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Seat Covers vs Farm Dogs

A lot of you have been asking how hard it is to get dog hair off of our seat covers. If you’ve got a dog or have ever been with a couple of feet of one, you know that stuff clings to EVERYTHING!

So, since you’ve been asking, we figured we’d best find some of the biggest, hairiest, friendliest dogs we could get to help us out.

With the help of a very dirty Great Pyrenees puppy, we were able to make a terrible mess in the back of our marketing guy’s truck. Check this out.

We tried using a vacuum, a Lilly Brush, and a Fur-Zoff to get the hair off the seat to see what was going to be the easiest for you.

The vacuum sucked the hair (and the dirt & hay) right off the seat cover, it didn’t stick into the fabric like dog hair normally does. The Lilly brush worked but was actually more work than the vacuum. And, if you take a look at the video, you’ll see the seat cover actually grated the Fur-Zoff stone.

Bottom line? Dog hair comes off TigerTough seat covers very easily. Just a quick vacuum and you’re good to go. Heck, you could even wipe it off with a towel or something. The hairs don’t stick into the fabric like they do with factory upholstery so cleanup is a breeze.

And if things get way out of hand, you can always take the covers off and throw them in your washing machine.

Easy, huh?