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Harrisonburg, VA PD Testimonial

Sgt. Chris Terrell has been using TigerTough seat covers in his fleet since 2016. See what he thinks of his experience. Since we've been working together, he's been able to significantly reduce wear to the seats in their police interceptors rather than fixing the wear & holes they were dealing with. Seems smart, doesn't it? Check out Police Car Seat Covers Here.

Police Fleet Findings

We did a little survey at the 2018 Police Fleet Expo this year in St. Louis.  We asked police fleet managers about some common fleet problems and asked them which ones they'd like to eliminate if they could. If you're a fleet manager, whether it be police, fire, or commercial, you most likely can relate to issues that we presented to the fleet managers we talked to . The options were: DowntimeFixing damages caused by "wear and tear"Low resale or trade-in values on vehicles The results were as follows: 48 fleet managers would love to eliminate Downtime.45 attendees said Fixing...

Police Fleet Expo

It’s almost time for another Police Fleet Expo. The time when police fleet managers get together to compare notes and have meetings, classes, and a few beers together.  They also get the chance to check out the latest and greatest products from their favorite equipment manufacturers. As you wade through the sea of flashing red and blue, you’ll see an orange glow.  That’s us. We don’t have the flashiest products there (pun intended) but we do have a way to help save your fleet some cash.  Which is pretty important, we’ve been told. The TigerTough team is pretty pumped to...