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The Seat Organizer

If your vehicle is your office (or even if you just spend a lot of time in there), you’re probably familiar with this.

Hey, you’ve got to have everything handy and within reach, don’t you? It doesn’t make sense to have to try digging through the console, glove box, and door pockets while you navigate traffic just to try and find a napkin, does it?

Speaking of traffic…….

What happens to all that stuff when you mash the brakes when that out-of-state blankety-blank cuts across three lanes of traffic to merge onto the interstate?

Ah, yes, I remember now. It all ends up on the floor under the dash. How do I know that? Experience, my friend. Experience.

So, let’s talk about a way to keep everything handy-by and off the floor. Let’s talk about slapping a bunch of pockets on the back of the seat next to you so you can reach what you need to when you need it, no matter who pulls out in front of you.

Everything that was piled on that seat is all tucked into the pockets that you see here. Doesn’t that look a lot better?