Who We Are

Company History

It started back in 1993 when we were just a custom sewing company. We made pretty much anything that could be sewn together. One of our customers came to us with a problem; their drivers were tearing up the seats in their delivery trucks long before it was time to trade the trucks in. They knew the quality of our work and trusted us to work our magic on their seats.

As a company, TigerTough is here to do more than sell you something and disappear. We’re here to be your teammate for the long run. All of our covers are sold through dealers to make it as easy as possible for you. By buying through dealers, you can choose to have your covers installed before your butt ever hits the seat of your new truck. That’s the best way to do it!

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help vehicle owners find and eliminate hidden costs. Everyone who owns a vehicle (and especially those who manage a bunch of them) knows that they’re expensive to have. If we can help lower that cost we’ve done our job.

Our vision is to be recognized as experts in fleet protection while being our customers’ best vendor and a great place to work. Our entire team is obsessed with making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible and making sure you’re happy.


We’re a values driven company and we’re pretty serious about them.

Be Real. We tell the truth, even if it is embarrassing or expensive.

Give Back. We give time and resources to our community and friends.

Apply Knowledge. We’re always working to learn more and implement our new knowledge in order to be better than we were yesterday.

Add Value. We seek to leave every product, process, and person that we interact with better than when we started.

The TigerTough Difference

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