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What’s so special about TigerTough?

We Make Durable Seat Covers that Stay in Place

We don’t make seat covers to be pretty little accessories that show how proud you are of your favorite football team (Skol!) or to keep your poodle from shedding on your Lexus.

You need durable seat covers that actually stay in place and hold up to some of the toughest jobs on the planet while saving you money. If you drive a work truck or a cop car, you know how much you rely on your vehicle and it’s up to you to make sure it’s in good shape.

TigerTough seat covers are designed with two things in mind. They’ve got to fit tight and they’ve got to last. And they do. Very well.

The Secret Sauce

You walk into any accessory shop or auto parts store and you’ll find boxes of seat covers. Lots of cheap ones too.

Why should you spend your hard-earned dough on a set of TigerTough?

Because you don’t want something that’ll fall off, wear out, or slide around. We don’t cut corners when making our durable seat covers.



perfect fit

Perfect Fit

air bag compatible

Air Bag Compatible


2-Year Unconditional Warranty

string lock

The Stringlock

high quality

High Quality

made in America

Made In America

What Our Durable Seat Covers are Made Of

Whether you’re driving a work truck, a police car, fun truck, or operating heavy equipment you’ll be able to find the covers that suit you the best.


This stuff is the real deal. Made from 1000 denier Cordura®️ and coated with a custom waterproof coating, our Ironweave®️ seat covers are exactly what you need for a hard work situation.

While vinyl is a common seat material for work trucks, our Ironweave®️ covers are a much better option. They’re breathable so they’re comfortable to sit on all day, they’re insanely tough, and they’re easy to clean.

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Looking to make your truck look epic? Our Sportweave®️ seat covers are exactly what you need. They’re available in four sweet TrueTimber®️ camo patterns and made from 900 denier nylon. They’re almost as tough as the Ironweave®️ covers and just as waterproof.

To all the Weekend Warriors out there that want to make their hunting truck look good, this is what you’re looking for. All you need to supply is the chocolate Labrador to put on the back seat. We don’t carry those.

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This isn’t the “tactical” most people think of. No extra Velcro or MOLLE webbing. These are durable seat covers that stay in place, designed especially for law enforcement. Simple, sleek, and beefed up in all the right areas.

TigerTough Tactical seat covers are reinforced with our Ironband across the lower 18” of the seatback because that’s what takes the most abuse from the duty belt.

Our Tactical seat covers are also made from 1000 denier Cordura®️ so they’re as tough as you could hope for, waterproof, and built to last.

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Make sure it’s love at first sight.

Not sure if these are exactly the durable seat covers what you’re looking for? How about we send you some samples?

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Let’s Talk.

Give us a call and talk to a real person right away or shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you within 30 minutes. Usually less. (As long as it’s normal working hours and stuff, you know?)

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