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What Are TigerTough Seat Covers Made From?

If you’re familiar with TigerTough seat covers, you know they’re pretty much invincible. If you’re not familiar with them, check out this video. Rumor has it that they’re made from a fabric that is woven from the fur of attack weasels that live on a small island on Lake Superior. While that would be cool, it’s not quite the truth.

Our seat covers are manufactured from our American made 1000 denier Cordura fabric. The Cordura is a nylon blended fabric that is treated with a custom urethane coating to make it water resistant. Speaking of resistant, Cordura has a higher abrasion rating than Kevlar®. That means that if you were to rub the fabric with a piece of sand paper, the seat cover would last longer than the Kevlar®. Lasting longer is a good thing when it comes to seat covers.


There are a lot of seat cover manufacturers and they use a lot of different fabrics. Here are some of the popular ones.

Ballistic Cordura

Ballistic Cordura is a 1680 denier nylon fabric. It is similar to our Ironweave, but the “threads” that make up the fabric are coarser. This makes it more difficult to install and more prone to fraying. Ballistic Cordura is water resistant and abrasion resistant.


Neoprene is fairly popular as a cheap seat cover fabric. Neoprene is water resistant but it holds the water on the surface of the fabric rather than allowing it to run off. That means if you spill something, your truck’s seat won’t get wet but your seat will. Neoprene is stretchy so you won’t get a great custom fit.

Western “Horse Blanket” Material

Great for horse blankets, terrible for seat covers. Need I say more?


The same as your jeans. Pretty durable but wears out from constant pressure in the same spot. (Ever see those tobacco tin outlines in somebody’s pants?)

If you’re going to spend the money to protect the seats in your vehicle, we advise you to spend it wisely. Buy seat covers that are going to last the life your vehicle, not something cheap that will look bad and wear out quickly. That’s not smart.

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