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Protection For Your Service Trucks

This is a set of seat covers from a 2012 Ford service truck. They’ve taken a beating after four years in the field, but look at the seat! It looks brand new. See how you can save your fleet money and look good doing it. Find A Dealer

Tougher Than Construction Work.

That's a pretty bold statement. But seriously, we can back it up. Check out this picture of some TigerTough seat covers that have been in one of VEIT USA's trucks since it was new. This truck has put on 255,000 miles, is on its second transmission, and the original seat covers are still looking good. Kinda need a vacuum job but they look good. But seriously, folks. Construction work is hard work, there's no two ways about it. If you've got a job that's hard on equipment by nature, we should probably talk. Find Covers For Your Work Truck.

2020 Ford Explorer Seat Covers

Guess what happens when a vehicle gets a complete makeover? You guessed it, the seats change along with everything else. With Ford's redesign of the Explorer, come our all-new covers for that vehicle. Let's start with the front. The front seat covers are pretty standard. Like usual, you'll be able to cover the bottoms, backs, and headrests. Before you ask, yes, the airbags will still deploy just like they're supposed to. On to the rear seats. So, the rear seats are a little different than what we've done in the past. Typically we'd just stick with making a bench seat...

Seat Covers and Airbags – What’s the Big Deal?

LET ME PUT IT THIS WAY - IF YOU'VE BEEN IN A MAJOR CRASH AND YOU'RE STILL AROUND TO READ THIS, YOU PROBABLY OWE THAT TO AN AIRBAG. Airbags were invented in 1951, first offered in vehicles in 1971, and have been standard equipment in vehicles since 1999. Between 1987 and 2012, airbags saved 39,976 lives. That's over 100 times more than the entire population of Vesta, MN, where our headquarters in located! WHY ARE WE HERE TALKING ABOUT AIRBAGS? Because we care about you. When you're adding aftermarket parts to your vehicle, you need to make sure that you...

8 Years In A Work Truck.

So, we just got our hands on a 2011 F550 that was a heavy equipment service truck. The truck had belonged to a heavy equipment dealer. This company installs TigerTough seat covers on their trucks when they're brand new so we were pretty excited to see how everything looked. It was pretty clear this thing wasn't somebody's grocery-getter. Even if you ignored the service body and the crane. But what do you expect from a service truck that's eight years old? Broken equipment is never clean and rarely easy to get to! This truck had over 235,000 miles on...