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Valentine’s Day In the Real World

We’re almost two weeks into February. That means that every store has turned pink and you’re trying to figure out why the heck 12 little flowers cost so dang much money. Valentine’s Day is next week. Here’s the deal – we work with people in the real world every day where flowers or a box of chocolates isn’t really that exciting. I mean, who wants do drop $50 on something that is guaranteed to be dead in the next two weeks?

If your significant other drives a truck and/or lives in the real world, check out this list of gift ideas that is guaranteed to be better than flowers or candy.

Gifts Under $100

Valentine’s day is a special day, so why not get your special person some over-the-top beef jerky (It beats chocolate hands down). The folks at Three Jerks Jerky make theirs from filet mignon! At only $9.99 per bag, you can afford to try all their flavors. Thank me later.


This little flashlight will make the night white! The Rigid Industries RI-600 aluminum flashlight will fit in your purse, backpack, or center console without you noticing its there. Flick it on and watch its 680 lumens eat up the darkness. Plus, with a lifetime warranty you can be assured that it will last longer than a cute heart shaped box of chocolates.

You saw the Superbowl commercial. These floor liners are built for anyone who puts their feet on the floor of their vehicle. Whether your special someone is a construction worker, a duck hunter, or a person with feet that get dirty, WeatherTech floor liners are definitely a good choice. Draw a heart on the box, that’s getting in the spirit! (Disclaimer – some WeatherTech items are under $100, some are over. Don’t let that stop you.)

You know your special person best. A gift card is always fool proof – they can choose what they need most. For truck owners, a favorite is Radco Truck Accessories. Put it in a card that you thoughtfully chose (or picked up at the gas station in a hurry on the way home from work. We won’t judge.) and you’re sure to impress.

Gifts Over $100

Your special someone is really worth more than a couple tanks of gas, aren’t they?

These go hand-in-hand with the WeatherTech floor liners that we mentioned earlier. TigerTough seat covers are the best choice for someone who uses their vehicle a lot and demands high quality products. These seat covers fit like a second skin and guarantee your seats will be in like new condition when you take them off. Why not buy some cheapies off the shelf somewhere? You wouldn’t give the love of your life a piece of junk, would you? Pick some up at your local dealer or give us a call.

These are cool little tools. A compact, pocket sized jump starter is essential for every vehicle. After a long a day of fishing, you find out you left your lights on. Nobody else is around, so your jumper cables are useless. Break out the Micro-Start! Not only will it jump start your vehicle, you can also use it to re-charge phones, tablets, and laptops.

Whether your honey’s truck is for work or play, they’re sure to agree that you can’t have too much light. Recon Accessories has a ton of high quality driving lights, replacement fog lights, and other LED accessories that will make their truck look epic.

OK… this one is way over $100. But imagine how excited they’d be to see a new UTV in the driveway with a huge pink bow on it!

Those are a few of our ideas for making Valentine’s day better than a vase of dying flowers or banana cream filled chocolates.

Got more helpful ideas? Let ’em loose in the comments section below!

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