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Your trial cover is booked!

Your account rep will be reaching out to you shortly to make sure we send you the right cover for your vehicle and then the fun begins.

We love seeing pictures of our covers getting used and abused so feel free to send some over if you get a chance!

Here’s Some Things To Keep In Mind When Your Trial Shows Up

Read The Instructions.

It sounds simple, but a lot of people don’t because “it’s just a seat cover”. The secret to making sure your TigerTough seat cover fits perfectly is to follow the instructions. (not really a secret anymore, is it?)

If you’re not into reading instructions, that’s OK. Just watch the video!

Here is an example…

Watch How They Wear

OK, in all honesty, they aren’t going to wear out while you’re testing them.  It’s still good to watch the high impact areas on your seats and see how the covers are holding up though.

If you’re interested in seeing how they hold up over a longer test, check out this case study –  It shows covers were in a service truck for 8 years and 235,000 miles and what the seats underneath looked like.

Finally, Hear from a fleet manager that’s been using TigerTough for a long time.

Thank you.

We’re pretty pleased that you’ve agreed to give TigerTough a try. It’s refreshing to see another fleet manager that’s sick of putting up with ripped, stained interiors and leaving money on the table.

You’re one of the smart ones!

Buckle up, we’re looking forward to the ride.