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Join our R&D Program!

We don’t make a seat cover for your equipment yet?

We’re always interested in covering more equipment so if you’d like to be part of our Pattern Development Program, you can score a free seat cover.

Here are the requirements:

  • We’re currently only designing new seat covers for construction equipment and class 1-8 vehicles.  We may make covers for ag equipment and side-by-sides in the future but not right now.  
  • The equipment generation must be made in 2010 or later. (If you’ve got an ‘08 but the same thing was made in ‘14, you’re good to go.
  • The machine needs to be relatively common. (If there is only one for sale online, we’re probably not going to make a cover for it.)   
  • The seat needs to be in decent shape.  If there is a lot of foam missing or the headrest is gone, we won’t be able to make a seat cover for it that’ll fit all the other seats that were the same from the factory.

If you’re not sure if your equipment or seat meets these requirements, just shoot us an email.  We’re always happy to take a look and let you know what we think!

How the R&D Program Works

Here’s The Timeline

  • Day 1: You pop your seat out and put it on a pallet.  (Even small seats should go on a pallet.  If they go in a box and get shipped with other small packages, they tend to get banged up.)  We’ll also need you to email your logo to us so we can embroider it on your free seat cover. 
  • Days 2-5: We’ll line up a truck to pick up the pallet and deliver it to us.  We handle all the freight and insurance costs.
  • Days 6-9: Once the seat shows up, our team will start designing a cover for it.
  • Day 10: We’ll ship the seat back to you with a free seat cover with your logo embroidered on it. 

The timing above is an estimate.  The shipping time will vary, based on where you’re located.  Three days is a pretty common time for our team to design a cover for a piece of equipment.

Once you’ve submitted the form below, we’ll be in touch to iron out the details!

Let’s Get Started! 👉

Just let us know what machine you’re looking for seat covers for and we’ll be in touch!

Here are some machines that we’re actively looking for:

  • CAT 926M – 993K Wheel Loaders
  • CAT 416F2 – 450 Backhoes
  • Deere Dozers
  • Deere Wheel Loaders
  • Volvo Equipment

We’re open to pretty much any heavy equipment seats that meet the requirements above so if your machine isn’t on the list, don’t worry!