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The Ford Ranger is Back!

It was December 22, 2011.

Highland Park, MN.

A heavy darkness settled over the country as the last Ford Ranger for North America rolled off the assembly line. The scrappy, iconic, little pickup no longer would be.

Yes, there were other mid-sized trucks, but they weren’t the Ford Ranger! They’d have to do, but not because anyone wanted them to. Just because there was no other option.

It’s been over seven dreary, Rangerless years but things are getting better. The Ranger is back and it’s ready to go to work. Soon you’ll see the little trucks everywhere, picking up where they left off as though they never were gone.

When they hit the roads raring to go, we’ll be coming along.

When you make seat covers for work trucks as we do, you’ve got to get right on the Ranger as soon as they’re heading out to fleets. So we did.

This truck doesn’t have a rear seat because this particular fleet has opted to to delete it from the factory. Never fear, we’ll be making covers for the rear seats of these trucks!

Check Out Ford Ranger Covers.