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8 Years In A Work Truck.

So, we just got our hands on a 2011 F550 that was a heavy equipment service truck.

The truck had belonged to a heavy equipment dealer. This company installs TigerTough seat covers on their trucks when they’re brand new so we were pretty excited to see how everything looked.

It was pretty clear this thing wasn’t somebody’s grocery-getter. Even if you ignored the service body and the crane.

But what do you expect from a service truck that’s eight years old? Broken equipment is never clean and rarely easy to get to!

This truck had over 235,000 miles on it and hadn’t been touched since it was decommissioned.

But what does it look like under the covers? Are they worth the money?

We peeled the covers off to see how everything had fared over 235,000 miles of being on the road, eight years of bouncing across construction sites, and countless dirty mechanic entries and exits.

Those pictures pretty much speak for themselves, don’t they?

The buyer of this truck *technically* could have spent a ton of time and money getting the seats shampooed. That would have taken out some of the stains.

The shampooing wouldn’t have touched the wear on the edge of the seat from eight years of getting in and out though. You don’t see any because the seat covers prevented it from happening. The original owner invested a little bit to prevent a costly problem

Seems like a good idea, doesn’t it?

If you operate a service truck (or a bunch of them), seat covers are a pretty cheap way to keep the inside of your truck in good shape. They’re inexpensive and often overlooked but you just saw what they’ll do.

Save Your Service Truck.

Harrisonburg, VA PD Testimonial

Sgt. Chris Terrell has been using TigerTough seat covers in his fleet since 2016. See what he thinks of his experience.

Since we’ve been working together, he’s been able to significantly reduce wear to the seats in their police interceptors rather than fixing the wear & holes they were dealing with.

Seems smart, doesn’t it?

Check out Police Car Seat Covers Here.

North Dakota Construction Trucks Look Like New

Construction is a tough, dirty job.  When you’re a complete utilities contractor helping develop the oil fields of North Dakota, you know that all too well.

Bryan, the fleet manager for Anderson & Wood Construction, knows that.  That’s why he was pretty impressed when the seats in the 2014 and 2015 trucks that were being sold were in perfect condition.

Because the covers had held up so well, he decided to wash and re-use the covers from their 2015 trucks on their new ones.  They could have used the 2014 covers as well but they wouldn’t fit on the new trucks.

Take a look at the before and after pictures –

Construction truck after 5 years on the job.
Check out how dirty the seats are after 5 years in the field.

Construction truck with seat cover peeled back, showing the clean seat underneath
They peeled the cover back to see what the seats looked like.

Construction truck interior after being cleaned.
A quick vacuum job on the seats and a good cleaning of the rest of the truck.

Bryan also sent a picture of a 2012 F150 that came in to sell.  This picture shows the seats immediately after taking the covers off.  These tan seats haven’t even been vacuumed yet.

2012 F150 with 123,000 miles. Tan seats are in perfect shape after 6 years of TigerTough seat covers.
2012 F150 with 123,000 miles.

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An Extra $3000 In Resale Value

Black Hawk Energy Services’ trucks are on the job 24 hours a day servicing oil wells in the Williston, ND area oil fields.  They implemented TigerTough seat covers as a part of their preventative maintenance plan and saw the resale value of their trucks increase dramatically.  As Travis Hjort put it, “I’ve got nothing but positive things to say”.

Black Hawk Energy Services' logo embroidered on their TigerTough seat covers.
Black Hawk Energy Services’ logo embroidered on their seat covers.

Black Hawk Energy Services is a 24/7 oil well-servicing company in Williston, ND.  They do the tough, greasy, oily stuff once a well is fracked and running. As Travis Hjort, the Shop Foreman puts it “that’s when we come in and basically get it as dirty and grimy as we can and try to complete the well as fast as well can.”

Since they’re always on call, Travis says that it would be easier to count the engine off hours rather than the engine on hours on their equipment.

