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  1. REPAIR. Especially if you keep your trucks for longer, you’ll want to repair ripped-up and damaged seats to keep conditions better for the driver and keep the truck image clean. This is doubly expensive – the seat is expensive to fix, and there’s downtime while it’s getting fixed.
  2. LOST RESALE VALUE. Some people never fix or replace the seats. When it’s finally time to sell the truck, it gets shipped off as-is. When someone opens the door of that vehicle (whether it’s the dealership or the next owner), they’re greeted with an interior that looks like trash. That gives them the instant impression that it’s had a rough life, and that’s how you’ve taken care of the rest of the vehicle maintenance for the whole time you’ve owned it.
  3. LEASE CHARGEBACKS. Maybe you’re not repairing your seats OR reselling your vehicle because you lease them. Fine. Check into the charges that you get after turning in that leased vehicle – it’s normal for leasing companies to work in charges for seat damages. They’ll either be repairing that seat themselves before they remarket it, or they want to recover some of the resale value they will lose from you.