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North Dakota Construction Trucks Look Like New

Image of a RAM truck with text reading North Dakota Construction Fleet

Construction is a tough, dirty job. When you’re a complete utilities contractor helping develop the oil fields of North Dakota, you know that all too well. Bryan, the fleet manager for Anderson & Wood Construction, knows that. That’s why he was pretty impressed when the seats in the 2014 and 2015 trucks that were being sold were in perfect condition. Because the covers had held up so well, he decided to wash and re-use the covers from their 2015 trucks on their new ones. They could have used the 2014 covers as well but they wouldn't fit on the new trucks. Take a look at the before and after pictures

 Construction truck after 5 years on the job.Construction truck with seat cover peeled back, showing the clean seat underneath

Check out how dirty the seats are after five years in the field. They peeled the cover back to see what the seats looked like.

Construction truck interior after being cleaned.

A quick vacuum job on the seats and a good cleaning of the rest of the truck. Bryan also sent a picture of a 2012 F150 that came in to sell. This picture shows the seats immediately after taking the covers off.

These tan seats haven't even been vacuumed yet.

2012 F150 with 123,000 miles. Tan seats are in perfect shape after 6 years of TigerTough seat covers.

You're looking at a 2012 F150 with 123,000 miles.

Want to preserve your truck's interior? Check out the best seat covers for trucks and find a brand that fits your needs and budget.

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