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Best Truck Seat Covers for Winter Weather

Best Truck Seat Covers for Winter Weather

Snow, slush, below-freezing temps…there’s a lot your truck's interior will see this winter. 

Seat covers will absolutely protect your seat from the elements. We feel two characteristics make a cover specifically good for winter: waterproof and safe with heated seats. We suggest avoiding foam-back covers since those don’t always play nicely with heated seats.

So here are some of our favorite seat covers that meet this criteria.

Pricing is based on 2023 Ford F-150 seats.

Most Color Options: ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA® Seat Covers

ShearComfort Waterproof Seat Covers

If you’re looking for something that will blend with your interior best, ShearComfort may have it. They have ten options for colors on their custom seat covers.

We’ve reviewed their 1000-Denier seat covers before, but we added these to the list since they’re more affordable. However, these are only made of 500-Denier CORDURA®, so they won’t be as tough as the other options listed here. We love CORDURA®, and these are waterproof and will work with your heated seats.

Price: $405

Fastest Production: Northwest CORDURA® Pro-Gard

Northwest seat covers in a vehicle

Northwest offers 1000-Denier CORDURA® (just like us) which is obviously something we can get down with. Their Pro-Gard covers are waterproof and can take a beating. These seat covers will absolutely protect your seats from snow and sleet, and the material plays nicely with heated seats.

We’re super impressed with Northwest’s 2-4 day turnaround and fast shipping. It’s a little intimidating for us to write about since our non-stock items ship in a little under three weeks, but we’re committed to being honest with you. So there you have it. 

Price: $407

Best Warranty: TigerTough CORDURA® Seat Covers

Black TigerTough seat covers in a vehicle

We may take a little longer to ship out custom products (our in-stock items ship out immediately). But we’re a brand built for blue-collar men and women, so we have a warranty to back that up. We offer an unconditional two-year warranty on our seat covers. No matter how you mess it up, we’ll repair or replace it for you.

Our seat covers are waterproof, will fit your seats like a freaking glove, and are basically indestructible. They work with heated seats and will prevent winter crap from harming your seats. Heck, they’ll even keep your seats safe from a dog covered in slush. 

Price: $297

Best Budget-Friendly Option: Canvasback

Plaid Canvasback seat cover in a vehicle

Canvasback isn’t a custom fit but a universal one. So it’s not one that’s going to fit your seat like a glove, but it will protect it from winter abuse. They also have quite a few color options to choose from.

Your heated seats should work fine with these, but we couldn’t find any definitive info. 

Either way, these are the lowest price point and a great option if you want to winterize your interior on a budget.

Price: $150 

What to Look For in Seat Covers

When you’re shopping for seat covers to winter-proof your truck’s interior, look for covers that are waterproof, work with heated seats, and have a great warranty that will protect your investment. We also love a cover that’s made in America, but that choice is up to you. 


ShearComfort Northwest TigerTough Canvasback
Cost $405 $407 $297 $150
Stars 4.6 5 4.9 4.5
Warranty Limited 2 years Limited 2 years Unconditional 2 years Limited 6 months
Material 500-denier CORDURA® 1000-denier CORDURA®️ 1000-denier CORDURA®️ Polyester with PVC undercoating
Fit Perfect Fit Perfect Fit Perfect Fit Universal Fit
Colors/Patterns 10 6 8 10
Airbag Safe
Made in the USA
Seatback Pockets Optional

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