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What’s the Deal With Warranty?

We’re pretty adamant that you should let us worry about the inside of your trucks so that you don’t have to. You focus on doing what you do, we’ll be along for the ride.

Sometimes bad things happen though. Sometimes things break before they should and honestly, we don’t blame you for being upset!

But we do blame the people that make you trudge through pages of fine print and endless scrolling to find out how to file a warranty claim. That’s just not nice.

TigerTough's Two-Year Unconditional Warranty

If you end up in a situation where you end up breaking your TigerTough seat covers within the first two years of having them on your vehicle, you’re covered. (haha… bad seat cover pun there)

You’ll like our unconditional, no b.s. warranty. Basically, if you manage to break, rip, tear, or wear something out in two years, we’ll fix or replace it. Even though you’re hard on equipment, we’ll back you up.

There isn’t any fine print, terms, conditions, or exceptions. It’s covered under warranty.

We’ll make it easy to keep your trucks in good shape so you can focus on what you’re supposed to be doing.

See how simple it really is.