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Chief Marson

Amery WI Police Department

I received it and Belco offered to install but I decided due to the travel distance I would install it. It fits better and more secure than the seat covers we have used in the past. I look forward to ordering your brand as needed in the future and will highly recommend them to my friends.


Holts Mechanical

All our trucks use TigerTough…….I will never put a truck in our fleet without em!!


RDO Equipment Company

I am very impressed with the performance of your covers, they do a great job, I will recommend them to anyone.

Cmdr. M. Bitton

Winthrop Harbor IL Police Department

We absolutely love your product.  Without question, it’s the finest seat covers ever – worth every penny!


Basin Electric

We are very satisfied with the durability and fit of the TigerTough seat covers, thank you for making a product worth investing in!



People ask me about my seat covers and I tell them where to go. I’ve been your salesman without even trying. I just tell them they save me money, they just flat out do. I don’t have to replace my seats every 70,000-110,000 miles, they last the life of the truck now. Period. They’re tougher than anything else I’ve ever seen – I’ve tried about 10 different brands. I have no reservations saying that.


Kranz of Kansas

TigerTough seat covers fit perfectly.  Their delivery and service are awesome.


My company truck has your seat covers and was amazed that such a quality seat cover existed and had to have them for my personal truck.


Danville VA Police Department

I wanted to let you know we have installed the seat covers on the Tahoe. We are extremely satisfied with the appearance, ease of installation and comfort.

Joseph W.

They go on easy and fit like a champ. Love them!!


They are amazing, exactly what I imagined and fit very well, only seat cover I will purchase and will recommend to all.


Butler Machinery Company

You have a very quality product here that works very well for us.


Triangle Electric

We are very happy with the Ironweave seat covers. They fit great and wear well. They are only a phone call away.  Great service.


Mills Auto

Your product is top-notch, I have them in my GMC crew cab.  Dogs, mud, blood, and a spilled soda or coffee. Not a problem.


Pocatello ID Police Department

All 34 covers installed and we couldn’t be happier! Great product, great company! I won’t put another vehicle on the road without a TigerTough on it.


In my opinion, TigerTough seat covers are the best covers anywhere!  They fit snugly and are very durable. I have yet to find any other brand that fits so well and lasts as long.  You can also personalize them with your logo or picture which adds a lot of character. They are a great company to work with and they work hard to get you your covers as soon as possible.  I have them on my own truck and they are the only brand I will use personally.


City of Town and Country

The police officers love them! I have also ordered TigerTough seat covers for the city’s parks and road trucks. These guys are especially hard on the upholstery in their trucks. I cannot wait to see how they hold up. Great product!

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