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100,000 Miles A Year On A Construction Truck? No Problem.

Image of a spedometer with 100,000 miles

M. J. Electric, LLC (MJE) is an electrical services contractor from Iron Mountain, MI that we’ve worked with for years.  They perform an amazing range of services including power transmission lines, power distribution lines, substations, and storm response, along with other specialized services.  They’ve been doing this for over 60 years, and we’re proud to have been working with them for a few of those years.

M. J. Electric Truck

Some of the MJE drivers put 100,000 miles on their trucks in a year, and we’re not talking about all smooth-sailing highway miles.  They are inspecting new power lines or navigating the wreckage of a storm. Their trucks truly get pushed to the maximum of their abilities over the course of their life.

The folks at M. J. Electric were introduced to TigerTough seat covers when one of their service truck drivers bought a set and put it on his truck, and it’s taken off from there.  They were impressed because they’d been burning through cheap seat covers and weren’t happy with that.

Instead of patching up seats or wrecking cheap covers like they used to, M. J. Electric is now putting TigerTough seat covers on those trucks and not worrying about losing money to damaged seats anymore.

Karl, the Parts Coordinator at the corporate office, said they had a truck that they were getting rid of come through, and “We took [the seat covers] off and the guys said, 'The seats are just like new in there!'"

Karl told us that a fleet owner that isn’t currently using seat covers should seriously look at it because they certainly seem to hold up and that helps keep the value of the truck.

M. J. Electric has proved the benefits of using quality seat covers in their trucks and has started using them in their MJE Drilling trucks as well.

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