The TigerTough Difference

What makes TigerTough different than the cheap seat cover that you can grab off the shelf? Well, a lot.

Seat Features

Seat Features

  • 1 Independent Headrest
  • 2 Optional Embroidery
  • 3 Airbag Compatible
  • 4 Double Stitched Seams
  • 5 Almost Indestructable Material
  • 6 Keep Your Factory Features
  • 7 Factory Finish

It’s Our Product

We aren’t here to just build a cover that you can throw over your seat in a hurry. We’re here to help vehicle owners find and eliminate hidden costs. We want vehicle owners to find that they’ve been missing out on money because of easily preventable damages. That’s why we build heavy duty seat covers to outperform anything else out there.

You can’t buy a “generic” TigerTough cover. Everything we make is tailored to the specific make, model, and year of your vehicle to ensure that you get a perfect fit and the covers stay where they’re supposed to. What good would they do if they were sliding around?

Our exact fit seat covers are also designed and proven to be airbag compatible. We want your fleet to look good and be safe!

And It’s Our People

When you call our office (We actually like talking to people!) a real, live, human answers the phone and will take care of you right away. If people liked pushing a ton of numbers to talk to someone, we’d still be texting on flip phones. Everyone here is fanatical about our quality and making sure we are easy to deal with.

If you’re interested in partnering with a company that makes a badass product and backs it up like their life depended on it, you’ll probably like working with us.

Fabric Info

We use two different materials for our seat covers. All of our Ironweave covers are made from 1000 denier Cordura. Cordura is crazy tough, comfortable, and doesn’t fray. We put a custom urethane coating on the back of the fabric and make it water resistant so that you never have to worry about your seats once the covers are on. Our Tactical seat covers are made from the same material with additional support in high wear areas. Our Sportweave camo covers are built from water resistant 900 denier material.

Here are some fabric options that you have from other manufacturers and why you shouldn’t want them:

Ballistic Nylon

It’s tough, but it is really coarse and stiff, making it hard to work with. The big fibers that make up the fabric make it more prone to fraying, too.


It is stretchy, making it easy to install. The stretchiness makes it pretty easy for the cover to slide around on the seat too, meaning that you’ll have a wrinkly, saggy cover before long. Neoprene will keep water off the seat, but it also absorbs moisture. That means that your truck’s seat won’t get wet, but your seat will.


It’s soft and comfy, like a favorite pair of jeans. The problem is that is wears out from having pressure in the same area. Think about the wallet/phone/tobacco tin outlines that always show up in a well worn pair of jeans.

Canvas (Also called Cotton Duck)

This is the stuff that they generally make work clothes out of. There are 12 different weights of cotton duck which range from painter’s canvas to boat sails. The mid-range stuff is pretty stiff until it’s been washed a few times, then it is softer and easier to work with.

About Us

We’re more than a brand of seat covers. We’re a team that’s about helping YOU – that’s how the company got started.

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TigerTough seat covers rock a two-year, unconditional, no B.S. warranty. We’re pretty proud of our quality and we’re happy to back it up.

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