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Built For Blue Collar Dads

They’ll handle the 9 to 5, the 5 to 9, the weekdays, and the weekends.

We don’t have the “socks & ties” kind of dads.

Let’s not pretend that dads want ties, socks, or another coffee cup. Let’s get him something that he’s going to use & abuse.

With a 9 to 5 of farming, wrenching, or landscaping and a 5 to 9 of fishing, baseball, hunting, and four-wheeling, dad’s truck takes a beating.

Yet, it’s still his baby.

If you’ve got a dude in your family (or if you’re that dude) that is always the guy on hand with a truck to pull or haul whatever needs to be moved, you’re in the right spot.

What about getting the old man something that his truck really needs? Waterproof seat covers that fit right, won’t wear out, and won’t slide around.

TigerTough seat covers are designed for hard work. Here are a few reasons why they’re probably right for your favorite hombre.

They’re Tough


Chintzy gifts aren’t really a great way to say “thanks for being an awesome dad”.  Ain’t nothing weak about these seat covers.

TigerTough seat covers are built to handle whatever life throws at them.  We make the solid colors from 1000 denier Cordura and the camo patterns from 900 denier nylon which means they’ll last as long as you own the truck and probably be going strong when the next guy sells it.



They’re Water Resistant

Wet boots, wet dogs, wet swim shorts, and milk-shake backflips are no competition.  All of our seat covers are coated with a custom waterproof coating so any spills bead up and you can just wipe them off.

You can’t let “but you’re too dirty” get in the way of a good weekend.  Or a good day’s work, for that matter.

They’re Made in America

Yeah!  For real!  Every single TigerTough seat cover is made right here in the USA.

You know the saying “if you want something right, you need to do it yourself”?  We do it all ourselves.  Once the fabric is dyed and waterproofed to our our specs, we design, cut, sew, inspect, and ship every single seat cover.

They’ve Got A Killer Warranty

You break it, we buy it.

Every TigerTough seat cover has a two-year, unconditional, no-BS warranty.  If something breaks for any reason, we’ll either fix or replace it.

We like to say the warranty covers manufacturer’s defects, normal wear-and-tear, abnormal wear-and-tear, and stupid mistakes.

(spoiler alert….a back-pocket-screwdriver won’t poke through the seat cover)

We Beat the Cr*p Outta Them. We Expect You To As Well.

p.s…Your dad said thanks in advance.