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IRONWEAVE VS SPORTWEAVE: why Ironweave is recommended for work trucks

TLDR: Ironweave is the best option for work trucks. Sportweave is a great choice for personal trucks, but because it’s not as sturdy or colorfast as Ironweave, we don’t recommend it for hard-working vehicles.

The comparison

Let’s briefly compare the fabric differences between Sportweave and Ironweave seat covers. 

Ironweave and Sportweave are both:

✅ Covered by the same 2-year Unconditional warranty
✅ Waterproof
✅ Going to save your seats. 

The fabric itself is different. Sportweave is made from a 900 denier polyester, which isn’t as high of a denier as the Ironweave seat cover. Ironweave is made from 1000 denier Cordura which has a higher abrasion rating than Sportweave’s polyester. 

The dye process is also different. Think of it as a paint vs a stain – with Ironweave, the fabric is dyed all of the way through. There won’t be any fading or color variations over time. The camo print of the Sportweave is printed on top. That means that after two or three years of light-medium use, you’re likely to notice some color wearing away on the leading edge of the seat. In heavy-use applications, the color wear will show up much earlier. The color wear is a cosmetic issue – structurally, the covers are still performing and still protecting your seat.

At the end of the day, Sportweave will look awesome in the interior of your weekend or personal truck, while Ironweave is going to be a win in the long term for any vehicle that takes more abuse. Looking for some fabric samples so you can check these out in real life? Right this way: fabric samples