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Best Seat Covers for Semi-Trucks

Best Seat Covers for Semi-Trucks

Truck drivers know it better than anyone: the cab of a semi isn't just a place to sit. It's a workplace, a dining room, and sometimes even a makeshift bedroom. Whether you're hauling across state lines or doing the daily grind on local routes, the inside of that cab sees its fair share of abuse. Coffee spills, dirt, and wear from countless hours on the road take a toll. That's why a seat cover isn't just an accessory; it's a shield, standing between your seat and the rigors of trucking life.

The right seat cover is about more than just looking good. It's about durability, standing up to every trucker's challenges, day in and day out. This isn't about finding the fanciest design. It's about unearthing the toughest, most resilient seat covers for semi-trucks—because every driver deserves gear that works as hard as they do.

V-Truck Corp

V-Truck Black Seat Cover
Image source: V-Truck website

In 2015, V-Truck Corp sprouted from one family's burning passion for those iconic American semi-trucks. It all started with a simple yet brilliant idea: dash shelves tailored for a semi-truck's dashboard to overhaul the driver's workspace. But they didn't stop there. Recognizing a hole in the market for robust seat covers and floor mats, they charged ahead, filling that gap and clinching their spot as a leading supplier across the states.

Word has it they're not hitting the brakes anytime soon. With the buzz from their dedicated customers, they're geared up to roll out more top-notch products crafted from the finest materials. Why? Because V-Truck Corp believes truck drivers deserve nothing short of the best and are hell-bent on delivering just that.

They’ve got four styles of seat covers in faux leather and cloth and outfit Kenworth, International ProStar, Peterbilt, and Volvo. 

Takeaways from V-Truck:

  • Two-piece cover
  • Looks durable
  • Armrest covers are an additional $99

Price: $199

Note: We contacted V-Truck about their materials, warranty, where they're made, etc., but we never heard back. If we do hear back, we'll update this accordingly.

Ultra Seat Premium Seat Covers

Ultra Seat semi truck seat cover being put on a seat.
Image source: Ultra Seat website

We’re no strangers to Ultra Seat. We looked at them while reviewing the best seat covers for heavy equipment.

Regarding industrial seating, Ultra Seat Corporation has carved out its niche. With over 20 years in the game, they've consistently focused on developing and producing specialized seating options for the industrial sector.

Always exploring new products and technologies, Ultra aims to up its game in serving customers, emphasizing seat quality and reliability.

It's worth noting that they've got a footprint in North America with their distribution centers and have been making moves to expand their distributor network worldwide.

They only have one style of seat cover for semi-trucks, which won’t be a perfect fit. But we do love that they offer a CORDURA® cover. However, we don’t know their denier (the stronger, the better). Since CORDURA® doesn’t have much give, it won’t stretch around a seat it’s not made for.

Takeaways from Ultra Seat:

  • Two-piece cover
  • Made from CORDURA®
  • Washable
  • Made in Canada
  • One-year warranty

Price: $124


Redline seat cover on a seat
Image source: Raney's website

During our research, we saw Redline featured on sites like Raney’s, but couldn’t find a manufacturer’s website, so our information is limited. We reached out to Raney’s, and they said they didn’t have access to a manufacturer’s website for Redline either.

We can tell you that they make covers for Mack, Peterbilt, International ProStar, Kenworth, Volvo, and Freightliner. 

The seat covers get decent reviews. 

“Really impressed with this seat cover for my KW T680. It comes in two pieces, that fit really well. Has Velcro around the armrest holes, so you don’t have to remove them to install.”

Nicholas H.


Takeaways from Redline:

  • Two-piece cover
  • Made from polyester
  • Armrest covers are an additional $20
  • 6-month warranty

Price: $110

Steering Creations Inc.

Steering creations black seat covers on a seat
Image source: Steering Creations website

Steering Creations, Inc. (SCI) has staked their claim in the trucking industry with a simple yet essential focus: steering wheels that both feel right and look sharp. Their core mission? Making the daily grind a touch smoother for truck drivers everywhere.

