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The Hard Hat Holder

Dude, it’s a hard hat. Does it have to be coddled in its own little cradle to keep it safe?

Well, no. It’s built to, you know, not break when hard things hit it. That’s pretty much the point of it. And “coddling” or “cradling” definitely isn’t the point of the hard hat holder.

If you want to get right to the point, “not rolling around and getting stuck under the dash” is the point of the hard hat holder.

OK, all sarcasm and analogies aside, if you wear a hard hat a lot, you’ll recognize why this thing is useful. Hard hats always seem to slide and roll around, always ending up just out of reach when you need it.

That’s why we built the hard hat holder.

It keeps your brain bucket exactly where you need it, every time. The straps allow it to hang on any headrest so you can put it in the front or back seat of your vehicle and not have to worry about where it ends up while you’re driving.

Seems like a good idea, doesn’t it?