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I’m just here today to answer everyone’s questions.


What color should I get?

When picking your color, consider the color of the dirt and dust that you usually deal with. Is it light? Is it dark? Black will hide more of the darker oil and grease. Gray is best for light-colored dust like drywall dust. 

Are they safe with heated/cooled seats?

Yes, they are! They are perfectly safe to use with heated/cooled seats, and won’t prevent either function from working. You won’t notice much of a difference with the heated seats. With the cooled seats, the cover will restrict most of the airflow.

Are they safe with my airbags?

Yes! If your airbag deploys (and we hope it doesn’t have to) the cover will not restrict it. Any airbags will be covered by a lab-tested tearaway. More science on this here.

How waterproof is waterproof?

Pretty waterproof. Water can’t get through the fabric, but a seam is perforated. Look, you’re not gonna want to use them as a bucket if you can help it, but spills and liquid won’t penetrate the cover (remember it can get around the edges though). We still recommend cleaning up liquid as quickly as possible.

How long until I get them?

Our lead time varies – check the product description or the top bar on the website to see when orders are shipping. Want to see if your item is in stock? Chat/email/call/text us to find out.

How long do they take to install?

If you’ve never installed a set of our covers before, we guesstimate about 30-45 minutes to put on a front bucket set. Make sure and watch the install video and read our installation expectations, and it will go as smoothly as possible for you!

What’s the warranty?

All of our covers have at least 2 years of unconditional warranty (HEAVY has lifetime warranty). Unconditional means… unconditional. The warranty only applies to the original owner, and it covers all physical damage to the cover, no matter how it happened. (If your covers are stained, that just means that they’re doing their job! Although stains can be minimized by cleaning up spills right away)

Click here for the full rundown on the warranty & returns.