But, they’ve also dabbled into the world of seat covers, trying to ensure a comfy ride. But covers aren’t their bread and butter.

They have a universal seat cover with faux leather and microfiber in five colors. We couldn’t find whether these were waterproof (the faux leather likely is, but we’re unsure about the microfiber center panel). These likely are not machine washable.

Takeaways from Steering Creations:

  • Two-piece cover
  • Made from faux leather and microfiber
  • Limited one-year warranty

Price: $121

East Coast Covers

East Coast Cover on a seat
Image source: Raney's website

Here’s another one we found on Raney’s, but couldn’t locate a manufacturer's site, so our info is limited.

They offer Freightliner, International ProStar, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Volvo seat covers. Each style comes in four color options and two finishes: corduroy and faux leather with corduroy. Like all the other pens reviewed, armrest covers aren’t included. 

Thankfully, there were a few reviews. The general consensus in the reviews is that the cover is good, but the seat portion on a Peterbilt doesn’t stay on.

“Bottom seat cover does not stay attached there was no securement straps like instructions said. Other than that it’s ok.”

Mark L.


However, Igor loves them for the International ProStar.

“Great quality, my drivers loved the product!”



Takeaways from East Coast Covers:

  • Two-piece cover
  • Made from faux leather and corduroy
  • Armrests sold separately

Price: $119

TigerTough Seat Covers

TigerTough seat covers installed in a truck
TigerTough seat covers with customer embroidery installed in a truck

We make seat covers for the blue-collar world. We know the abuse the cab of a semi-truck can take–whether you’re a long-hauler or you sleep in the same bed every night. 

We design and build our seat covers in America, for America. Each cover is made right here on U.S. soil, and we offer an unlimited two-year warranty on our covers. 

Each one is made of 1000-Denier CORDURA® and will withstand whatever you throw at it–that’s why we do our super professional torture tests. To show you that these are the toughest covers on the market.


“The Kenworth high back seat cover was very easy to put on looks great and heavy duty. I’m very happy with them. I have other trucks I hope I can get covers for.”



Betsy loves them for her Peterbilt:

"They have only been on the seat a couple of months. The quality appears to be excellent. This is a truck that the driver is in and out of several times a day. I am hoping this cover is our answer to all the covers we have thrown out on other vehicles."



Takeaways from TigerTough:

  • Two-piece cover
  • Made from 1000-Denier CORDURA®
  • Armrests included
  • Made in America
  • Unlimited two-year warranty

Price: $217

The Best Seat Cover

When it comes down to it, the best seat cover is the one that meets your budget and needs. If you’re looking for something around $100, go with Redline. That will give you a semi-custom fit and a limited six-month warranty. As much as we love CORDURA®, that universal fit from Ultra Seat won’t treat you well.

If your budget is around $200, opt for TigerTough. Our covers are made in the U.S. and offer an unlimited two-year warranty. Each cover is custom-made for your seat, so you’ll get a great fit that won’t shift every time you climb in and out of the cab. Since we include the armrest covers, this ends up being a cheaper option than V-Truck, which charges an extra $99 for armrest covers.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. We hope this helps you decide on a semi-truck seat cover that will help you keep your seats in top-notch condition.

V-Truck Ultra Seat Redline Steering Creations East Coast Covers TigerTough
Cost $199 $124 $109 $121 $119 $217
Stars - - 4 - 4 4.9
Warranty Limited one year Limited six months Limited one year - Unconditional two years
Material CORDURA® 100% Polyester Faux leather and microfiber Corduroy and faux leather 1000 Denier CORDURA®
Fit Semi-custom Universal Semi-Custom Universal Semi-custom Perfect Fit
Colors/Patterns 11 1 4 5 4 2
Armrest covers included ☑️
Made in the USA ☑️
Waterproof? ☑️
Machine Washable ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
Specs based on a Kenworth seat cover.

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