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TLDR: ShieldTech is made from the same crazy tough fabric as our Ironweave line of covers, but it’s infused with silver and copper which give it microbe and odor-killing powers.

What Exactly Are ShieldTech Seat Covers?

In short, they’re a germ-killing version of the crazy strong seat covers we already make for work trucks and law enforcement vehicles.

ShieldTech seat covers are made from the same base fabric as all of our seat covers (except Sportweave)  We use 1000 denier Cordura for the following reasons:

👍 It’s all-American made
👍 It’s highly abrasion resistant
👍 It’s nearly impossible to tear
👍 It’s supple and not scratchy or irritating

While the Cordura for our Ironweave seat covers gets a custom DWR waterproof treatment, ShieldTech is treated with a different solution. It’s infused with a waterproofing treatment and copper and silver ions in a zeolite carrier are bonded to the fabric, which gives the seat covers anti-odor and anti-microbial properties. 

It is very durable, too – the fabric was washed 20 times before testing (tbh we’ve never heard of anyone washing their covers that many times.)

Who is ShieldTech right for?

ShieldTech is going to be a win for four types of people looking for heavy-duty seat covers:     

👉 Laborers in hot climates
👉 Police, fire & EMS
👉 Last-mile delivery companies
👉 Any organization that uses crews/shared vehicles, or hot seating (when the vehicle is passed off from driver to driver)

The Scientific Stuff (how it actually works):

The coating utilizes silver and copper ions (which have been used since 4000 BC to kill bacteria)  in a zeolite carrier to starve, sterilize, and suffocate microbes.

A zeolite carrier is a microporous, three-dimensional crystalline solid of aluminum silicate that’s been charged with ions of the active ingredient (silver and copper, in this case)  Zeolites are naturally occurring and born of volcanic ash.

The antimicrobial effects are only released when needed in order to have the longest-lasting effects.

Here’s the lab testing results:

All samples were tested with K. pneumoniae, an organism that causes Pneumonia. All samples had the same organism count at zero contact time. “Washes” signifies the number of times the sample was washed to simulate real-world use. Wet tests were performed in a wet environment, dry tests were performed in a dry environment. Test results have been simplified for ease of understanding, full lab results are available upon request.