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Tactical Seat Covers

Your gun belt eats your seat.

Our Tactical seat covers are designed specifically for law enforcement vehicles. They fit tight so they don’t move around while you’re getting in and out and they’re airbag safe so, if the metaphorical s*** really does hit the fan, you’ll be OK.

They’re made from the same tough-as-nails 1000-Denier Cordura® as the Ironweave seat covers because it’s more abrasion resistant than Kevlar.

Since your driver’s seat is your office and lunchroom, we’ve made sure the covers are waterproof and stain resistant. You know — easy to clean.

The IronBand

The Ironband is the reinforcement we build into the Tactical seat covers for law enforcement vehicles. We beef up the cover in the highest impact area of the seat (the lower ⅓ of the seat back) to provide extra protection.

Basically, we took the toughest seat covers out there and added extra reinforcement. You don’t need to worry about torn seats anymore. We’ve got this.

Preventative Maintenance

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Unless fixing it will prevent it from getting broken. Then, by all means, fix it.

What are you doing right now with the seats in your patrol cars? Wearing them out, having your mechanics remove them, and sending them out to get repaired? This works but you end up driving a car that’s in rough shape for a long time and then putting up with downtime while it gets fixed.

Tactical seat covers are an excellent addition to your law enforcement vehicle’s preventative maintenance program. Rather than wearing the seat out, sending it off to get fixed, and dealing with downtime, you just put the seat cover on when the vehicle is new and then forget about it.

Cost Savings

If it seems crazy that spending more money when you upfit your police vehicles will save you money, read on.

A TigerTough Tactical seat cover costs less than half of the typical seat repair. When you put it in before the car goes into service, you’ll eliminate the need to fix the seat later. You also don’t have to pay your mechanic to remove the seat and reinstall it later.

Even without figuring for the cost of downtime or the mistreatment a “junk” vehicle gets, you’re way ahead!

Investing a little bit upfront to use proper seat covers in your law enforcement vehicles pays huge dividends — saving time, money, and frustration.

Image & Morale

You walk out in the morning, full of coffee and ready to hit the day head-on. You take a minute to admire the way your patrol car looks; freshly washed, the morning sun glinting off the light bar. She’s a pretty nice ride. Then you open the door and get an eye full of a torn seat, foam sticking out all over, and suddenly the 2 hours you spent washing it seems like a waste of time. You can’t polish a turd, right?

As a vehicle’s image gets worse, maintenance and other little things get ignored and the vehicle’s quality declines. Using Tactical seat covers to prevent damage from ever happening keeps your vehicles looking a lot better, your people happier, and money in your pocket!

Don’t take our word for it.

Have a listen to what Sgt. Chris Terrell, a real fleet manager for the Harrisonburg, Virginia, Police Department has to say about TigerTough Tactical seat covers for law enforcement vehicles.

The little things make a big difference.

Seat covers are our specialty but there are some things that make a cop car a lot easier to spend your day in. So we take the ones that are available now, eliminate the things that suck, design an awesome one, and overbuild it. You’re welcome.

Seat Features

Seat Features

  • 1 Independent Headrest
  • 2 Optional Embroidery
  • 3 Airbag Compatible
  • 4 Double Stitched Seams
  • 5 Almost Indestructible Material
  • 6 Keep Your Factory Features
  • 7 Factory Finish

Made in the USA

Every single Tactical seat cover that we put our name on is made on home turf. We’re pretty dang proud to slap the “Made in the USA” label on everything we make.

You want custom? We’ll do custom.

So, we talked about your vehicle’s image…this is an awesome way to spruce up the inside of your cars. Imagine whipping the door open and, rather than ugly yellow foam, you see your department’s patch in full color on the seatback. That’s a much better way to start the day.

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Make sure it’s love at first sight.

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