We’ve been working with Black Hawk Energy Services since 2014, so we sat down with Travis to get his input on TigerTough seat covers.

Before we got to know each other, Black Hawk Energy Services was just ruining their trucks because they didn’t know there was another option and were too busy to look for one.  If you’re familiar with the oil fields, you’ll understand. They go flat out until something breaks, fix it, and go flat out again. While this was working, Travis wasn’t happy with it because, as he puts it, “It looks like a rat’s been living in the seats for the last four years…..”

They were getting a really low valuation on their crew trucks when the fleet buyback company came to evaluate the vehicles.  The representative from the company couldn’t even get in the vehicles because they weren’t comfortable getting into a truck whose seats were covered in oil and grease and were completely torn up.  They found that the buyers would give them an estimate based off of a visual inspection of the trucks.

Once Travis and his team got their feet underneath them, they started implementing a better preventative maintenance plan which included installing TigerTough seat covers on new trucks before they ever went into service.  This meant that no oil-covered technician ever came in direct contact with the factory seats.

Now, Travis says, they go about their job without worrying about the interiors of their trucks.  They can grease the entire carrier for a rig and rush to the next job, jumping into the truck covered in grease, dirt, and whatever else you pick up around an oil well.  They wipe the seat covers off the best they can and keep doing the stuff that makes them money. When a rig is down and they can take time out for a service day they’ll pull the trucks’ covers off, wash them, and put them back on, leaving a clean truck for the next crew.

Travis says he is at the point where he is analyzing when to get rid of vehicles and equipment rather than running them into the ground.  Once a truck gets to the end of its useful life with them, he appreciates the fact that he can take the seat covers off and have brand new seats underneath.

While Travis attributes their new preventative maintenance planning and better schedules to the $3000 increase in their trucks’ resale values, he says that seat covers are a big part of it.  Here is what he has to say about it:

“I’m sure it’s not all TigerTough, but in some respect it really is. When you open the door, you see a brand new seat in a truck with 170,000 miles, but you’re like, oh it’s been taken care of.”

“I think first appearance, you can’t really deny that first appearance, psychologically for the human brain, it’s true.  When you can actually get, the used car guy can actually jump into the vehicle instead of being like, oh, I’ve got my nice pants on, like not a chance.  Yeah 5K, check that box for 5K max or whatever, when they get in there and fire it up and do a function test and feel comfortable, that’s huge.”

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100,000 Miles A Year On A Construction Truck? No Problem.

M. J. Electric, LLC (MJE) is an electrical services contractor from Iron Mountain, MI that we’ve worked with for years.  They perform an amazing range of services including power transmission lines, power distribution lines, substations, and storm response, along with other specialized services.  They’ve been doing this for over 60 years, and we’re proud to have been working with them for a few of those years.

M. J. Electric Truck

Some of the MJE drivers put 100,000 miles on their trucks in a year, and we’re not talking about all smooth-sailing highway miles.  They are inspecting new power lines or navigating the wreckage of a storm. Their trucks truly get pushed to the maximum of their abilities over the course of their life.

The folks at M. J. Electric were introduced to TigerTough seat covers when one of their service truck drivers bought a set and put it on his truck and it’s taken off from there.  They were impressed because they’d been burning through cheap seat covers and weren’t happy with that.

Instead of patching up seats or wrecking cheap covers like they used to, M. J. Electric is now putting TigerTough seat covers on those trucks and not worrying about losing money to damaged seats anymore.

Karl, the Parts Coordinator at the corporate office, said they had a truck that they were getting rid of come through and “We took them [the seat covers] off and the guys said “The seats are just like new in there!”

Karl told us that a fleet owner that isn’t currently using seat covers should seriously look at it because they certainly seem to hold up and that helps keep the value of the truck.

M. J. Electric has proved the benefits of using quality seat covers in their trucks and has started using them in their MJE Drilling trucks as well.