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What Are Tactical Seat Covers?

Police vehichle shown in front of a tactical seat cover

A lot of companies sell “Tactical” seat covers. But what exactly makes them Tactical? Is it the use of military-grade fabric? Or is it the strips of Velcro across the back that make them look like a military backpack? Maybe it’s a spec-ops theme, so they look tough.

Here’s what makes our seat covers Tactical: TigerTough’s Tactical seat covers are made specifically for police vehicles and have an Ironband (fabric reinforcement) to protect the seat from a duty belt. And our 1000-Denier CORDURA® fabric is more abrasion-resistant than Kevlar.

inside of a police vehicle with tactical seat covers, showing where the ironband is
Ironband is located in the bottom third of the seat cover and is nearly undetectable.

Ours aren’t camouflaged, and they don’t have miles of Velcro on them, but TigerTough Tactical covers DO stand up to the abuse of being part of a police car.

Why do we make seat covers for police?

We know the seats in police vehicles take a beating.

Officers can easily be in and out of their vehicles up to 50 times in a shift. That alone puts a lot of stress on the seat. And that duty belt only accelerates the wear the seat experiences.

We’re an American company that manufactures in the U.S. and we support the men and women who put their lives on the line every day. It just makes sense that we make seat covers for police.

Who should get Tactical seat covers?

For the blue in blue-collar: The Police.

Look, “Tactical” may sound like it’s all-action, but let’s set the record straight. These seat covers are constructed to endure the daily grind a duty belt can dish out.

Don’t get us wrong; these covers will do their job for anyone sitting on them. But the true benefits? Those are best felt by folks who either serve in law enforcement (or spend their days with a tool belt cinched around their waist). These covers are more than capable for the everyday plumber, handyman, hunter, landscaper, construction worker, miner, etc., but the specialized perks really shine when a duty belt enters the picture.

“These are a perfect fit and very easy to install I use these on several fleet vehicles including police cars and the duty gear and gun handles do not wear through.”

Willis D.
TigerTough seat covers installed in a police vehcile
TigerTough Tactical seat covers with custom embroidery installed in a police vehicle.

What do Tactical seat covers cost?

The price will vary slightly based on the vehicle, but a pair of Tactical seat covers for a 2021 Ford Police Interceptor is $339. That’s about $170 per seat.

That’s far cheaper than reupholstering a seat or, worse, replacing one.

Adding seat covers is preventative maintenance.

Why should a police department use Tactical seat covers?

There are three major reasons that you should be using seat covers in your patrol vehicles:

1. Improve Driver Morale

If your officers are getting into a vehicle that has a ripped, torn, and worn-out interior, they’re not going to feel good about their cruiser.

Happy employees take better care of corporate assets regarding exterior appearance, interior cleanliness, and timely reporting of maintenance issues.

2. Increase Resale Value

Your vehicles will be worth more when you’re finished with them if the seats are in great condition. When you install tactical seat covers in your new police vehicles, the seats are preserved until the covers are removed.

3. Save Money and Reduce Downtime

Again, this is another benefit of covering your vehicles’ seats when they’re new. Putting TigerTough seat covers on your new vehicles is far less expensive than removing torn seats to re-upholster. TigerTough seat covers are installed in about 15 minutes, depending on experience. That beats a couple of days of downtime at the upholsterer!

“I purchased Tiger Tough Police Seat Covers for the Harbor Springs Michigan Police Department. I, along with the HSPD personnel, could not be more pleased with the product and with the company. I am a retired LEO from another PD downstate, and after noticing the premature wear to their driver-side seats I looked into finding suitable seat covers. Fortunately, I came across your website. Again, all of us are extremely impressed with the seat covers. They fit like a glove, and look GREAT! Plus, they are made here in the USA!

Thank You, and keep up the good work.”

Robert C.

Are you ready to save your department money and look good doing it? Browse our covers if you’re working with a small fleet. If you have a larger fleet and want bulk pricing, contact us.