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Seat Covers vs. Fire

seat covers vs fire

This torture test is brought to you by nothing but curiosity. To be clear, our seat covers are not fireproof, but the idea of setting them on fire seemed like too much fun to pass up. Plus, any excuse to roast marshmallows is a good one in our book!

P.S. Don’t try this at home.

Setting the Scene

We decided to test the limits of CORUDRA® by introducing it to a controlled fire—not just for the sake of science, but for the sheer joy of it. And yes, marshmallows were involved, because if you're going to play with fire, why not make it tasty?

Unlike other torture tests, this one wasn't done in the cab of one of our trucks (for obvious reasons). We had a standalone seat we tried it on, in an area that wasn't at risk for burning up.

The Test Begins

With an extinguisher nearby, we set up a small fire on the seat.

As the flames licked the edges of our non-fireproof seat cover, the anticipation grew. Was it going to ignite? How would it handle the heat? Between checking the materials and flipping marshmallows, it was an experiment filled with a lot fun.

Assessing the Damage

After a while, we put out the fire to check the damage. Surprisingly, aside from a couple of little singe marks, the damage was minimal. It turns out these materials might not be fireproof, but they sure are tough to ignite—a reassuring discovery for anyone worried about their accidental flammability. And the seat underneath? That one was just fine.


So, what did we learn from our fiery marshmallow roast? First, these non-fireproof materials can handle quite a bit before showing signs of distress. Second, science experiments are more fun with marshmallows. While we definitely don't recommend trying this at home without proper safety measures, it's good to know that a little heat isn't going to cause immediate disaster.

And if you are looking for fireproof seat covers, we would recommend taking a look at Wet Okole for your truck. They’re not our favorite seat cover, but they do a good job of protecting seats and they’ve got a loyal fanbase. But if you're not planning to have fires in your cab anytime soon, TigerTough should be just fine.

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