her Subaru. Because Sheng is a boss like that.

So you can thank Sheng if you’ve ever purchased Subaru covers from us because they wouldn’t be part of our inventory without her.

Sheng recalls her pride when she designed her first set of seat covers for her Subaru. "Driving my car around and letting people know I actually designed this seat cover in my workplace," she reminisces, "was one of the most memorable things about working here."

The TigerTough Culture

What makes Sheng stay with TigerTough? Beyond the design challenges and opportunities to grow, the camaraderie and team spirit stand out to her. "One of my favorite things about TigerTough is the people," she says. Together, the team collaborates, supporting each other, continually pushing boundaries, and ensuring that every product that rolls out is a testament to their collective dedication.

Every TigerTough seat cover carries the stories of the people behind them. With team members like Sheng, who bring their passion, expertise, and dedication to the table, it's no wonder our seat covers are more than just protective gear—they're a labor of love. As Sheng beautifully puts it, "At the end of the day, there's always something new to learn, something new to do." And it's this ever-evolving spirit of discovery and drive that makes TigerTough stand out.

A Career in Craftsmanship

If stories like Sheng's inspire you and have a passion for craftsmanship and innovation, we'd love to have you on the TigerTough team. We're always on the lookout for dedicated individuals who are eager to learn and grow. Check out our careers page and apply for a role that suits your skills and passion. 

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