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Problems with Seat Covers (And how we address them)

Let’s go ahead and yell at the elephant in the room.  A lot of seat covers suck.  Some people even tell us that right to our face (ouch).

But seriously, seat covers have gotten a pretty bad reputation over the years and we’re the first to admit that a lot of them really do suck!  So here are nine reasons that run-of-the-mill seat covers aren’t worth buying and how we’ve eliminated the suckage. (it’s a real word) 

Seat Covers Suck to Install

First off, any seat cover that fits well is going to take a little bit to install.  If it just plopped on, it would plop right off the first time you slid across it.  You wouldn’t be happy.

We’ve worked our tails off to make sure that TigerTough seat covers don’t suck to install.  It won’t be a breeze but it’ll be as easy as possible.

  • Everything is held on the seat with Hook & Loop fasteners with the exception of a string that runs under the seat.  That’s held together with our patented StringLock.  More on that later.
  • When we design a new seat cover, we also shoot a detailed install video and write up an install guide for that specific seat.  We don’t do generic instructions because vehicles aren’t generic.  For the folks that throw them away and say “it’s just a seat cover, I don’t need instructions”, you can download them later from each product page on the website.  We won’t tell your girlfriend.
  • TigerTough seat covers aren’t 1-piece covers.  The back, bottom, and headrest of your seat are all covered with separate covers so you can work on one section at a time and end up with something that fits properly.
  • There’s a very fine line between seat covers that fit well and feeling like you’re putting five pounds of potatoes in a four-pound sack.  We tip-toe right down that line.  Johnny Cash would be proud.  

Seat Covers Never Stay In Place

We hear this a lot.

In fact, this is why a lot of people switch to TigerTough; they’ve just gotten sick of adjusting whatever they were using before.

Most seat covers don’t stay where you put them, here’s how ours do.

  • Everything is held on with Hook & Loop, string, and the StringLock.  None of these have any “give”.  That means that once you’ve snugged everything up, pulled it tight, and slammed it into place, your cover is secure.  We don’t secure anything with elastic or adjustable clips because elastic stretches as soon as you put pressure on it and adjustable clips tend to self-adjust over time.
  • This is another reason for the three-piece cover.  When you can completely wrap the seat back, bottom, and headrest separately, the seat cover conforms to the shape of the seat and doesn’t have any room to move.
  • Everything is fully wrapped.  Rather than run straps under the seat where you can’t see them, we run the cover all the way under the seat and connect it together in the back.  We’re Minnesotans, so here’s a winter analogy.  A cheap seat cover would be like a stocking cap, ours is like a Mad Bomber.  Not a great analogy but you get the point.  Hopefully.
  • Stretchy fabric is notorious for moving around.  Since TigerTough seat covers are made from tough, tightly woven fabric, there is no stretch at all.  

Seat Covers Never Fit Right

If you’ve ever shot down to the local parts store and picked up a set of seat covers, you know all about this.  Too long, too short, everything is off by a little bit.

Here’s a hint.  “One-size-fits-all” is a lie.  It means “one-size-fits-none”.  We ain’t about that.

We don’t make anything close to a “universal” seat cover.  Every TigerTough seat cover is designed specifically for one seat style or one vehicle.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. We get the vehicle or, in the case of trucks and heavy equipment, the seat to our factory.
  2. Our design team spends 2-3 days (depending on the complexity of the seat) designing a cover that exactly matches the shape of the seat.
  3. We install the cover, taking detailed install photos and video so you can see exactly how it goes on when you’re installing it.

If you’re hesitant to use seat covers based on past experiences with covers that fit like socks on a rooster, you have every right to be!  

No seat cover we make is designed off pictures, measurements, or estimates.  It’s all done the hard way, by hand, using the actual seats that they’re going to cover.

They’re Unsafe

You’re probably thinking about those “universal-fit” babies with the bungee cords crisscrossed down the sides, aren’t you?  Those definitely are unsafe.

Any TigerTough seat cover that’s designed for seats that have airbags built into them is designed to tear open exactly as the factory seat does.  Our designs are independently tested by a 3rd party lab to ensure they work just like they’re supposed to.

They’re Ugly

Well, this is pretty subjective.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

We design for performance first, not looks.  You won’t find bright colors, crazy patterns, or luxury quilting on any of our seat covers. 

Since we design for work first, you won’t find any decorative stitching or fancy “extras” on our covers.  The fancy decorative stitching makes the covers weaker and more likely to give up on you so we leave it off.

Because we leave off the decorative stuff so the covers are as tough as possible, the covers are going to look a little plainer than the factory seats.

If you’re looking for something that looks like a custom interior, you’re probably going to think our seat covers are ugly.  If you’re looking for something that’ll keep your seats in good shape for as long as you own the truck, you’ll think they’re perfect.

They Just Wear Out

Remember the cheap parts store ones that we talked about?  Those do just wear out.  How many times have you seen a cheap cover that’s got the corner closest to the door gaping open?

I mean if you’re going to spend good money on seat covers to keep your seats looking good, you’re kinda getting gypped if they’re made from cheap, stretchy fabric that wears out in a few months.

You can be confident that your TigerTough covers aren’t going to give up on you.  Since they’re designed for work, they’re made from the toughest fabric that it makes sense to use for seat covers.  The solid colors are made from the strongest fabric, a 1000 denier Cordura, and the camos are made from almost as tough 900 denier polyester.

They’ve got a two-year unconditional warranty and we really mean unconditional.  If anything wears out or breaks for any reason, we’ll fix or replace it.

Here’s how a set looks after 8 years and 235,000+ miles in a heavy equipment service truck.    

They’re Sweaty

Let me guess…you had cheap “pleather” seat covers once, didn’t you?

Both of our fabrics are breathable so you won’t have to deal with swamp@**.  These won’t feel any different than your factory seat as far as being breathable or making you sweaty.  In fact, they’ll feel cooler than leather or vinyl in the summer.

When you’re spending hard-earned cash on your truck, make sure you get breathable seat covers.

You Never Know What To Get For Your Vehicle

Oh, this is so true.  There are so many weird-looking line drawings and two-paragraph explanations that don’t really make a lot of sense.

We’ve designed the lookup on our website to make it easy to find the covers for your vehicle.  All you need to know are the following details.

  • The year (2020)
  • The Make (Ford)
  • The Model (F150)
  • The Trim Package (XLT)
  • The Cab Type (SuperCrew)

Once you punch in all that info, we’ll show you only the seat covers that will fit your truck!  In the case where there could be a couple of different seat configurations in your vehicle, we’ll show you the different options and explain the differences between the two.