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Weekend Warrior

Are you one of those people who works harder on their 5 to 9 than most people do on their 9 to 5? Do you drive a truck or a Jeep? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you’re in the right spot. This is not really a “support” group, but more of an “enablement” group.

The Difference

We’re here for the Warrior in Weekend Warrior. All of the off-road seat covers are made from 1000 denier Cordura (black, gray, and tan) or 900 denier nylon (the epic camo colors). They’re precision cut so they fit right, are sewn by hand, and double stitched to make sure they still look good in 10 years and, finally, every single cover is inspected to make sure it’s perfect before it leaves the factory.

The best part? That’s all done on home turf. American Manufacturing, baby!


It’s the end of a long October Saturday. You and the guys have almost limited out on ducks and the sun sets in 15 minutes. 6 a.m. seems like a long time ago.

You get out of the blind and wade out to gather up decoys. Man, the water seems cold but Bella, your chocolate Labrador, sure seems to enjoy it. Too bad she can’t gather decoys.

Decoys and wet waders go in the back of the truck and you open the back door. “Bella! Get it!” She makes a leap for the back seat, slips on the wet running board, and clambers in. Time to go home, clean the ducks, and grab some supper.

Monday Morning.

You’re ready for work and open the back door to toss your lunch box in. Wet dog smell. It’s strong. There’s mud all over the back seat and a couple of nail holes where Bella scratched her way in.

Dang it.

If you’d had TigerTough off-road seat covers, the nail holes wouldn’t be there and you could just toss the covers in the washing machine to get rid of the mud and the smell.

You’re not like other people. Your truck shouldn’t be like other trucks.

You’ve lifted, tinted, tuned, and striped your truck. She looks awesome from the outside. What do you see when you open the door? Pretty much the same interior everybody has.

If you want to really make your ride show who you are, why not throw some custom truck seat covers on there that are durable? Whether they’re to keep your seats from getting dirty or to add a hearty splash of TrueTimber camo in there, they’ll look sharp.

What does your truck say about you?

Your vehicle is a direct representation of who you are. Does your truck look like you spilled coffee, lunch, and bait on the passenger’s seat and sat in it for a day? Or is it clean, tidy, and ready to go to church at a moment’s notice?

Spills, stains, and a few scratches are inevitable when you play as hard as we do. It just doesn’t have to be hard to prevent or get rid of.

Forget stains and tears. You’re better than that.

Sometimes the little things make big differences.

Seat covers are our specialty but there are some things that make your truck a lot more organized. We take the ones that are available now, eliminate the things that suck, design an awesome one, and overbuild it. If they don’t exist, we make them from scratch. You’re welcome.

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Seat Features

Seat Features

  • 1 Independent Headrest
  • 2 Optional Embroidery
  • 3 Airbag Compatible
  • 4 Double Stitched Seams
  • 5 Almost Indestructible Material
  • 6 Keep Your Factory Features
  • 7 Factory Finish

Custom off-road seat covers? Yeah, we do that.

Want to really go custom? How about embroidering something epic on your seat covers? Racing numbers, flags, and dog names are all pretty popular!

Custom Work We’ve Done

Make sure it’s love at first sight.

Not sure if these are exactly what you’re looking for? How about we send you some samples?

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