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Heavy Equipment Seat Covers


A new piece of big iron is a major investment. When a single machine is worth more than a new house, it makes sense to do everything you can to keep it in the best condition possible.

Eliminating torn-up seats with the best seat covers is a major cost saver. Not only just the price of the seat (which easily runs upwards of $1,000) but also in preventative maintenance. It’s been proven many times that when a machine starts to look run down, it gets treated like it is. And that gets expensive. Quickly.

The best fleet managers know that covering the seat before it looks like it got massaged with a cheese grater is the smartest way to keep things in good shape. 

An even bigger reason is for your people.

They’re your biggest asset, the excavators wouldn’t move it if it wasn’t for your people.

Your operators deserve more than a seat that’s disintegrating. It happens as machines get older, they take a lot of abuse! In less than 5 minutes you can turn a worn seat into something that looks new and is a lot nicer to sit on. And you can prevent the wear from ever happening with your newer equipment.


We don’t make a one-size-fits-all seat cover.  Everybody knows that really means one-size-fits-none.  Every cover we make is designed for one specific seat so you can be sure it’ll fit right and stay in place.

When we design a seat cover for an excavator, loader, or dozer, nothing is done from pictures, measurements, or guesstimates.  We bring every seat to our factory and our design team designs each seat cover from scratch.

If you ordered a seat cover for a Komatsu Excavator, it won’t fit a CAT.  But it’ll fit your Komatsu perfectly.


100% made in America.  Designed, woven, dyed, cut, sewn, and shipped all from home turf.


Every seat cover is made from the toughest fabric out there.  We only use American-Made 1000 denier Cordura because it’s waterproof and almost indestructible.

(And that’s why they’ve got a lifetime warranty)


If anything breaks, wears out, or gives up for as long as you own the seat covers, it’ll be covered under warranty.

Fine print sucks, so here is one thing you need to know.  The warranty doesn’t transfer if the seat cover or machine is sold.  There are no hurdles or gotchas.  If you bought it new and it breaks, we’ll fix or replace it.