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Problem Solving vs Problem Prevention

When a problem comes up, it’s only natural to solve the problem as quickly and inexpensively as possible. You cut yourself, you put a band-aid on. Your truck gets a flat tire, you put the spare on. The lawn mower won’t start, you buy a goat.

What if a problem keeps recurring? Do you keep fixing it?

Lets take a look at a fleet problem that is near and dear to us at TigerTough; one that, may I say, we’re experts at.


This happens all the time in fleets, especially police fleets. It’s a problem that is unique in the fact that its not happening because somebody is doing something wrong. It’s a problem that happens because your job is tougher than your vehicle. For example, a police officer gets in and out of their vehicle between approximately 8,000 and 20,000 times a year. Combine that with an arsenal of peace keeping tools on their belt and it makes sense that the seat gets torn up!

How about service truck drivers? How does your uniform look after you’ve slid out from underneath an excavator with an oil leak? Yeah…. that all ends up deeply embedded in your seats. Take a look at this truck that had seat covers on it for four years in the field.

We all agree – seats getting ruined is a big problem that keeps getting fixed. In service trucks, what do you do? You send the truck to an expensive auto detailer to do the best they can and hope they get the worst out (Fun Fact – they can’t vacuum the cigarette burns out of the seat. You’ve got to deal with them). With law enforcement vehicles, you tear the seat out of the car and send it to get reupholstered and some new foam put in. Then you have to wrestle the seat back into the car.

Or, as some people do, you can look at your ruined seat and say ” That seat is shot – I’d better put a seat cover on it!“. Problem gone. Not. The vehicle looks good now, but you’ve still got a ruined seat under the cover.


Time for a quiz:

If you cut your finger every time you performed a certain task, would you
a) Buy a jumbo box of band-aids so you could cover the cut up (solving the problem) and get back to work without losing time
b) Find a different way to do the task that didn’t involve cutting yourself?
If you chose B, congratulations, you get it! It is much smarter to prevent a problem rather that to keep solving it.

So, back to the problem of seats wearing out – whether it be service truck seat covers or police seat covers, it pays to put them on when the vehicle is new. That way, the problem of holes, stains, and the cushion breaking down prematurely is PREVENTED rather than being smoothed over after it has happened.

Oil changes are expensive, but it is smarter to consistently change the oil rather than replace the engine after it seizes up. It’s smarter to pay to get your tires rotated rather than replace them when they’re worn out in a year.

Learn how we can help you to prevent your seat wear problem and help you to stop spending money on band-aids.

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